VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Facewash Review

by Kamya Dixit
4 minutes read

VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Facewash:Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well and I am happy to let you guys know that I am back with another product review from the brand VLCC. This time I chose the VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Facewash which claims to reduce blemishes and lightens the skin complexion. Both mulberry and rose have anti pigmentation properties which help in fading away from the acne scars left by the pesky pimples. Rose’s astringent content soothes the irritated skin and fades away the pigmentation marks. This face wash also claims to have orange and lemon extracts which are a great source of vitamin c and helps in reducing the skin aging process as it also helps in skin lightening by blocking away the melanin production thus preventing pigmentation. The added antioxidants properties of lemon and orange give you a radiant glowing and brighter complexion on successive face washes. To read my detailed review on this VLCC Mulberry and rose fairness face wash with orange and lemon extracts that how this product works keep on reading till the end ?

VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Facewash Review

Price – 150 INR


My Experience with VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Face wash:-

It comes in a huge bulky squeeze light pink colour tube with a white colour flip flop cap at the top in short it has pretty good packaging which is safe and convenient for travelling purposes as well with a pink colour product description label glued in the middle and back portion of the tube which contains product details, price etc. it a squeeze tube which makes it easy to push the right quantity of the product without any wastage. Talking about the face wash fragrance it smells fruity like citrus fruits which are quite pleasing. The color of the face wash is light pinkish and is also transparent you can clearly see the light pinkish gel floating upside down inside the tube. It deeply cleanses out my skin even if I have worn some makeup it completely pulls out all the makeup from my face. It clears the skin and feels a bit dry after wash you need to apply a light moisturizer or else your skin will feel dry and flaky kind off. The product is in a light pink color gel-like form. The consistency of the product is very runny like if you squeeze a little then the more of the product comes off than what is required which is disappointing as I don’t know where to use that excess product every time I squeeze that bulky tube. It claims to use natural ingredients but still, it contains parabens. Lemon, orange, rose and mulberry is known for their skin lightening and preventing pigmentation properties which are anti-ageing as well sounds good and worked well in fading my skin blemishes and scars to a great extent within 2-3 weeks. It doesn’t lather much while cleansing with the face washes which is great. I don’t see a visible difference in my skin complexion, to be honest till now so for me the fairness part of this face wash didn’t seem to workout apart from that I must it deeply cleanses my skin from within but I have noticed that my face is not getting darker during these summers may be because this face wash has stopped my melanin production which is preventing my skin pigmentation that I cannot surely say about it. It works as good faces wash but not as a good fairness face wash.

VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Facewash Review 3

Would I Recommend or Repurchase VLCC Mulberry & Rose Fairness Face wash:-

I would rate it 3/5 for fading away from my blemishes and scars. I will deduct 2 points as it didn’t work on my skin for that fairness face wash part claim. Overall a good cleanser quite satisfactory performance of the product. I will recommend but not go to repurchase will try a new product next time, not this one.


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Mahaswata Ghosh June 30, 2017 - 11:45 AM

The packaging is cute? well said :good:

smriti June 30, 2017 - 1:36 PM

nice review. my personal opinion is that any type of fairness wash or cream only gives temporary results, risking our own skin.

Devasmita Nath June 30, 2017 - 2:41 PM

Wao… Mulberry and rose!!

Paneeni June 30, 2017 - 6:03 PM

I totally agree with you it’s just an average face wash with false fairness promise ?

Neha Tanwar July 4, 2017 - 9:22 PM

loved the packaging :love nice review :good: