Trikonasana Benefits

by Pallavi Bose
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Trikonasana Benefits :Trikonasana is one of the major yoga pose which is in the shape of a triangle and hence the name. This is one of the major muscle strengthening yoga pose and thus this adds to the inner element and strength to your system. This yoga pose improves body functions and restores balance in your body.

Trikonasana Benefits

Things you should know before doing this asana 

A person must be empty stomach and then the complete benefits of this yoga pose could be obtained. This should be the first yoga pose to be done in morning and the yoga pose is best done on a cleansed stomach. But in case you don’t find time in the morning, then you can do the same in the evening as well. But make sure that when you practice this yoga pose in the evening then there should be a minimum gap of 4-6 hours between your meals.

This is the major reason why mornings are the best time to do yoga but in case you are not a morning person then evenings are also not bad.

How to do Trikonasana – 

Let’s have a look at some of the very easy peasy and detailed steps of how should you do trikonasana –

  1. Stand in a normal position and place your legs three to four feet apart from each other.
  2. Try to position your right foot at 90 degree and left foot at 15 degrees.
  3. Try to align the center of your right feet with the centre arch of your left foot
  4. Gently press the feet at the ground and try to keep a balance with both your feet together exerting pressure.
  5. Take a deep breathe as you begin exhaling and gradually bend your body towards the right direction towards your hip ensuring that your waist is straight. Lift your left hand up and right hand touches the ground.
  6. Check your left arm which should be stretched towards the ceiling and in line with the top of your shoulder.
Trikoasnana Benefits – 
  1. This yoga pose is known to strengthen knees, ankles, arms and legs.
  2. This yoga pose stretches your body and opens up your hips and chest area.
  3. This yoga pose is known to contribute for the physical and mental stability.
  4. This is also known to improve the digestion power and thus improve your abdominal organs as well.
  5. It also reduces back pain
  6. This yoga poses is very helpful for women as it helps with infertility issues.
  7. This is known to reduce stress and cure anxiety.

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