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Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash 6

The Body Shop is a manufacturer of beauty and body care products. The Body Shop offering a diverse range of products, consisting of body care, skincare, hand care, makeup, fragrance and men’s care product which can emit an aura and express your unique personality. The Body Shop uses natural raw materials and does not test products on animals. According to the Body Shop’s website their, Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash is “A mild oil-free and soap-free foaming cleansing gel. Effectively deep cleanses to clear open pores and rinse away excess oils, make-up, impurities and daily grime. Leaves the skin feeling cleansed, purified and refreshed with a shine-free, matte finish. Our seaweed has a very high mineral content; skin protective antioxidants and nourishing vitamins to balance skin tone purify and clarify the complexion. Menthol to cool and refresh – ideal for the oily or irritated skin. “So, Today I am going to write a review on the body shop seaweed deep cleansing facial wash.

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

Basic Information About The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Wash is a cleanser that is oil-free gel and soap (oil and soap-free). Moisture and helps balance oily substance on the skin. To make your skin fresh and glowing with its matte finish. Can be used to clean the rest of the make-up, dirt and excess oil.
How to Use: 
Massage on face and neck using fingertips and rinse using clean water.
Suitable For: 
Oily skin and combination skin

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash 2


895rs for 125ml.
Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash 3

My Experience with the Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash:-

The body shop’s seaweed range is basically made for combination to oily skin and works for sensitive skin as well. The face wash is gel based in nature and is little runny in consistency. The smell of this face wash is quite refreshing to me and not too strong to irritate your skin and nose. The menthol effect can be felt after and while using the face wash and it feels quite refreshing. The face wash is really gentle on my skin. Talking about the cleansing power of this facial wash is quite satisfactory as it is gentle it doesn’t remove makeup completely but it does remove makeup up to some extent. It removes excess oil from the skin and pores at the same time without making skin dry. It controls excess sebum production and oiliness of the face to a great level. It doesn’t break me out but I feel It does not work very well on my acne issue but it does have faded my black acne scars to a bit also my face feels toned after using this facial wash. The best thing about this facial wash is it completely removes the impurities from the skin beneath. My face feels super clean without feeling over oily and dry at the same time. The packaging is travel-friendly, convenient and cute.

Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash 4

Overall Performance of the Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash


  1. Thoroughly removes impurities.
    2. It leaves skin refreshing and soft.
    3. It has mild fragrance which is not at all bothersome.
    4. It controls oil to an extent.
    5. Oil and soap free.


Its availability, Runny consistency of the gel and it is expensive for such amount of quantity.

Would I Repurchase or Recommend the Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleanse Facial Wash:-

I would rate it 4. I would repurchase it for removing my skin impurities and for controlling my oily skin it is great but I don’t recommend it to those who are looking for a relief in acne.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Body Mist

Who is it for? Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist is basically for those who are fond of perfumes and body mists and love to have luxurious sprays and mists collection.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Body Mist

Price and quantity:

$15 for 75ml

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist


The name of this mist perfects to justifies the very sexy packaging of this product. It comes in a red color sleek plastic bottle with a golden sprayer along with a beautiful long black yet little transparent cap at the top. The cap fits properly with the bottle its nothing like it comes off easily. Which is comfortable for traveling needs as well. I like its very sexy packaging with a perfect red and black color combination. Thumbs up for the packaging.

My experience.

I had a very beautiful experience with Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fragrance Body Mist Brume Parfumme because I personally like Victoria’s secret brand very much. I am very fond of having collections of perfumes, mists, bags, makeup and almost everything. My uncle from the USA gifted me this beautiful mist on my birthday. Talking about the product I was like happy after looking at the packaging of the mist and when I smelled the mist damn it was like a beautiful blend of vanilla orchid, sun-drenched clementine, and midnight blackberry fragrances. This mist is a full- sized product. It is transparent having water like consistency,

The sprayer system is of good quality works well and it not so hard to press. Where I live it’s very hard to find this mist not sure about other locations. However, the company says this mist offers ultimate seduction but I personally didn’t felt anything like that. The fragrance is unique I must say. It can turn a dull mood into a refreshing one. The staying power is satisfactory and many people have asked me which one is this. The product is skin friendly no irritation, rashes or anything like allergy on my skin. The only thing that bothers me is the price of this product its quite expensive for me to use it on a daily basis as lots of better options are introducing every other day at less price. Well, this is a perfect luxurious body mist. It’s very hard to describe the fragrance exactly as sometimes it smells more of fruity, musky, floral and like citrus.

