Tips for Spring Cleaning Clothes

by Sone
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Spring Cleaning Clothes  :Okay, be honest.How many of you girls have closets full of clothes, but NEVER anything good to wear?Every time I need clothes, I have to rummage through the deep depths of my wardrobe. Unfortunately, it gets messier than before. It is even more frustrating when you hurry and cannot find that red top!!You know what I mean, right!So this New Year’s I decided, enough is enough! I really need to spring clean my closet! It’s practically bursting at the seams, but I can never find what I want to wear !!Presenting to you, the first part, of the two-part series: HAVE MERCY ON YOUR CLOSET: P

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now get rid of them

Get Rid Of Them!!!

Be ready to keep a stone in your heart. These types of clothes, you must get rid of now!!

#1 The Veteran Never Worn Clothes

What?! I am asking you to throw out brand new clothes?!

No, I haven’t gone crazy. Here I am referring to clothes, that for some reason you never felt like wearing. Maybe, some of them still have their tags on! They may be something you bought at the spur of the moment but regretted buying. They can also be something you liked them, but not anymore etc.

These clothes are prime candidates for charity! Trust me there are thousands of people in your town, who are in need of these clothes. Please give them away. Now.

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now never worn

Do they Still have their Tags?

#2 The Same Types of Clothes

Seriously now. How many balloon tops do you need? Not the same floral print dress again! What about the 4 black tops you own? Please stop this madness. Why do you want to end up looking like the balloon top girl or the floral queen? Bring in some variety in your wardrobe. Getting rid of similar clothes and patterns is the first step.

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now similar clothes

Are You not Bored ??

#3 Out Of Fashion Clothes

Believe me; some clothes will never come back in fashion. Why do you still have the designer bead work jeans? Will you really be wearing those outside, no? Boot Flares may never come back in fashion. Even if they do, do you actually look good in them? It’s good to be with the trend and also individualistic.But please, for heaven sake, get rid of the bizarre yester year’s fashion!

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now outdated fashion

Outdated Fashion

#4 The Other - You Clothes

I have a pair of baby pink jeans from Benetton, since 1999. Yes, you heard me right! My waist will be 24 again and I will wear them again. That has not happened since the past oh, 16 years now? You think I should still keep them…umm no!! Do you have two sizes small clothes in the closet, which you think you, will fit in someday? Please get real. If you will not be in a shape to wear them in the next two months, please donate them to a needy person (or somebody they will actually fit).If you still really like them, either join the gym and shed the flab; or get them altered. My jeans have been eating up my closet space for ages now!!

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now fashion diasater


# 5 Clothes You Don’t Like Wearing

This one is really a no-brainer! You actually have clothes in your closet, that you don’t like wearing? Do you not feel confident wearing certain clothes? What are they doing sitting in your closet!

Now, this is just plain lazy! Out now!!

# 6 Super Comfy Rags

Yeah, you heard me, girl! Are you not the proud owner of that super comfy tee with HOLES in it? Faded pajamas? Torn hem skirt? I know they are super soft and super comfortable, but they make you look like a homeless hag.

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now t shirt holes

Why this, Rag?

Trust me, you can buy equally comfortable, but ridiculously beautiful nightwear.That will easily serve the same purpose. You will really feel pretty wearing those and as comfortable-I promise.

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now beautiful pajamas

Why Not These?

As far as that tee with holes in it—congratulations! You are now the proud owner of a brand new car cleaning rag 😛

#7 What The Hell Was I Thinking Clothes

That fringe top with red leather boots? Are some of your clothes, only suitable for a costume/Halloween party? I am sure there are some disasters, sitting smugly in your closet. These are clothes which you will not be caught dead wearing.

Please throw them out. You will feel really good!

7 types of clothes you must get rid of now-what the hell was I thinking

Trust me, girls, you really need to do this, and today! You will not believe how great all this purging will make you feel.Think of all the closet space you will make for brand new clothes!! 😉

Did I miss any category out? Do let me know!!

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