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by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Among all the USA originated luxe makeup brands, Urban Decay is probably the most ‘craved about’ and definitely the most ‘sold about’ name when it comes to eyeshadows. In the mid 90’s makeup meant only reds, pink and neutrals. The first advertorial of Urban Decay saying ‘Does Pink Make You Puke?’ was enough to shake the root of age-old ways of doing makeup. This brand’s journey started with Pat Holmes, Sandy Lerner, Wende Zomnir and David Soward in 1996. After that, it went through a number of mergers, hand-overs and now it is a part of L’Oreal Group. Moving away from the fairy world of pinks, Urban Decay’s target has always been to incorporate the colors of real urban landscape open to all makeup lovers. Wende Zomnir of Urban Decay says an Urban Decay lady is ‘Feminine, Dangerous and Fun’. This cruelty-free makeup brand makes eyeshadows predominantly but this brand’s product list includes base makeup, lip and nail products as well. This brand maintains a library to give their products with unique and witty names. Can you imagine!

Hot! Hot!! Hot!!!


  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Urban Decay | Hot or Not

Image Credit : Golden Lush Glitz

Urban Decay was one of the first brands that started making eyeshadow primers and till date there Eyeshadow Primer Potion is one of the nicest eyelid primers in the high-end category. This eye primer potion suppresses the natural pigment of the eyelids and creates a neutral canvas for the eyeshadows to show up in their proper tone and intensity. This product also prevents creasing and fading of eye colors for the longest time possible. We Indians tend to have pigmented eyelids so this product is likely to bring a significant difference in our eye looks.

Price-$22 for the Full size & $12 for the Travel size

  1. Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer

Urban Decay | Hot or Not 4

Image Credit : Marika Purena

Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer is often praised for its light-weight formula, high blendability, and considerate coverage. Its weightless texture delays the annoying creasing problem of under eye area for the considerate amount of time. This product stays pretty long as well. This concealer is part of Urban Decay’s permanent collection and its tester size is also available. So just grab it guys!!

Price-$29 for the Full size & $12 for the Travel size

  1. Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Urban Decay | Hot or Not 3

Image Credit : Anouskaloves

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is a lot of girls’ favorite choice to keep the makeup in its place for a super duper long. This makeup setting spray locks in the makeup without giving many chances of fading. It does not leave behind oily cast or droplets of spray liquid on the face which gives us another reason to say ‘Yay’!

Price: $32 for the Full size & $15 for the Travel size

  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Singles & Moondust Eyeshadow

Image Credit : Pinterest

We all know eyeshadows come cheaper when you get a lot of them in previously sorted out palettes. But, sadly not all the shades of a palette is used in equal amount. As a result, some shades remain intact while for the others we hit the pan. Urban Decay offers a huge variety of single eyeshadows and foiled eye pigments with glitters. In fact, the shades we get in their eye palettes can be bought individually with these singles and Moondust glitter eyeshadow shades. Majority of these shades are amazingly pigmented and highly blendable. And we all know how crazily good are the glitter or foiled eyeshadows of Urban Decay.

Price- Eyeshadow Singles are for $19 & Moondust Eyeshadow is for $21

Standing in the Middle!!!

  1. Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Urban Decay | Hot or Not 1

Image Credit : metro.co.uk

The makeup world is going through a serious phase of warm plum, red and orange-maroon eye trends and to keep themselves prepared for this rush Urban Decay has recently launched the heat version of Naked palette. The shades of this palette are extremely warm and reddish toned. This time they have come up with some really cool and blendable mattes plus the all time favorite Urban Decay’s glitter finish formula is also there. Naked Heat is a good palette to have but its shades are more inclined to the red-maroon-orange tones while the other similar palettes like Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance are more versatile than this one with some nice plums and pinks. Inspite of being a current bestseller, this palette is not something you can’t live without. So, think and make your choice!


  1. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Urban Decay | Hot or Not 2

Image Credit :Makeupandbeautyblog

Urban Decay’s pencil eyeliner range is pretty huge as it includes a total of 43 shades. The formula of these sharp pencils is extremely creamy and pigmented as you apply. Plus, they set into the non-flaky matte finish and they stay through the day in even humid weather. But nowadays L’Oreal, Maybelline every drugstore brand makes decent quality similar performance gel liner pencils for the fraction of the price. The shades have become quite common too. These 24/7 liners have sadly lost their must-have charms!


  1. Urban Decay Nail Color

Urban Decay Nail Color Addiction

Nail paints are not that much of a collectible like lipsticks, eyeshadows or base makeup products as they have a short effective lifespan. They dry up after some time. But still, if you have to get some really fine and deluxe nail enamels Urban Decay gives some cool options to you. The nail paints are intensely pigmented and they come in too many varieties and finishes. You are likely to get your favorites. Do not forget to check the glitter ones and do check out this review of our favorite Urban Decay nail paint!

Not! Not!! Not!!!

  1. Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

The Naked and the Naked 2 palette are the two most well-received palettes from Naked. Since the release of the Naked palette in 2010, this eye palette has been able to earn the glory of highest selling product from Urban Decay till the present day. These two neutral palettes have plenty of warm shades which fare on Indian skin well. But, the shimmery shades in both the palettes are the victims of the nasty issue of fallout and some of the matte shades have become pretty dupable over the years. Moreover, if you are spending a fortune on an eye palette you might expect every shade of the palette to be perfect which these palettes fail to provide. So, these two palettes get to stay in the not category.

Price- $54 each

  1. Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick

Urban Decay | Hot or Not 5

Image Credit : MacKarrie

The Vice Liquid Lipsticks comes in 2017’s makeup launches from Urban Decay. This is yet again a range of many options to choose from. Initially, these lippies created lots of hype but it looks like Urban Decay could not nail the art of making supreme liquid lipsticks. Most of the shades in this range are not sufficiently pigmented to give full opacity. Some darker shades give streky finish and uneven pigment distribution. In the $10 range plenty of other options available in the liquid lip colors with much better performance. It will be wiser to skip these lippies until Urban Decay revises the formulation.


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