Overall Performance of  Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Body Mist

What did I like?
  1. Mood Refreshing fragrance
  2. It’s lightweight
  3. Travel-friendly
  4. Comfortable & handy
  5. Perfect for special occasions
  6. Long lasting
  7. Utterly attractive packaging
What I Didn't like about the product
  1. Its availability in India
  2. Very expensive for such quantity
Will, I recommend/repurchase?

Yes, who can afford to buy such expensive mists and looking for a perfect oriental & fruity fragrance for ladies. For me, I would like to use it for special occasions or mood swings as it is a bit expensive for me to use on a daily basis.

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Pears Pure & Gentle Facewash Ultra Mild Review 3

Pears Pure & Gentle Face wash: Hi guys, I am back with another product review from the very popular brand pears. Yes, we have used pears glycerine soaps and liked it very much and now this popular brand pears has introduced its face washes range from normal, mild to ultra-mild types which claim to makes skin soft, supple and blemish free. I like to use products that are extra gentle on my skin that’s why I picked the Pears Pure & Gentle Facewash Ultra Mild which I found quite good product for myself. Keep on reading to find out whether pears pure and gentle face wash ultra-mild is a good choice for your skin type or not ?

Pears Pure & Gentle Facewash Ultra Mild Review

Basic Information About Pears Pure & Gentle Face wash Ultra-Mild: –

Pears pure and gentle face wash gives you fresh and clear skin in a gentle way. The face wash is suitable for frequent use as it has a soap-free formulation. Its mild fragrance will leave you feeling fresh and clean and this gentle wash not only cleans your skin but also rejuvenates it from deep within. This face wash will not leave your skin dry as it is enriched with glycerine and natural oils. So, pamper your skin and nourish it at the same time with this mild face wash from Pears.

How to use:
Wet your face. Apply on face and neck and gently massage into a lather. Rinse off.
Price:INR 49 for 60 gm

Shelf Life:2 years.

Pears Pure & Gentle Facewash Ultra Mild Review 2

My Experience with Pears Pure & Gentle Face wash Ultra-Mild:-

It comes in transparent yet the mix of yellow, orange color medium size tube packaging with a contrasting orange color flip flop cover at the top has a thin silver lining all around the cap. The packaging is classic just like their basic pears honey color soap. pears in imprinted on the front side and the back ingredients list and how to use directions are mentioned basically. The tube is kind of transparent so you can easily keep a track of product quantity that how much is left in there inside the tube. The cap of this face wash fits perfectly and it is completely leakage proof that means it very travels friendly and handy because most of the time I had faced lots of face wash leakage issues which annoys me a lot during my traveling days seriously it just destroys my good mood. talking about the color of this face wash is similar to like a pale-yellow honey which looks nice. The consistency of the face wash is not too thick but its slightly thick as you have to squeeze the tube to make gel come out otherwise I won’t come out that easily which is also fine as I feel if it would have too runny consistency it might lead to unnecessary product wastage it’s better to squeeze out the required amount you need. The texture of this face wash is slightly thick gel based. This face wash has a very mild pears soap kind of fragrance as I feel. This face wash gently cleanses away my skin pores and makes the skin feel so refreshed. I love how gentle this face wash seriously it is ultra-mild you can feel it on your skin after few uses. It controls my oil secretion. I am not sure about fading of my acne scars but it doesn’t break me out. it doesn’t irritate my skin. keeps my skin PH balanced I can feel it. The claims are true it does Make your skin baby soft like and is also soap free. It feels like glycerine which is so mild on my skin. But yes, you have to wash your face properly as the gel lathers don’t clean off easily. Only a pea size amount is required to cleanse my face. It feels so clean after using this face wash. It completely removes all dirt, oil, and pollution from my face looks so clean and better. Overall this a good product according to me with an affordable price tag. I am sure it will suit even the sensitive or dry skin very well.

