VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review

by Mallika Dharmani
5 minutes read

Recently I have been bent upon trying as many sunscreens as I can – A quest for the best of them and the search is still on, though I have hit on a few sunscreens that are so different from the rest of the everyday sunscreens that we keep slathering on.

VLCC has quite a few sunscreens each promising something different so I managed to get a good VLCC sunscreen haul that I am reviewing.

The one that I’m going to talk about today is the VLCC Glow plus Sunblock lotion SPF 20 with sandalwood extract.

I have been using this one occasional for some special days and you will soon know why. Read on for more details about this sunscreen and it’s going to be one sunscreen you should consider knowing about before plunging to buy it.

VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review

Basic Information about VLCC Glow plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20


Price and Quantity  INR 195 for 100ml


What Does the Brand Claim?

Over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun is responsible for skin darkening and aging. VLCC glow+ sunblock lotion with SPF 20 and PA++, provides complete protection from both UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Enriched with the goodness of Sandalwood extract, it provides a healthy glow to the skin.

VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review 1


How to Use It

Apply liberally and evenly on the face and body, 15-20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply frequently for long duration sun exposure.



Sandalwood extracts, saffron extracts, wheat germ oil, zinc oxide, aloe Vera extract, water, melon extract


Sensitive Skin Alert none

 VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review 2

My Experience with VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20



The sunscreen is in a bottle which is made up of hard plastic – quite solid and strong.

The opening is a flip top which makes it easier to open and shut it. However, you can even twist the top and open the bottle too inside of using the flip top opener.

The bottle can stand reliable too!


Texture and Consistency

Like the name suggests this sunscreen is in a lotion form and is quite runny. As you guys can see in the swatches it drips easily and spills down with speed if I tilt the bottle.

Now you can well imagine the consistency.

Unlike other sunscreens, it has a yellowish hint in its color. Spreads really nicely too.


The fragrance is sweet smelling like sandalwood – subtle and woody sweet smell.

If you like the sandalwood smell it’s going to be really refreshing to you!

VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review 3


There is a lot that I need to tell you people about this sunscreen before you actually try to go in for it.

First thing this sunscreen is in a lotion form so it becomes a bit difficult to rub it all over the face and wait for it to get absorbed into the skin.

It’s going to take some time to massage it into your skin.

Since the texture is runny it spreads really easily and you can easily slather some on your neck and hands too.

After the product is all rubbed it, it will give you a slightly darker skin tone – as its going to look like you took the liberty of applying some sort of oil on your face.

So maybe a little amount would serve the deal.

I loved the one fact about this sunscreen that it lived up to the glow claim.

As you can see it clearly in the swatch I have applied a little sunscreen spread it over my skin and it has given me a strange golden silverish sheen. All I did was apply it on my skin and instead of rubbing it all over just tap it in quick. Moves. This helps that glow to show up instead of getting all mixed with your skin.

So what you see in the swatch is a sunscreen babe! Not a HIGHLIGHTER!! I really like this effect!

This sunscreen will really make your skin all hot and sweaty initially when you just apply it. Due to the fact that it makes you sweat more, it gives the face a little dewy look.Makes the skin look fresher.

One of those sunscreens you could use on your trips to goa when you are all tanned and couldn’t care less to look a tone darker too .!

VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20 Review 4

Overall Performance of VLCC Glow Plus Sunblock Lotion SPF 20


  • A Glowing face
  • Glow Effect that gives off the shine.
  • Blends easily into the skin
  • Spreads nicely
  • Travel friendly
  • Can be used for neck and hands etc too



  • Makes you a tone darker
  • Makes you sweat a lot
  • Low SPF



My Recommendation

Like I said using this sunscreen initially helps me to get that tanned glowing look on some days when I want to look that way. But if I were to use it daily then I don’t think, it would be suitable enough for that.

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