Kiddie Chocolate Ladoos Recipe

by Sonam Bhandari Thapar
4 minutes read

Chocolate Ladoos Recipe: CHOCOLATES!! Oh, I love them. I have had and still do have cravings for chocolates. I remember when we were in Montessori, we were taught how to make this easy-to-make-anyone-can-make kind of recipe. It was so easy to make and this gooey stuff was fun to make and eat. You know how kids love to create mess!! But somewhere down the line with the passing years and with the independence to buy chocolates, this recipe was forgotten.

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 9

But now with my kiddo, Vihaan who is even a greater lover of chocolates than I was, I was reminded of this recipe. And believe me, he loves it.  😀 The ingredients are easily available and not too expensive. The basic recipe remains the same but you can add variations to it according to your liking as well as your Child’s liking.

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 10

I have made it a little different than the original one so as to make it less gooey. This recipe serves 8 (depending you are not going to eat the whole of it :p)

Ingredients of Kiddie Chocolate Ladoos :
  1. 14-15 Marie biscuits (crushed coarsely)
  2. 3-4 tbsp condensed milk
  3. 2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (you can increase or decrease depending on your own liking)
  4. 2 tsp Yellow butter
  5. Jam/raisins/nuts (optional)
The procedure of Making Kiddie Chocolate Ladoos :

Coarsely grind Marie biscuits. In a bowl add all the dry ingredients i.e. crushed biscuits, unsweetened cocoa and nuts. Mix well. Add condensed milk one spoon at a time mixing it well.

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 6

I prefer mixing it with my hands. Keep adding condensed milk till it becomes dough like. It will still be sticky so giving it a shape will be difficult. For that, I added almost a teaspoon of yellow butter to it and again kneaded it well. In the next step, you just need to grease your hands to give this desired shape.

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 7

I grease my hands with yellow butter and form them into small balls. Because of butter,these do not stick on the surface where you keep them thus making this less messy.

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 8

(PS- I also add jam to it sometimes because it gives a yummy tangy tinge to it and my baby loves it this way.)

Kiddie Chocolate Ladoo Recipe 11

Yum!!! Yummmmm!! 😀


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