Pears Pure & Gentle Facewash Ultra Mild Review 3

Would I Repurchase Or Recommend?

I would rate it 5/5. A very good product I will repurchase it and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

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Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 1

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream :The first thing I would like to talk about when reviewing Innisfree’s green tea seed cream is that this is my first product I have ever tried from this particular brand. In fact, I had never even heard of it before (at the time of purchase of this product). I purchased this on a whim without knowing what to expect from this product. I have always been using moisturizers from Western brands such as Neutrogena etc etc. This is the first time I purchased this product from an Asian market.  I have extremely oily, blemish-prone and sensitive skin. I live in extremely humid conditions on an average day. Bought this by mistake when I was rushing to get the serum instead. However, I did not regret using it.  I use this as a night moisturizer, and wake up feeling really moisturized, so much so, my skin was glowing in the morning. The consistency is quite thick, so I do not use too much of it, more like a few dots around my face. Once applied, it feels a bit oily and waxy, but in a pleasant way. I kept using this despite having oily skin myself.

I have already reviewed their BALANCING CREAM. You can find the review of Green Tea Serum HERE.


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 1

Price: - Rs 1750

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 3

My Experience with Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream

I have an oily & acne prone skin with some acne scars. I have been wanting to slowly switch my skincare to Korean products and Innisfree seemed very natural and plus everything looked cute. My skin is very sensitive and I was worried to try this because the consistency of the cream is very thick and also the scent of the cream is bit strong for me but this did not break me out all and moisturized my skin very well. It wears well under sunscreen and makeup. It cools and calm down my skin and my skin feels incredibly soft and supple. I always look for products that don’t burn my skin and provides a soothing sensation to my skin. The Innisfree green tea seed cream is very soothing and does not irritate my oily skin at the same time it is gentle on the skin, no burning sensation, no redness at all plus it deeply hydrates and smells wonderful. Although the texture of the cream is quite thick and greasy it is better to use it at night.  Since using this cream, I have noticed fine lines on my eyes have reduced. The green tea seed line has more nutrition than the usual moisture line. This one looks thick but it spreads easily and feels awesome on my skin. It makes my skin moist, plump but not sticky at the same time. I love to use it even on summer in a very hot day; it doesn’t melt or makes my skin looks oily. It’s not as light as the gel cream but not as melting as the moisture cream.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream 2

  1. This moisture cream with Jeju eco-friendly green tea seed ingredient is formulated to provide excellent moisturizing + anti-oxidant effects to your skin.
  2. Moist but not sticky
  3. Refreshing scent.
  4. Absorbs Quickly.
  1. It’s really very expensive.
  2. Not suitable to use during daytime better to use it at night time. As, bergamot fruit extract makes skin sensitive to light.
  3. It can irritate very sensitive skin because of the presence of lots of citrus extracts in it.
  4. Very thick consistency for oily skin.
Would I repurchase ?

I would rate it 4/5.  I have to be more careful and thoughtful about when and with what other products I apply with since it is a thick cream and makes me oilier during the day. It’s not an everyday product in my opinion, but for when I need a good boost of hydration on drier days. I recommend it to people with dry skin instead of oily skin.

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L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner

Who is it for? L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner is best for people with color treated hair.

L'Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner

Price and quantity: 

INR 700/- for 1L.

My Experience with L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner


It comes in good quality black plastic jumbo size bottle along with a cute pink color pump style dispenser attached at the top which is very handy for daily basis usage.


It has a mild floral fragrance which diminishes at the time of washing hair but once the wet hair dries the hairs smells heavenly good for a day or two at least.

My experience.

