Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera Review

by Sonam Bhandari Thapar
5 minutes read

All of us have a different type of skin texture. Some have dry and patchy skin, some have oily and some have a combination skin. Different skin texture comes with its own set of problems. Also during winter bathing with hot water tends to make skin dry. It causes itching and patchiness which feels neither comfortable nor good to look at. There are so many lotions and cream available in the market with different price range. So why not use a product which is damn good for dry skin and can be used for the normal skin as well and is super pocket-friendly!!

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What is it and who is it for?

This is a moisturizing cold cream which is good for dry skin all year around but can be used by all skin types in winters.


Rs.110 for 200ml

ayur herbals cold cream review

Sensitive Skin Alert?




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What the Brand Claims about Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera :

Rich concentrated natural ingredients with added properties of Aloe Vera and bees wax relieve your dry skin from winter worries. Its rich creamy formula makes even layer on your skin to prevent moisture loss and keeps your skin soft, hydrated and supple.

How to Use:

Take the required amount and spread evenly.

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My Experience with Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera :

It is such an old product! I have grown up using it. I really don’t know why this cream is so underrated. It comes in a sturdy plastic jar. I use a spatula to take the cream out; for hygiene purposes.

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This is a staple product at my home. All my family members starting from my grandmother to my parents and me, we all have our own pack of this cream. So just imagine how much we all love it! It is super creamy and really leaves skin feeling soft in winters. I have a combination skin still I use this because it doesn’t make my face seem oily. Not only me, my husband and father they keep it in their side drawers before sleeping.

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It removes the roughness of the skin, restores moisture and fragrance are also good. In summers to I apply it on my feet and legs before sleeping. This helps in keeping my feet nourished and soft. It is super pocket-friendly so you need not think twice before using it. Those who have a dry skin must try it.

Positives of Ayur Herbals Cold Cream With Aloe Vera:

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Subtle fragrance
  • Those with dry skin can use both in summers and winters
  • Nonoily and not sticky
  • Super affordable
  • Available easily

Negatives of Ayur Herbals Cold Cream with Aloe Vera:


Would I repurchase and recommend?

I have been buying it and will keep doing so and will recommend it to you, for sure!!

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Sreeparna Ganguly September 4, 2017 - 3:42 PM

It’s mom’s favourite cold cream 🙂

vaishali December 4, 2018 - 2:05 AM

mam, ayur cold cream contains parabens also.. please comment on that.. should aftr this we should purchse it or not?