Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101 Review

by Sone
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A brush that highlights on point, the applies the setting powder on point and generally sweeps the product flawlessly across the face?! Who wouldn’t want that!

I am reviewing one such product today!


Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101 Review 2

Basic Info About Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101

What is it and who is it for?

A face powder and contouring brush.





Sensitive Skin Alert?






Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101 Review


What does the Brand Claim about Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101?

  • Luxurious powder brush with exquisite natural bristles
  • The tapered shape is perfect to apply powder and contour the face
  • A royal makeup experience

The super fine natural bristles in exquisite hair quality offer even and smooth application of pressed and loose powder and set the makeup to a gorgeous finish. The tapered shape of this brush make it the perfect premium tool to contour your face and to suit every edge of your face.


How to Use:

This luxurious powder brush is shaped to apply loose and pressed powder. It delivers a soft and even application, fixes the makeup and is the perfect tool for contouring. Before application, flick the brush with your thumb and index finger to remove excess powder.

Easy contouring: Place a brush with darker paint at the center of the ear, guide towards the tip of the nose and stop shortly before the corner of the eye. Lightly whisk the color remaining on the brush under the chin and on the hairline.

Our 101 Luxe Face Definer is the queen among all ZOEVA brushes. This silky soft, handcrafted face brush turns the application of powder products into a beauty experience which you cannot get enough of.


Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101 Review 1


My Experience with Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101

If beauty blender was a contouring brush this would be it! It flawlessly  and sharply applies the contour lines. It then blends those very lines of highlighter or bronzer beautifully.

Made with natural bristles, this brush is very soft on the skin. It is nicely packed but not too too dense. I feel it’s better for the powder based product rather than the cream based one.


Zoeva Luxe Face Definer Brush 101 Review 3


I own this brush since the past two years now and I haven’t faced even single fallout from this one. It has passed innumerable washes and is still as vibrant as it first was.

The only downer is the price and the white color of the bristles. So it becomes very evident when the brush is dirty: P



  • Natural bristles
  • No fallout
  • Excellent and smooth flawless finish
  • Good grip



  • Expensive
  • Starts looking dirty earlier


Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Makeup brushes are the best kind of makeup investment you can make. Consider this as an investment and go for it 🙂



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