I had my highlights done and for that purpose I wanted a conditioner that is specially made for color treated hairs so that my highlights don’t fade away so i pick this one. This conditioner might be not easily available in India but you can still order it online from the website as I did and it will take around a month to get delivered. Coming to the packaging was damn cute I liked it pretty much. Pump makes it easy to use avoid extra fall off of the product.

The texture of the conditioner is not so thick nor light it is in between like it won’t slip easily nor it will stick. The conditioner has milky white a light smell. One of the best things about this product is you don’t require much amount to cover your hair. I have tried other conditioners which weighs down my hairs and feels heavy.

When I applied the conditioner after 5 to 6 uses I felt that the conditioner was very intense keeping it for 5 minutes is more than enough. Also, it helped me in reducing the frizziness of my hair unto great extent and I appreciate that. It helped me in terms moisturizing my hairs to a good level. And the most important thing my hair color started lasting for longer time now as compared to before to be honest i wasn’t expecting that much.  I have noticed that it has repaired my damaged hairs a bit.  Also, I have the hair conditioning shampoo from the same range which might be the reason that this product works well for me. I am using the shampoo & conditioner from last 3 months. I wash my hair 3 days a week the product lasted for a fine time as I have oily hair I have to wash my hair on alternate day basis.

Overall Performance of L’Oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner

What did I like about the product?
  1. It has Anti-oxidants
  2. With UV filters
  3. Specially made for Color-treated hair
  4. Provides heat protection
  5. Reduce frizziness
  6. Helps to protect my hair color from fading
  7. My hair color lasts for quite a longer time now after usage.
What I Didn't like about the product
  1. Its availability in India
Will, I recommend/repurchase?

Obviously for those peoples who had gone through severe hair color transformations and are not so fond of going parlors often for weekly spas and treatments. This would be a good hair care option.

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Vlcc Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review

Vlcc Liquorice Cold Cream Review: Hi guys, during winters even an oily skin becomes excess dry so it is equally important to nourish and deeply moisturize your skin from within. in winters my skin feels so patchy, dry, irritating and uncomfortable as well. I usually used dove and ponds, Emami, Himalaya cold creams during winters but in December my mother bought VLCC skin defense cold cream at first I thought it would be like any other cold creams which are kind of very oily and feels heavy on the face. Those cold creams have so much oil that they attract so much more dirt and pollution and that just freak me out that’s why I hate using cold creams in winters. But this is quite different from them as the VLCC skin defense licorice is a dual-action moisturizing cream is enriched with rose petals and licorice extracts which, help heal and soften the rough and dry skin. It provides your skin with deep moisturization while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun (SPF 10) which is a plus I think .so, keep on reading to know my experience with VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold cream?

Vlcc Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review


Apply appropriate amount on clean skin and massage gently till the skin absorbs it. Apply twice a day, especially after a bath.


My Experience With VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream

Vlcc Skin Defence Liquorice ColVlcc Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review 2d Cream Review 2

It comes in complete white color tub packaging with the highlights of orange all over it and contains a round white color openable cap at the top. looks great the tub is quite big I thought it has a lot of product but inside the cap, there is a circular proportion in which it contains 50 grams’ product what is the need of unnecessary spacing anyways it looks nice …travel friendly packaging. I am sure the product won’t leak out from that tub. Coming the color of the cream it has fine white color and no chemical colors have been added. The consistency of the cream is thick like it stays there is the tub which runs here and there. The texture of the cream is creamy and soft. It contains licorice which is well known for its skin lightening brightening and scars healing effects. The company complains it protects and moisturizes skin, keeping it soft and supple. I think the last three claims come out to be true as it a cold cream. Although the cream looks so heavy but surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy at all, in fact, it is very light weight cold cream. I remember when during winters my hands were feeling so dry and flaky I opened the cap and took some cream in my hand only a little bit and wondering it’s too little I should take out some more but then I decided to apply this much first I was shocked like very little amount is required to all body parts and it instantly hydrated my hands skin. The cold cream is not oily at all I don’t know how still it hydrates my skin maybe because it contains licorice rice oil that doesn’t feel like it’s there and still moisturizes. Not only moistures, in fact, it deeply moisturizes from within. It has a non-greasy formula which is a good thing does not contain any harmful chemicals which are not actually true because I can see lots of chemicals in the ingredient list seems not 100% chemical free. As compared to other cold creams it non-greasy, lightweight, cream. it quickly gets absorbed by the skin within seconds. It keeps skin hydrated nourish for very long time reapplication would be needed in case you have taken bath with hot water otherwise not required to be reapplied. But it will oily skin sweat in winters yes, I don’t why but it does make my skin sweat and feel like I can’t think of applying any second layer of it. It doesn’t come off easily looks like glued to your face? kidding it will come off with a facewash better I think. People with dry skin will love it more as compared to oily skin ones the texture of this cream is kind of overly thick for an oily skin which leads me to some breakouts as my pores got clogged. The fragrance of this cream is similar to mild licorice. It has SPF 10 which protects the skin in winters too which is another plus. VLCC skin defense licorice cold cream is an average product as it is a bit costly for such a small amount of quantity I feel.

