Sunsilk Pink Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo Review

by Sonam Bhandari Thapar
5 minutes read

Hair forms a very important part of our personality. Long and healthy hair is everybody’s dream. I remember even as a kid I used to pin my hair in different styles. Not only me, my niece and almost all the girls of her age love to play with their hair. So a healthy mane is everybody’s dream. There are hundreds and thousands of shampoos available in the market. Again like skin all of us have different hair textures. So it becomes very difficult which shampoo to choose. Shampooing is very important so as to keep hair clean and healthy. So let us see how this Sunsilk Pink Lusciously Thick and Long Shampoo fares!!

sunsilk lusciously long and strong shampoo review

What is it and who is it for?

This is a hair shampoo for thick and long tresses.


Rs.220 for 340ml

Sensitive Skin Alert?




How to Use:

Squeeze a small amount of shampoo in a mug of water. Mix to form lather and apply on your hair and rinse with water.

My Experience with Sunsilk Thick and Long Shampoo :

The earliest I remember using Sunsilk was since I was a little girl. Before shampoos came out in the market washing hair with soaps was the only option. Sunsilk was that one shampoo which could be found in almost all households when the era of shampoos began. And let me tell you this shampoo was very good. Those were the times when not many options were available on the market. Then came a time when so many companies came out with so many shampoos with so many different options that it became very difficult to choose which one to buy and use. Sunsilk also changed their shampoos after which I didn’t find them good enough. Therefore with the independence to experiment I shifted from one shampoo to the other and on the way Sunsilk lost its charm because there were so many options available which were way too better.

sunsilk lusciously long and strong shampoo review 1

My meeting with Sunsilk happened by chance. My shampoo was finished there was some party and in an emergency to wash my hair I had to use this shampoo unwillingly. After I washed I felt wow! It was like the shampoo had changed for better. After that instance, I kept using Sunsilk and deliberately ignored buying the one which I used to wash with. This continued for six-seven months after which I started feeling that my hair become dull and sticky whenever I wash my hair. And because of this, they started breaking a lot too. That was the high time after which I decided that it was time for me to switch back to my regular shampoo. No wonder my hair felt better when I used to my old shampoo.

This is when the realization came to me that probably it was not Sunsilk working wonders for my hair. It was the hormonal change that I had gone through as I was expecting a baby. These changed hormones made my hair amazing no matter whatever I used on my hair. But this shampoo, in the long run; made my hair really dry. It used to break a lot and was lifeless.

This shampoo is a big no-no for me.


  1. Beautiful Fragrance
  2. Easily available
  3. Not expensive


  1. Makes hair dull and dry in long run

Would I repurchase and recommend?

I will not buy this again and as far as the recommendation is concerned it might suit you if you have a different hair type. Still, try 3-4 times before purchasing a full sized bottle. You can use the sachets for this 😛

GlossyPolish Verdict

2/5 Skip this one unless it REALLY suits you in the long run. Which I doubt: /

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vandna April 16, 2017 - 2:00 PM

Its not the same with everyone.. Even I use it and guess what.. It gives amazing results. It makes my hair long and yes strong too. When I just began to use it, it started showing the results. I didn’t like it but I loved it. Now I see no other shampoo in the market except sunsilk pink..

Anjasi April 16, 2017 - 7:15 PM

It didn’t work for me also..every shampoo looks good for two weeks then back to square one! I have started using Patanjali and at least it is affordable

shreya November 14, 2017 - 3:11 PM

My hair was damage n frizzy when i just began to use this shampoo,this shampoo started to showing the results,for better result plz use shampoo with shampoo conditioner ..