What is Feather Cut Hairstyle and Should You Go For it ?

by Ritika Singhi
3 minutes read

What is Feather Cut Hairstyle and Should You Go For it? The first and foremost thing which you usually take into consideration when you want to change your look would be working on your hairstyle. Most of us don’t realize the integral role our hairstyle plays in our looks. One of the most interesting styles which can instantly change your look would be the feather cut. It is one of those hairstyles which can be done in various styles and is extremely successful in giving you a distinguished look. Many of us feel that feather cut is the same as layers or steps but there is a difference between all the three hairstyles. Feather cut is different and an interesting hairstyle to pick.

What is a feather cut?

As the name suggests, the feather cut is quite similar to the look of a feather. It is usually compared with to the feather of a bird and is usually the shortest at the center and eventually the length increases in layers.

What kind of texture of hair can opt for the feather cut?

The feather cut is a well-suited hairstyle for all types of hair. It looks good on straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair or any other type of hair.

What is Feather Cut Hairstyle and Should You Go For it ?

What are the different types of feather cuts?

There are different types of feather cuts depending on the style, type, length and texture of your hair. Some of the interesting feather cuts are:

  1. Feather cut with blonde highlighted hair
  2. Feather cut for straight hair
  3. Feather cut with bangs
  4. Feather cut for curly hair
  5. Feather cut for long hair
  6. Feather cut for auburn hair
  7. Outward style feather cut
  8. Inward-style feather cut
  9. Feather cut for brunettes
  10. Feather cut for pixie-style hairdo
  11. Feather cut for bob-style hairdo
  12. Feather cut for asymmetrical hairstyle
  13. Messy feather cut

You can pick the feather cut according to your preference and the length of the hair.


Why should you choose the feather cut?

We always choose a cut for our hairstyle because of a number of reasons and advantages. Similarly, feather cut has its own advantages and they have been mentioned here:

  1. A feather cut is a great option for all lengths of hair. It is possibly the safest hairstyle for a bob style cut to long hair.
  2. It is a great option for you even if you have colored hair. It does a great job in highlighting the streaks.
  3. The cut suits all facial cuts.
  4. The feather cut is well-suited for all ages.
  5. It has well-defined layers with every layer highlighted sometimes using a razor also.
  6. The feather cut has a softer appearance and gives your hairdo a smooth and blended look.

What are the few things to keep in mind before getting a feather cut done?

A couple of things that may go wrong while doing a feather cut have been mentioned below:

  • You must ensure that the length of your hair complements your facial cut. This is particularly for bob-style hair with feather cut or feather cuts with bangs.
  • For the messy style of hair with a feather cut, you should make sure that it looks good on your appearance and suits you well.
  • The feather cut is slightly different from layers or steps so you should be sure of the look that you want for your hair before choosing it.

I hope that this will help you in making the best choice for a feather cut for your hair. Let your hair make all the difference to your look and you must wear your hairstyle with the utmost confidence to get the best results.

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