Vlcc Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review 3

Would I Repurchase?

I would rate it 4. I already have 2 tubs of it will not repurchase more…..I will recommend it to those who are looking for lightweight, non-greasy, deeply moisturizing cold cream with SPF10 then go for it.

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The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment: Hi Beauties, if you have oily/combination skin, I would recommend The Body Shop Seaweed collection is quite enough for your daily skincare routine. And you are right here’s another back to back Body Shop product review! I’ve been using the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment from a quite long time now and below you can read my mixed views on this clarifying night treatment which might clear all your doubts a bit regarding this product that you have in your mind and also help you in taking a better decision now.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Price: INR 935 for 30ml.

My Experience with The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment

Wake up in the morning with balanced and tight skin every day with this seaweed night treatment. Keep excess oil away with this seaweed gel. A light, effortlessly ingested, non-stopping up, without oil saturating gel. Apply to the face and neck after cleansing and toning, using your fingertips, before going to bed.   This light night moisturizer will leave your skin shine-free yet perfectly hydrated in dry areas. It is a gel and water mix consistency type of moisturizer comes in a little pumping bottle with a cap on the pump which is very hygienic yet trendy to carry while traveling days without worry because of its leakage proof packaging. It is non-sticky which is the best thing for summer days and has a very mild and calming fragrance. It does not cause any breakouts or itching. Only requires a very small quantity to cover whole face and neck.

It instantly makes the skin feel hydrated and smooth after its first use. It quickly absorbs into the skin layers after the application. It is easy to spread. It controls the problem of excessive oil production. It does not feel greasy on the skin. This treatment has made my skin clearer, hydrated and moisturized without being too heavy on my oily skin. I love its adorable packaging and the pump at the top bottle which makes it easier to apply on the face. Talking about the gel color it is colorless gel and has a very lightweight texture which is a really good thing as no colors have been added which can harm or irritate oily skin.   Because of this little pump, you can extract out the right amount of the product which reduces the chances of wastage of product which is a big plus. However, it does not help much in improving skin complexion, acne and spots care which is a bit disappointing for me for such an expensive product. I haven’t seen any skin healing effects after using this although it clarifies skin a bit, however, it claims to clarify overnight I am still wondering what’s that for.

The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment 4

  1. Water-gel based night moisturizer
  2. Fragrance free
  3. Oil balancing
  4.  Does not cause any breakouts and contains arnica &white tea
  5. Requires a small quantity
  6.  Hygienic packaging.
  7. Easy to spread and has a lightweight texture.
  8. Absorbs into the skin quickly.
  1. I feel it is overpriced.
  2. Less quantity.
  3. No skin healing effects as such.
  4. No improvement in skin complexion, acne, spots care.
Would I Repurchase Or Recommend 

I would rate it 4. It is a lightweight, hydrating, clarifying, purifying and moisturizing night treatment which does what it says but is overpriced for such small amount of quantity. I will not repurchase the same but will try the tea tree one. I recommend it to those who have an oily and sensitive skin and don’t need much skin lightning effect.

Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry 1

Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry: Hello, Makeup Geeks! I finally decided it was time to do some makeup shopping. I love experimenting with new makeup products this time my experience with Almay Colour + Care Liquid Lip Balm is a newly launched hybrid formula that has the pigment and shine of a gloss but the texture and moisturizing properties of a lip balm. I don’t know how I feel about a hybrid gloss slash balm. I mean I’m happy enough with my lip balm being a lip balm and my gloss being a gloss. Do the two products really need a marriage?

Let’s find out in my review of Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry.

Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry 1

My Experience with Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry

Its soft color matches whatever you wear. It’s last up to a very long time & does not dry out your lips. The color is perfect for everyday use. My favorite lipstick. It is a keeper. I love the sleek design of the package. It’s easy to access.  Coming to the texture of lipstick it is quite creamy. However, the creaminess does not translate to comfort on lips. Once applied, the texture sets to a non-transferable matte finish. You only need one coat. And the best thing about this lipstick is it also won’t slide down your face when temperatures rise. I also like that you can see the actual color in the tube and how pigmented they are. If you are someone who likes a sheer wash of color than these would be great. Once liquid lipstick is on, it’s on.

Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry 2

What I do like about these is that they are not sticky in any way. It does feel nice on the lips and is very moisturizing for what you get. Talking about the product performance I would say it is one of the best product I have ever used, I would put this at the top of my list for any lip product, It Is that good. The pigmentation is good enough and tips for you all for precise application, apply it to your bottom lip first, then tend to your top lip. ?

Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry


The overall performance of Almay Hybrid Liquid Lipstick Roseberry

I’m disappointed because it is not easily available in India. Lastly, I would rate it 5/5. I am really impressed. I would recommend trying at least one out as you may have some gloss changing experience if you do. Who knows you might adore them! So needless to say, it was exactly what I was looking for. I was most shocked at how these moisturized my dry, flaky lips. Long wear time under ideal condition, but otherwise, it needs regular touch ups between meals and such & yes, I would recommend it.

  1. The sheer but noticeable color that applies evenly.
  2.  Soft-shine finish.
  3. The moisturizing formula that isn’t too slick or too sticky.
  4. Lips feel softer.
  5. A beauty bargain!
  1. Not easily available in India.
Would I Repurchase Almay and Recommend?

Yes, I would repurchase it but not this same shade but I recommend it to all those who have even and light tone skins. I would love to buy more colors from this Brand.

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VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion SPF30 PA+++ Review

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion : Hi, guys, a sun screen lotion is a must have as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays which prevents any skin pigmentation and also protects the skin from being damaged. For today’s review post I have picked a sun screen lotion which has a non-sticky formula for giving a matte look to your facial skin, this unisex ‘Matte Look’ sunscreen lotion from VLCC is an ideal pick.  It contains almond oil which deeply moisturizes and imparts a glow on face. Carrot oil helps in skin whitening while Aloe Vera & Sandalwood soothes skin from within. Enriched with pineapple extracts it hydrated the skin leaving it soft and supple. VLCC Matte look sun screen lotion is a broad spectrum with SPF30 and PA+++ which provides long duration protection from UVA and UVB harmful rays.

VLCC Matte Look Sun Screen Lotion SPF30 PA+++ Review

  • Price: -115rs.

