This Party Popcorn Recipe will Make You A Star !

by Sone

5 Minute Party Popcorn Recipe: So it’s weekend :) Picture this, you have taken a long and luxurious home spa, or are really too lazy to go out in the evening. How does, staying at home and watching that favorite movie with family sound? Great no? What is a movie without popcorn then :P Ok,  the second scenario,you have a bunch of kids on your hand for the day,it may be a birthday party or otherwise. You know kids are picky eaters. What do you do then…hand them a bowl of yummy popcorn and let them have fun.. :P

I used to think, what is it about these cinema/theatre popcorn that is just too irresistible. I mean besides the usual urge to have popcorn, during a movie :P Caramel popcorn,cheese popcorn…candy popcorn? We spend so much money on this outside, we can make them in the comfort of our home…AND to our taste in less than 20 Rs! This will be a recipe of super easy party standard popcorn :) Its a bit sweet, a bit salty and a little bit spicy! You will love making it :D

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes

Ingredients for 5 Minute Party Popcorn :
  1. Normal Unflavored Popping Corn – 1 cup
  2. A small quarter stick of unsalted butter. If you don’t have unsalted butter, go light on the salt that you add later
  3. 1 tablespoon of Brown Sugar/White Sugar/Jaggery…whatever you feel like
  4. 2  pinches  of Red Paprika
  5. Salt to taste

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 3

That’s all!!

The procedure of making 5 minute Party Popcorn :

Keep the popped corn ready. Simply load them into a pressure cooker or any heavy bottomed pan. Cover 95% of the top and keep on low heat. Let the corn pop tills you stop hearing the popping sound. It usually takes around 5 minutes.I generally don’t add any salt at this point.

Next, take the butter in a heavy bottomed pan which you normally use for making tadkas or heating oil for tempering. Add the butter to this with a drop of oil. Let the butter melt on low flame.

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 4

Once the butter melts up, add the rest of the ingredients-sugar, paprika and salt to taste. Let this mixture bubble.

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 6

Immediately turn off the flame and pour over the popcorn

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 5

Quickly mix the flavored butter to the entire popcorn. Actually,the butter mixture is looking quite thick in the pictures. That is because I was clicking these while preparing the popcorn itself.

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 7

You have to work a bit fast and mix in the flavored butter immediately while it is thin. That ensures an even and more diffused coating.

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes 2

Party Popcorn in 5 Minutes

Trust me,you WILL enjoy making this at home-and LOVE eating it :) Its simple,easy,quick and cheap :D

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