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by Komal Kanojia
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Intimate hygiene is probably the most important and many of us are guilty of being ignorant. Though vagina is self-cleansing yet we should make sure that we take proper care and get rid of the bacteria in order to avoid any infections. A lot of ladies believe that soap and water are sufficient to cleanse the intimate area. But that’s not true. One needs a good feminine wash to balance the pH level while simultaneously cleaning it. My mother introduced me to V wash Plus way back and since then I’ve been using it. I’ve switched a couple of the washes and landed on this. Read on to see if I’m impressed by it and the V wash Uses.

V wash Plus


Price: Rs. 300

Quantity: 200 ml
Directions for use: Use in 2 easy steps:
  1. Gently squeeze the bottle to take few drops of v wash plus
  2. Apply externally to the intimate area and wash away.

My experience with V wash Plus Feminine Wash


The product comes in a plastic white packaging with the pink flip top cap. It is narrower at the top while gradually widening as we go to the bottom. The cap shuts perfectly ensuring no spillage whatsoever. All the necessary information is mentioned on a pink and silver sticker which is adhered to the bottle. The bottle is opaque so it is difficult to figure out how much is left.

Texture and consistency:

The Vwash Plus Intimate Wash is transparent and clear as a gel. It is runny in consistency and is flowy. It lathers really well with only a coin-sized amount.


The fragrance is sweet and girly. It won’t bother sensitive noses. It is flowery and helps to keep the foul odor at bay.


I use the intimate wash every day whilst bathing. This helps in avoiding infections and eliminating irritation. It gives a cooling effect and soothes the area. A lot of people believe it to whiten the vaginal area but that is nothing but a myth. It is meant to wash and cleanse the vagina. The first time I used it, I felt a little itchy down there. However, it did not happen after that. Maybe, my skin was adjusting to the new product. However, there has been no signs of irritation since then. It leaves the vagina feeling garden-fresh 😛 it is a nice intimate wash. I’m satisfied with it.

V wash Plus 3

  1. Mild fragrance
  2. Cleanses
  3. Maintains the pH
  4. Safe to use
  5. Only coin size is required
  6. Easily available
  7. Economical
  8. Spill-proof packaging
  1. Might cause irritation in the starting.
Would I recommend and Repurchase?

I am on my second bottle that too the bigger one so definitely repurchasing it. When you use a face wash for your face so why not an intimate wash for the intimate area? This is a nice one to start off with if you don’t use one.

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