Amaron: What has a Car Battery Got to Do with You? Plenty!!

by Mallika Dharmani
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A girls day out turns into the night. Phone batteries are running low; spirits are high; the weather is great, and the car halts!! What just happened? Well, this is exactly what happened with me last year. Imagine getting stranded in the middle of nowhere in Delhi? The car battery died, and I had about 3% charge remaining on my phone with the shady network. I had just dropped off my friends and was on my way home. I cannot tell you how much I freaked out that day! It was such a harrowing experience. If it were not for a nice couple who drove by, I would have been in serious trouble.Would you imagine what was responsible for my predicament that day? It was my car battery! Yes, that one aspect that no one really bothers about! I was putting off buying an expensive one and settled for something that my mechanic said would do.

BIG mistake – only, I learned it the hard way!

amaron battery

Well, its festivities time! Holi has just passed by, and there is nothing better than traveling together with all your friends to Vrindavan. I have a pact with my girl gang – every year we celebrate holi and take a road trip. Sometimes I just don’t know what I would have done without my friends or my car! 😛

Today I want to share how important a car battery is for your vehicle and why you should take it seriously. I will also share the battery I have in my car right now, and why I am thankful I finally made the right choice with Amaron Battery!

A car will be incapable of performing almost all of its major functions without a good battery. A good battery is the backbone of a car. Leave apart luxury functions; a car cannot even start if it doesn’t have a functioning battery.

Long trips, in-car music, from starting the car to its standby time pretty much everything that your car does depends on a good car battery. And there is possibly no end to all the technological advancements that are being introduced in modern cars. From Bluetooth, GPS maps to virtually interactive music systems, everything is being introduced in that little car of yours, and all this can be supported only with the help of a good car battery.

*Car Lights- Gone are the days when you needed just the front and the backlights of a car. The use of led lights has massively increased in the modern day cars to facilitate comfort and appearance both. We see lights in various compartments of the car like the side panel, window buttons, leg space and even in the buttons of the music system. To support so many lights, one needs a battery with a good capacity which Amaron battery provides you.

*Music System- Everyone needs a powerful music system in their car with a good base tube. The more powerful a music system will be the more battery will it consume. Therefore, in order to support your heavily loaded music system, Amaron battery will be a big help.

  • Long Trips- Who doesn’t love long drives on those summer nights. Trust me the last thing you want on one such night is a breakdown and that too because of your battery. While your car can still drag on with other minor issues, but if the battery is not functioning it will come to a standstill. The patented SilvenX alloy in Amaron battery ensures that you have a smooth trip.
  • Frequent Startups- One needs a good battery to start up the car everytime you set the engine roaring. Amaron batteries don’t drain fast and hence ensure that you have a hassle-free startup.
  • Humid Conditions- Your battery suffers in the scorching heat. Batteries last twice as long in cooler regions as compared to hot and humid areas. Amaron batteries are tough enough to stay heat resistant and hence last longer.

amaron battery 1

Why Amaron Over Others? Invest more to save more!

SilvenX Alloy- Amaron batteries have patented SilvenX alloy that promises a longer life. Amaron lives by the motto – silver inside for longer life.

Longest Warranty in the Indian Market – Amaron challenges to have the longest warranty period in the Indian market. An extended warranty period itself guarantees the stability of the battery – need we say more?

Zero Maintenance – Remember those frequent trips to the garage to get your battery charged? Well, forget those tiresome routines because there is a battery that gives you zero maintenance. Talk about dreams coming true!

Heat Resistant – Most of the batteries have a liquid content in them which tends to seep out when subjected to extreme heat. Amaron batteries are DRY batteries so bid goodbyes to your worries when it comes to the facing the heat too! 🙂

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