Is Coconut Oil Good for Skin ?

by Mallika Dharmani
5 minutes read

Coconut Oil for Skin : If you want to look like a walking dream you have to trust me on this one, seriously ladies this is the best thing that could happen to your skin (after Aloe vera and Apple cider vinegar) and you can totally feel it for yourself! You will see how amazing your skin starts to look (at least mine did), after just a few days .So I decided to do this article on coconut oil and help all the ladies out there with this pro tip.

Coconut oil skincare miracle

Coconut is another one of nature’s gifts to help us maintain our beauty. Now what it really does is, it just fills in all the cracks and pores of your face and keeps everything really hydrated.

Excellent moisturizer which has antibacterial properties, and antifungal properties too. So if you have acne you can wave goodbye to those ugly BREAKOUTS.

It also replaces your dead skin with fresh new skin as it is rich in protein. So it not only keeps the acne at bay but also helps in reducing those scar marks by generating a new layer of skin.

Coconut oil skincare miracle 4

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It also contains vitamin E and what vitamin E does to your skin is no secret. It keeps you young as it has anti aging property (come on of course it’s going to keep you young, it is so full of goodness).

 Many people all over the internet claim to have benefited from it and I am one of them.

First of all, I would like to tell you what I really use coconut oil for- I use it for my double cleansing routine (if you don’t already know what that is you got to check out our article on it) . I rub it on my face and wipe it off after a minute with a damp cloth. Once I am done washing my face, I didn’t feel any sort of dryness or a lack of moisture as one usually does after a face wash.

Instead, I feel much hydrated and since I have normal skin I can totally skip the moisturizer step as my skin already feels way more moisturized without feeling sticky at all. LOVE IT!

 If you have oily skin doesn’t let this stop you from using this oil. Regardless of your skin type, it ’s going to suit you. It’s not necessary that you use it for your double cleansing routine too, though if you do you’ll be grateful (you can say thanks later) :P:P .

 It also makes a great makeup remover, uses it as a skin cream before you go off to bed, or as a scrub by adding some salts or sugar, use it as lip balm, for lightening dark circles ( check out our DIY Dark circle cream) .

To be honest I was sold the moment I knew it would lead to new generation of skin cells. If your skin keeps getting on a healthy new layer what could be greater than that, this stuff might actually be an elixir.

Coconut oil skincare miracle 5

Image Credit: happymoneysaver

I got my bottle of coconut oil from south India as it’s the one place where you can get the best-unrefined coconut oil -fully natural and totally awesome. Invest in something like this and it won’t even cost you as much as your normal cleansing oil would!

Plus it has a whole lot of mind-boggling benefits, I mean it goes at least four-five layers deep within your skin. Can you imagine your cleansing oil doing that sort of a thing…no way!

I have noticed a big difference in my skin ever since I have started using this oil  ! Let me be honest, I don’t have the best skin in the world I’m pretty much struggling to get a wow glowing skin but my skin is far from any such thing. But ever since I have started using coconut oil, I think I might have a chance at it 😛

This stuff is gorgeous guys, so start now and take care of your face-. It’s the only face you’ll want 10 years from now 🙂

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Roohi Gupta April 23, 2016 - 2:03 PM

So informative it is… loved it. Can u pls tell me how to include apple cidar vinegar in skin care regime?