Remedies for Stretch Marks that are Easy and Practical!

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

 Remedies for Stretch Marks: One of the shortest horror stories ever:

Stretch marks!

There are many reasons for it – your stretch marks might be due to your pregnancy, a sudden weight gain or loss, Physical reasons etc. If you have them there is no running away from it! But not anymore. Give these remedies a try and say goodbye to the Stretch marks.

8 simple home remedies for stretch marks
#1 Castor oil

 It’s not only good for your hair and eyelashes but also great for getting rid of the stretch marks.Apply some castor oil over the areas where you have these marks and leave it on for 20-30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm waterIf you can take some extra pains then wrap the area with a cotton cloth and give heat for half an hour. Do this for a month and you’ll see results

#2 Water

Water is obviously great for your skin because it keeps the skins hydrated and makes the skin tight thus reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Drinks loads n loads of it.

  #3 Moisturiser

This needs to be done on a daily basis to help the skin maintain its elasticity and keep it supple. Dry skin will result in more prominent Stretch marks.

#4 Coconut Oil

Not only is it a great moisturizer but also very effective for reducing scars and marks. Rub a bit of coconut oil over the affected area and wash off after an hour. You can even leave it overnight.

 #5 Aloe Vera

 Aloe vera has already known for its never-ending goodness. What’s more, it even works for your marks. It just repairs the skin and helps you to overcome the Stretch marks.

#6 Egg Whites

I already wrote about how egg whites can reduce the under eye wrinkles and help tighten the pores. Similarly, it also tightens the area where you have stretch marks.

# 7 Lemons

Yes, more and more lemons.Lemons for your face, lemons for knee whitening, scrubs and ALSO for stretch marks. Lemons are acidic in nature and this helps to naturally reduce acne, scars and also marks of any type. 

#8 Cut Down on Salt

This is going to reduce the bloating and water retention, making the very base of stretch marks weaker.

Stretch marks are no joke! Just be regular and patient while trying these remedies and you’ll be rewarded for the pains 🙂

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