My Experience with VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Lotion

The sunscreen lotion comes in a slim tube like packaging with the tint of yellow, orange and white color with a round orange color cap at the top. The packaging is travel-friendly and looks good. the product description is imprinted at the back of the sun screen lotion. the texture of the sun screen is not very creamy but it is still creamy. The consistency of the sunscreen is not very runny or thick which looks smooth and still kind of. The color of the sunscreen is like natural shade foundation which can easily suit almost all Indian skin tone type. It is lightly tinted sunscreen which hides all pigmentation, dark circles, blemishes and scars very well. The cream needs lots of blending to completely mix with my skin natural color. This sunscreen gives a matte look which looks so natural and pretty control oil production. Sweating doesn’t have any much effect on the sun screen cream as it stays there which is good. The application I feel like my skin feels lightly more hydrated may be because of the pineapple extracts present in it. This sunscreen has a nice 30+ SPF is which is good for daily wear if you are looking for more SPF then you might don’t like it. It has a very light pineapple type fragrance in it which does not last very long. It doesn’t break me out also didn’t clog my pores which is very good actually. It stays for 3-4 hours needs to be reapplied after every 3 hours for maximum results. The best is if you are not a foundation person you can use this sun screen as your base it completely works like a foundation but with natural benefits.It is a non-greasy cream which has very light weight formula. During day time, it completely gives a clean matte finish look of foundation and looks fresh. You have to apply a light weight oil free moisturizer on your face before using this sunscreen otherwise it won’t blend that well. Yes, it’s not that easily blend able. It Is a big no for dry skin specially or else their skin will feel more dry, patchy, flaked and dehydrated.  The company claims it’s for all skin types but that is not really possible different skin have different skincare needs. Matte look products are specially used for oily skin and combination skin only. Overall a good product for oily and combination skin.

  1. Provides beautiful matte finish.
  2. Affordable
  3. Matches Indian skin tone perfectly.
  4. Little quantity is required to cover the face.
  1. Very thick texture
  2. Requires cream application for smooth blending.
  3. Skin feels dry after few hours.
Will I Repurchase Or Recommend:-

I would rate it 4.5/5. I will repurchase it and only recommend to oily skinned beauties.

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The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review 6

Hello beauties, I am back again with another review post. This time I want to review one of my favorite skin care product from my daily skincare routine which is according to me is an oily skin savior from the brand The Body Shop. I have tried body shop face wash, night treatment, clarifying toner and liked their products pretty much till now and when I saw this seaweed mattifying day cream I couldn’t get my hands off and finally purchased it.So, today I am going to review The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream…Here’s my review.A similar product is the CETAPHIL cream.Lets see how this body shop face cream turned out !

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review

Directions for use:

To use, apply to the face and neck after cleansing and toning, using fingertips.

Price & Quantity: Rs.995 for 50 ml

My Experience With The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream:-

The very first thought that came into my mind after looking at this cream was it looks like jelly but no it is a gel based very lightweight yet non-sticky day cream which smells amazing like all of their body shop seaweed range products. The fragrance is quite similar in all of their products. After the cream application, the skin feels so cool and refreshing which is the best thing to me as my face always feels like its burning. This cream provides deep hydration to my oily skin and keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized all day long. It provides a good matte finish without over-drying my skin although matt finish doesn’t last for the whole day in case you an excess oily skin but also it controls oil production of my skin. The color of this cream is kind of in between transparent and light milky white. My skin feels less oily now. It makes my skin so soft, supple and smooth. It is easy to spread and very little quantity is required to cover whole face and neck. This cream has improved my skin texture a lot which is amazing. The consistency of the cream is like a wet gel and it is not runny. My face feels super clean and baby soft. It doesn’t break me out and does not clog my pores too. It has reduced the size of my enlarged pores which is a good thing for me. According to me, this cream works well in summers as compared to winters as this a mattifying cream which can dry out my skin during winters. So, I will not recommend this cream for winters. It’s better to keep it inside fridge as it feels amazing when I apply it during these burning summers. It comes in small circular plastic jar packaging with a cap as it a face cream if they have given a small spatula for the application it would have been great as it sounds a bit unhygienic to me. The only disappointment I have is this cream does not have any SPF (sun protection factor) so I still have to use Sunblock for my face. The light blue color and design make the product look attractive.

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review 1

The Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream Review 5

  1. Lightweight cream.
  2. Improve skin texture.
  3. Feels refreshing and gives a matte finish.
  4. Keeps skin hydrated and moisturizes.
  1. The absence of SPF.
  2. No spatula for application.
 Would I Repurchase Or Recommend?

I would rate it 5/5. I would repurchase it as it is a lightweight, cooling, a hydrating and mattifying cream which is perfect for summer’s days. I would recommend it to those who have an oily skin and combination skin.

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