Vlcc Liquorice Cold Cream Review

by Kamya Dixit
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Vlcc Liquorice Cold Cream Review: Hi guys, during winters even an oily skin becomes excess dry so it is equally important to nourish and deeply moisturize your skin from within. in winters my skin feels so patchy, dry, irritating and uncomfortable as well. I usually used dove and ponds, Emami, Himalaya cold creams during winters but in December my mother bought VLCC skin defense cold cream at first I thought it would be like any other cold creams which are kind of very oily and feels heavy on the face. Those cold creams have so much oil that they attract so much more dirt and pollution and that just freak me out that’s why I hate using cold creams in winters. But this is quite different from them as the VLCC skin defense licorice is a dual-action moisturizing cream is enriched with rose petals and licorice extracts which, help heal and soften the rough and dry skin. It provides your skin with deep moisturization while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun (SPF 10) which is a plus I think .so, keep on reading to know my experience with VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold cream?

Vlcc Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream Review


Apply appropriate amount on clean skin and massage gently till the skin absorbs it. Apply twice a day, especially after a bath.


My Experience With VLCC Skin Defence Liquorice Cold Cream

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It comes in complete white color tub packaging with the highlights of orange all over it and contains a round white color openable cap at the top. looks great the tub is quite big I thought it has a lot of product but inside the cap, there is a circular proportion in which it contains 50 grams’ product what is the need of unnecessary spacing anyways it looks nice …travel friendly packaging. I am sure the product won’t leak out from that tub. Coming the color of the cream it has fine white color and no chemical colors have been added. The consistency of the cream is thick like it stays there is the tub which runs here and there. The texture of the cream is creamy and soft. It contains licorice which is well known for its skin lightening brightening and scars healing effects. The company complains it protects and moisturizes skin, keeping it soft and supple. I think the last three claims come out to be true as it a cold cream. Although the cream looks so heavy but surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy at all, in fact, it is very light weight cold cream. I remember when during winters my hands were feeling so dry and flaky I opened the cap and took some cream in my hand only a little bit and wondering it’s too little I should take out some more but then I decided to apply this much first I was shocked like very little amount is required to all body parts and it instantly hydrated my hands skin. The cold cream is not oily at all I don’t know how still it hydrates my skin maybe because it contains licorice rice oil that doesn’t feel like it’s there and still moisturizes. Not only moistures, in fact, it deeply moisturizes from within. It has a non-greasy formula which is a good thing seriously.it does not contain any harmful chemicals which are not actually true because I can see lots of chemicals in the ingredient list seems not 100% chemical free. As compared to other cold creams it non-greasy, lightweight, cream. it quickly gets absorbed by the skin within seconds. It keeps skin hydrated nourish for very long time reapplication would be needed in case you have taken bath with hot water otherwise not required to be reapplied. But it will oily skin sweat in winters yes, I don’t why but it does make my skin sweat and feel like I can’t think of applying any second layer of it. It doesn’t come off easily looks like glued to your face? kidding it will come off with a facewash better I think. People with dry skin will love it more as compared to oily skin ones the texture of this cream is kind of overly thick for an oily skin which leads me to some breakouts as my pores got clogged. The fragrance of this cream is similar to mild licorice. It has SPF 10 which protects the skin in winters too which is another plus. VLCC skin defense licorice cold cream is an average product as it is a bit costly for such a small amount of quantity I feel.

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Would I Repurchase?

I would rate it 4. I already have 2 tubs of it will not repurchase more…..I will recommend it to those who are looking for lightweight, non-greasy, deeply moisturizing cold cream with SPF10 then go for it.

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