Why Makeup Wipes are Best Avoided!!

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

After a hectic day the longest distance ever, is the distance from your bed to the basin! A face washes before bed becomes a laborious task. The moment your head hits the pillow there is no going back for anything.

That’s when makeup wipes walk in- the last resort.

Even though wipes are no substitute, for the old face wash routine but still many people rely on wipes to finish their nightly routine failing to realize the harm they are doing to their skin.


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Wipes are filled with chemicals strong enough to make the makeup melt from your skin and come out easily.In the process of blotting up your face with these wipes you not only clean your skin but also end up depositing a whole lot of chemicals on your clean skin.The chemicals have a whole night to work on your face for the worse!


face wipes

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Not everybody is a master at wiping off the makeup with these wipes – some of you might be using it incorrectly leaving the makeup more embedded into the skin instead of taking it off!!! I know scary right!

The horror doesn’t end here – most of the wipes contain alcohol which may irritate your skin and if you have dry skin you might end up getting a skin flakier than a croissant.


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The wipes are usually moist which are perfect for fungi and bacteria growth. The only thing which prevents this is a lot of preservatives added to make them anti fungi.As if the chemicals weren’t enough, you have a fresh lot of preservatives dumped on your skin too!This keeps getting scarier!


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There is nothing like the old soap and water to cleanse your face .No wipes no toners can do the job which you face wash can do.It’s always better to stick to Not Using these wipes


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But then again if you are still having one of those tiring Mondays, using a wipe would be better than not taking off the makeup at all…Sleeping with the makeup on is an absolute taboo! No matter what don’t do it girls!


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