Practical Ways of Staying Fit

by Sone
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Keeping fit and healthy is everyone’s priority. No matter what age you are, health is something you can never ignore. But not everyone of  us can easily throw away our old habits and jump into the world of gymming and strict diet. What does a person do, to take small steps at a time , towards fitness? Here I am listing down the very very basic steps that you all can easily adopt in your lives. It will improve your fitness level and WILL prevent further weight gain. Naturally, if you are obese, you must consult a doctor  and find the real cause behind it. A very high BMI is a sign of a disease and must be treated as such. But its not only about weigh…fitness and good health is MUCH more than that-its your ticket to happiness 🙂

Here go the really basic points. ANYONE can follow them. Don’t make excuses now 🙂

#1 Make sure you drink enough water

Practical Ways of Staying Fit

Yeah yeah, you have been told this time and again. Everyone has cried their throats hoarse how important drinking water is. But why did I mention this as the very first point? Well, because after a point our body cannot differentiate between thirst and hunger. You may be actually thirsty and dehydrated and you will think you are hungry -and eat unnecessarily. Drink water, it will give you better health, flush out the toxins and make your skin glow. Don’t  overdo it.10-12 glasses are enough.

#2 Be a Fussy Eater

If food is easily available to you, eat only that you really enjoy. First take a small quantity of food on the plate. If you like it,only then take more.  This ways you will eat only the stuff you really enjoy and will not waste food.

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 2

#3 Your Stomach is Not a Dustbin

Don ‘t let such a situation arise when you have to throw away lot of food . But every once in a while,when that situation arises-choose yourself.Rethink the waste. Your stomach is not a dustbin.

#4 Be Active

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 3

So you like to laze around and you cannot join the gym. Hey ! You call 🙂 But the least you can do is be active in your daily life. Stand from your desk and walk around when you are speaking on cell.Park your car a little away. Go for a light walk with your family ,around the neighborhood. Take the stairs…do small things that become a natural part of your day. These small steps will add up to good health 🙂

#5 Eat slowly and Give your Full Attention to Eating

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 6

So, it takes your brain anywhere between 10-15 minutes to give the full signal  that yes I am sated. Eat least till you hit the 10 minute mark.Chew your food well, your body can extract maximum nutrition out of foo this way. I know I know…you may be really busy…but cant you take 10 minutes out for yourself? If not…whats the point in what you are doing. Remember…you are your no. 1 priority.

#6 Dessert or Fried Stuff Only Once a Week

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 5

This you have to be strict on. No one is asking you to just give up on your favorite food! You should definitely enjoy yourself. But,ONLY once a this case…anticipation will make the experience sweeter 😉 If you like eating something sweet after every meal…choose a small fruit or a tiny piece of Jaggery.

#7 Sleep Well

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 1

Are you sleep deprived? If today you feel you are tired and blinking away sleepy tears…stop doing this to yourself. If you have an extra leave in office take it.. sleep your fill…designate your chores to someone BUT sleep today. Take the call now…you will take minimum 6-7 hours of sleep everyday. If you are too busy then fine. Think of it as a task that you have to complete and do it. You will see how everything will start falling into place!

#8 Start Taking Better Care of Yourself  in General

Practical Ways of Staying Fit 4

Being sloppy is your decision. You may be happy with it too…but you WILL be happier when you and your surroundings are clean and well maintained. Go take that luxuriously pampering bath. Slather on your favorite lotion. Be particular about your skincare regimen.Pamper yourself …take care of yourself.You will feel like staying healthy if you groom yourself generally. That will be your motivational push 🙂

Yesterday my mom was telling me about some asset and liability thingy. How one must spend wisely and invest for the future. She is right…that concept is correct. But who asked anyone, to basically  stop  living till then? Take my  parents for example…or you or your parents. Now we are not the quintessential grasshoppers from the Aesop ‘s fable. We are nice little ants who save for the winter. But when winter comes, why are you not enjoying then?

Get off the rat race and start living your life. You are responsible ONLY for yourself. Don’t tie your happiness to other people or circumstances. They are not under your are 🙂

Live and let live is truly underrated 😀

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Sreeparna Ganguly November 20, 2017 - 1:56 PM

Your tips are very simple yet each one has positive impact in our life.. I am going to follow all these from now :love :rose:

Sone November 20, 2017 - 2:25 PM


Smriti November 20, 2017 - 3:10 PM

These are so amazing. They are easy to follow as well.

Sone November 20, 2017 - 5:01 PM

Thank you Smriti! :love

Alekhya Vaddeti November 20, 2017 - 7:47 PM

I’ve starting gymming and could use these tips. Very well put ma’am!