Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit Review

by Aditi Bansal
5 minutes read

Hello lovelies, I hope 2018 is treating you all well by far, as the wedding season is around the corner we all want to look our best for the upcoming wedding functions. We all need a little grooming to look our best. So, today I am going to review JOY DIAMOND SKIN BRIGHTENING KIT. Let’s see how this facial kit has turned out for me.

Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit


Rs.225 for 55gm

Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit 1

My experience with Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit

I bought the joy diamond skin brightening kit when I was looking for a budget-friendly facial kit as my cousin’s wedding was around the corner. I applied the facial kit 2 days before the wedding. It found it quite helpful that the directions and steps were already written on the kit which makes it easy to use for everyone.

The one I got my hands on contained a free joy apple facewash weighing 50ml. I first washed my face with the free facewash and the followed the steps as told.

  • The scrub contained very tiny solid beads like particles to remove the dirt. It gives a great fresh look after applying properly and has a great fragrance. It also contains diamond particles that leave silver glittery particles or simply diamond ash.
  • The next step was the brightening cream. The cream’s texture was very creamy and soft. It also contains those shimmery particles. Its smell is a little strong. It gives a little sweat and oil on the face after applying so, I used the moist cotton pad to remove it a bit.
  • Step 3 includes the application of diamond shine pack. The shine pack has a nice fragrance and is creamy which allows it to be applied evenly. After applying the pack it gives a little burning effect on the face for a while but later the burning effect turns into a cooling and soothing feel. The pack gives a great shine to the face as claimed by the brand. It also tightens the facial muscles and removes all the dirt. It also leaves the shimmery particles on the face
  • The last step includes polishing cream. The cream is quite light and non-sticky and is easy to apply. It gives the face a final facial look giving the required glow and shine on the face.

Hence, it is super affordable if you want to avoid those pricy facials in the parlor and for a great facial at home. I’ve used it 4 times since then and still a little amount is left which is really good for a price like that. It gives great results and has no side effect. The product claims to give a long- lasting result which is somehow not true as its effect remains for a day or so. So, my advice would be to apply it on the day or a day before the party.

About the packaging: The product contents come in tiny tubes. All the contents weigh 13g each except the diamond shine pack that weighs 16g which is a good thing as the amount of pack is required a little more. It is super easy and non-clumsy to use the products.

Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit 3

Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit 4

Joy Diamond Skin Brightening Kit 5

  1. Easy to apply
  2. Non-clumsy packaging
  3. Great quantity
  4. Affordable price
  5. Amazing instant results
  6. No side-effect
  7. Natural ingredients
  8. Amazing fragrance
  1. No long-lasting effect as claimed by the brand
  2. No gel provided(a lot of other products contain gel)
Would I recommend?

It’s a big thumbs-up from my side. I totally loved the product at this price. My skin feels a lot fresh, shiny, cleansed and tight. It provides great moisturization which is just like the cherry on the cake. If you are looking for a budget-friendly facial kit just go for this one.

Ratings: 4/5

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Smriti January 18, 2018 - 11:01 AM

I think for the price, this is a steal. Great review Aditi.

Aditi bansal January 18, 2018 - 12:16 PM

A great purchase indeed. :love

Sreeparna Ganguly January 18, 2018 - 11:41 AM

I have always find these kits very useful..
Here I got to know about another nice one :love
Detailed review 🙂

Aditi bansal January 18, 2018 - 12:16 PM

Thank you i am glad you find it useful. :rose:

Meghal January 18, 2018 - 12:16 PM

Definitely, for the price, the results are not bad and a must try