What do Your Lips Say About You ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Lip shape is one of the most important facial features that take part in deciding how a person’s face looks. Even a slight change in the lip shape can bring about a humongous change in the overall facial look. This particular facial feature not only defines our outlook but also acts as a mirror to our inner persona. If you know the proper how-to, you can easily decode even a total stranger by simply putting an eye on his/her lip shape.

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How to Find Someone’s Lip Shape?

First, have a close look to the person’s lips; it can be anyone including you. Now, imagine a perfectly symmetric upper and lower lip around the lips you are currently watching. If the lips in question are not in perfect symmetry then there would be some distinguishable differences to the ideal shape. According to that dissimilarity put the person into one of the categories. Voila! Your job is done.

Category wise Behaviour Prediction Guide for Each Lip Shape

  1. Plump Pouts: Owners of this lip shape possess equally fuller and large upper and lower lips. They have very loving and caring nature. They like to take care of their surrounding world. This kind of maternal feeling often makes them good parents and take-carers.
  2. Puffy Lower Lips and Comparably Small Upper Lips: People with thick lower lip and small upper lip are often seen as some one-of-a-kind people. Their queer and energetic nature knows no bar to take the best out of the life. Their outgoing mind leads them to meet new people, see new places and indulge into adventurous pursuits.
  3. Plump Upper Lips and Thin Lower Lips: Those who have a puffy upper lip with a thinner lower lip like to remain love-dovie cutipies of everyone’s eyes. They deal a situation with emotion rather than logical big-talks. They like to be loved and pampered. These spot-light stealing ones often have a good sense of humor.
  4. Thin and Non-prominent Lips: If you have super thin lips and need to overdraw your lips every time applying lipstick then you come under this category. People of this category often find themselves comfortable in their own company. Though they like to take a hand of any challenging situation on their own, they can be in perfect synchronization with others if it is time’s need.
  5. Small yet Pouty Lips: These ‘baby lips’ folks have a perfect blend of naughtiness and ‘kitten mind’ into their characters. Though they are very helpful to their fellows at times, complete selflessness is not their cup of tea. Their own well-being holds a higher priority than empathy.
  6. Broad but Balanced Lips: To the ones with a standard looking broad yet balanced lips reasonable and no-nonsense approach is the key to answer every question. They know how to take the best from fault-finding to reach their optimal goal. They seem to have remarkable clarity of analysis and calmness of mind.

    What do Your Lips Say About You

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  7. Lips with Perfect ‘V’ Cupid’s Bow: People with defined ‘V’ shape in the Cupid’s bow are the real artisans by their body and soul. They like to give their best to whatever they do. They find it very hard if they are not given a fair chance to express their feelings through their creative ideas.
  8. Lips with Rounder Cupid’s Bow: Kindness and sympathy are the two qualities that give the people of this category their unique place in the world. They spread love and fellow-feeling everywhere they go. They cannot help themselves lending a hand to someone in need.
  9. Lips with Non-existent Cupid’s Bow: Those who do not have distinguishable Cupid’s bow come under this category. People of this category are blessed with an unattainable sense of responsibility and sincerity. ‘Impossible’ is the word that has no place in their vocabulary. They are blessed with an excellent ability to take charge of something and accomplishing it flawlessly bearing every consequence.
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I’m number 4 and the description is soo true!! Never knew my lips could say soo much about me!!

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Hi Hi.. It really works then :balleballe