The Fight Against Diabetes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Eating sugar? YES PAPA!  Diabetes? YES PAPA! Need Help? No Papa?  Hahaha !

The sugar babies that we all are, we let the white poison form an essential part of our diet and ruin our body inside out. Not only are we hosting a number of health problems but also gaining fat in all the wrong places in all the wrong ways imaginable!

A large population of India is falling prey to diabetes and many of us roam around quite oblivious of the fact. A more detailed article to answer all your ifs and buts is right here.

The Fight Against Diabetes

Image Credit : Blossom Family Chiropractic

However when it comes to helping what’s better than reaching out for *the papa* of the health industry, VLCC esp The Get Well Soon Package! A leader in the fitness industry that has come up with innovative packages for people of all types and age groups who are victims of various diseases like PCOS, hypothyroidism, diabetes and heart diseases which are becoming a fast growing hindrance in the lifestyle of people nowadays.

Obesity is somehow a common factor which is either a result of the disease or the reason for it. Vlcc ensures that the weight is kept in check through their carefully designed programs which are suited according to an individual’s body and lifestyle. Keeping a careful eye on the weight helps you to remain physically active and maintain a healthy and carefree lifestyle. Dragging around pounds of yourself is a thing in the past.

Meet your dietitian who plans out your diet chart delivering amazing results! Remember what you eat is what you are. Forget the plain bland foods that you thought you had to tolerate your entire lifetime and let your dietician add some spice to your food and life. The idea is not to traumatize you with healthy and tasteless food but to make you enjoy food that’s good and yummy! Yes, let’s not forget yummy here.

The workout is a must but exactly how much? Diabetes makes your body lose its state and you lose your confidence but then again what is the exercise you need to balance it all? And in what amount? Not only is it important to focus on correct exercise but also on their duration. Get all the know-how with the VLCC team who make sure that everything is done just right!

Give yourself in the hands of the experts and see your life change!

Remember no matter what disease you may be combating a little help in the right direction can take you a long way. Make this journey memorable with VLCC diabetes package from their get well soon program and gain your sweet sixteen confidence and (I dare say) body back! Fewer pounds means more fun 🙂

Fight Hypothyroidism the VLCC Way


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