What are the Different Waxes for Hair Removal Which One Should You Choose?

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What are the Different Waxes for Hair Removal Which One Should You Choose? : Waxing has been and continues to be one of the most popular hair removal techniques for women. Though a painful method for many, it is still the most sought after as hair does not grow back for a longer period of time unlike in shaving. There are various types of waxing methods based on the needs and skin type of each consumer.  Below are the different methods of waxing and the skin types they suit most.

What are the Different Waxing Options and Whi

Soft Wax

Also known as strip waxing. It is the most common method of waxing found in parlors. In this method, the heated wax is applied onto the skin and while it is still warm a strip of paper is used to remove it, thus removing the hair as well. The wax that is used in this method is usually paraffin or beeswax. Soft wax is further divided into two types- hot and cold. Hot wax requires the wax to be heated and hair is pulled out, while the cold wax is semi-soft wax already applied on strips ready for use.

Warm wax is used for body parts such as legs and arms.


Soft wax can be used for a normal skin type. However, it is not suited for sensitive skin as stretching the skin might cause irritation and itchiness.

Cold wax is slightly more painful than hot wax though they are equally effective

Hard Wax

Hard wax as the name suggests is the method in which the wax is applied on the skin while still warm and allowed to be hardened. The wax is then pulled off without the use of paper strips. Hard wax is used to remove small sections of hair such as the eyebrows, upper lip, underarms etc.

Hard wax causes no damage to the skin while soft wax can really pull the skin and cause itching.


Similar to the soft wax, this method is also not suited for sensitive skin types. This method is, however, most suitable for the normal skin type.

Fruit Wax

If ripping out hair sounds painful and dreadful but waxing is the only way for you, fruit wax is what you might be looking for. Enriched with fruit extracts and antioxidants it is gentle on the skin, does not pull it but removes the hair effectively. Though due to these properties it is on the expensive side, it is a far more gentle method than normal wax.


Due to its gentle and nourishing properties fruit wax is especially ideal for sensitive skin. It removes the hair without irritating the skin.

Sugar Wax

Also known as sugaring, sugar wax is made up of sugar, lemon, and water. Much like fruit wax, it does not irritate the skin and gently removes the hair. Though it is slightly messy, it is a completely natural product. It only sticks to the hair follicles and does not stick to the skin at all thus making it more painless as compared to other waxing methods.


It is most suitable for oily to normal skin. It can also be used for sensitive skin as it does not pull the skin and being natural does not cause rashes from unknown substances.

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate, commonly recognized as a yummy delicacy has also been introduced in the world of waxing for the number of benefits it gives, from making the skin look fresh to rejuvenation. Chocolate waxing gives bouncy, smooth and younger looking skin. It contains oils which provide moisture to the skin, giving it a glow. It removes the tiniest of hair and the stubborn tan as well. Chocolate wax can be found as- dark and white chocolate wax(Rica wax). Both the dark and white chocolate wax have more or less the same features but the white chocolate wax is slightly more expensive.


Chocolate wax is suitable for all skin types and is less painful than normal wax. The white chocolate wax is slightly less painful than the dark chocolate wax. Chocolate wax can even be used for sensitive skin types.

Rica Wax

Rica wax also is known as white chocolate wax is a natural wax from Italy. It uses vegetable oils as bases combined with glyceryl rosinate to give a less painful hair removal. It does not need to be heated as long as the normal wax and in some cases requires no heating at all. It is far more beneficial as compared to normal wax. It does not cause redness, irritation, or itchiness due to its nourishing properties. It is, however, more expensive.


As discussed under chocolate wax, Rica wax is also suitable for all skin types. Though it is costlier, it also guarantees no rashes, itchiness or coarse hair while also nourishing the skin.

Best Suited Waxing Method

Rica wax is the best waxing method to go for. Though it is expensive it is far better for the skin than other methods of waxing. It ensures no irritation, less hair growth, soft hair and to some extent less pain.

Though if you are looking for a slightly less expensive waxing method, dark chocolate wax can also be the go-to solution. It has more or less similar properties to Rica wax but is on the less expensive side while taking care of the skin. Also keeping in mind that both these waxing methods keep in mind all skin types including the sensitive skin, these are ideal for safe and gentle hair removal.

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