Anatomicals Calming Algae Face Mask Review

by Prachi Singh
3 minutes read

Who is this for? Anatomicals Calming Algae Face mask is for those who are looking for a cooling mask. Which calms down the skin, after staying out in the heat.

Anatomicals Calming Algae

Price and quantity

125/- for 15 ml.

My Experience with Anatomicals Calming Algae Face mask


Comes in a sealed plastic colorful, vibrant Henna green packaging. With “Anatomicals I feel the need, the need for seaweed Calming Algae Face Mask” printed on it. Once you have a look at the product, you get those beachy, #sea-calling #Aqua kind of vibes from it.


Has floral, refreshing fragrance. Smells like Cinthol blue soap to me. I like it, and most would do. Especially, in summers.

Color and texture

Light blue, a creamy mask which spreads easily. And is drying as compared to the charcoal variant that I tried.

My experience

So I purchased all the variants of this range. Because I have heard good stuff about the brand and my previous experience with it has been fairly decent. But this mask was just like painting a big hole in my pocket. It’s absolutely non-effective. In the name of Calming, this gives mild cooling and tingling sensation for just 5 minutes after applying. That’s it! Well, other masks do the same. Rubbing and ice-cube would be more Calming than this one. Also when you apply the product with fingers, it discolors and dries it. And leaves blue pigments which don’t go off easily. This experience left me shocked. I gave a second thought in letting the product stay on my face for 10 minutes. But thankfully there was no discoloration on the face. It didn’t break out my skin or caused any sort of allergy. But did no good either. My skin just felt the same as before.

Overall experience with Anatomicals Calming Algae Face mask

What did I like about the product?
  1. Smells refreshing
What I didn't like in the product?
  1. No such Calming effect
  2. Discoloration issue on palm
  3. Does no good to your skin
  4. Not value for money
  5. Hyped product
  6. Dries out skin

Rating: 1/5

Will, I recommend/repurchase?

No, never! Completely skip this mask. I insist.

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