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Anatomicals Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Who is it for? Anatomicals Purifying Charcoal Face Mask is for those who are looking for one-time use, non-drying, purifying face mask.

Anatomicals Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

Quantity and Price

15ml for 125/-

My Experience with Anatomicals Purifying Charcoal Face Mask


It comes in a bright sky blue packaging which easily slips into your purse. What I really like about the Anatomicals packaging, is the product speaks for itself in a loud and funky way. This particular one says – “Anatomicals no breakouts. It’s Alcatraz for spots, purifying charcoal face mask” ain’t it cool?


It has a refreshing lemon fragrance which doesn’t feel very natural. It’s more of a chemical based citric fragrance. Which doesn’t lasts long after removing the pack?

Texture and color

Ash grey color and muddy, clayey texture promise you, that your pores will get cleansed. Considering the content of charcoal and volcanic mud, it’s not drying at all.

My experience

So, this pack is good enough for twice application. Though it is touted as a one-time pack. But I used it twice on my entire face. After the first use, I sealed the pack and kept it in the fridge. And used it the very next day.

Now, I have combination skin with prominent open pores around the nose. After cleaning the face and scrubbing it off with a mild scrub, I applied this face mask. Initially, it felt cool and tingling in certain areas. I kept this face pack until it completely dried. Though by standard norms you can keep it for 10-15 minutes.

Also, I had a few breakouts on my skin which subsided just after the first application. My pores felt super clean and gunk free. My skin felt light, matte and soft. Yet, non-drying. You won’t instantly feel the need to apply moisturizer. I skipped moisturizing my skin that day, in order to see if it gets flaky or not. But nothing of that sort happened.

Overall performance of Anatomicals Purifying Charcoal Face Mask

What did I like about the product?
  1. Non-drying formula
  2. Contains volcanic mud and charcoal
  3. Cleanses face
  4. Makes pore gunk and oil free
  5. Subsidies small zits
  6. Closes, open pores
  7. Feels refreshing
What I didn't like about the product?
  1. One time mask.

Rating: 4/5

Will, I recommend/repurchase?

I really loved the mask and complete experience. Though, the price you pay just for using it once or twice pinches. Not really re-purchasing it. If you want to buy this mask, then it won’t disappoint you. Rather, you would want more of it. But won’t have it. So thumbs up if you are on a high budget.

The Best Place to Buy this?

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Ab Workouts for Women v 1

So we all have abs just for some of us they are layered under those cushions of fats. ? Shed those flabs and get a toned flat tummy, of course, its not gonna happen overnight you will have to be dedicated be ready to sweat it out, ladies.  most of us believe that for burning out tummy fat you will have to do innumerable reps of crunches. Well just to clear the air there is no spot reduction concept. If your overall body fat percentage goes down, your tummy fat will also shed, hence the ABS ♥️ Here is your dream come true- Best ab workouts for women these belly fat exercises will wow you!So, here I am listing down some easy peezy exercises to lose belly fat which will help in toning up your tummy.

(No crunches included I promise).


Ab Workouts for Women 2

planks engage your core muscles even though you are not moving or lifting weights, basically, it squeezes your tummy to keep you elevated off the floor.

How to hold plank position?

Get into a push-up position, now get down on your elbows, keep them at shoulder distance in 90 °, your back and head should be aligned, do not bend upwards or downwards. Keep your core tight and engaged.

Try doing it for 30 secs in 4 reps as a beginner, slowly try increasing your timing.

Russian V SIT

Ab Workouts for Women v 1

Lay down in sleeping position, now elevate your upper body and legs to create V, Keep your chest open, and cores tight, place your arms by sides.

Hold this position for 30 seconds, 4 sets are good for a beginner.

Seated Russian twist

Russian V sit engages your spine, and side muscles this helps you get rid of side handles.

How to do Russian twist?

Sit down, now put your legs forward and bend upwards making a 45 °.

Keep your shoulders straight now hold some weight in your hands and lean side to side. Increase your weights as you progress. Do 20 reps at least 4-5 times a week.

Plank hip dips

Ab Workouts for Women 5

Image Credit : Sassy Fit Girl

Get into the plank position, now bend down your hips on the right side without touching the ground, now get back to center, and lean towards the left side.

Now there are three keys involved.

Keep your core engaged and tight. Your movements should come from your lower ribs. keep exhaling to strengthen your back and lower abs.


Ab Workouts for Women

Image Credit : Gym Guider

Now hearing of this word what strikes you, car wipers? Oh yes, that’s how we will wipe off the fats.


Lay back in the sleeping position, bend your knees to 90° inhale and slowly bend towards the right side, now exhale towards getting back to center, Now bend towards left inhaling, get back towards center exhaling.

Keep your arms straight on the sides. Both sides count 1 rep, you have to do 4 sets of 10 – 15 reps.

Circles in the sky

This engages your core, inner thighs, outer hips, and butt. place your hands behind your head and Lie on your back.

Lift your upper body 2-3 inches off the ground.

Raise your right leg 5 inches (or keep it on the ground if you are a beginner) Now lift your left leg straight up toward the sky. Make 4 small circles clockwise and anti-clockwise with your left leg Now, Lower both legs, and switch sides, repeat it with your right leg.

Now the key here is to Keep your core engaged and hips stable.

Body weight squat

Ab Workouts for Women 4

In the standing position keep your feet hip-width apart. Now bend your hip such that it forms 90° with your knees, and place your hands crossed over your chest. Now Squat down, pressing your body weight into your feet. Make sure your feet are pointing straight ahead and knees aligned with your toes; keep your bum and waist tucked. Now Return to a standing position. Inhale while bending down and exhale through your mouth while getting up.

As a beginner  Do 4 sets of 10 reps.


Ab Workouts for Women 3

Image Credit : Popsugar

Lie on the floor, and raise your upper legs until they make 90° with the floor. Bend your knees toward the ground as low as you can without touching the ground and again get back to a straight position.

Now here the key is

Keep your lower back pressed towards the floor.

Pro Tips

  • Always indulge in cardio for at least 30 minutes
  • Prepare fat-cutter coffee and have it on empty stomach. For this prepare simple black coffee by adding hot water to coffee. Now add ½ tablespoon cold pressed coconut oil. And your fat-cutter coffee is ready. Tada.
  • Keep your carbs low.
  • Indulge in 6 small meal plans (3 meals and 3 snacks).
  • Your breakfast should be the heaviest to pull off  energy for the entire day and your dinner should  be the lightest of all the meals to indulge in (soups, unsweetened milk, lentils)
  • Have green tea at least twice a day with your meal, it boosts your metabolism.
  • And most important keep your body posture straight, hinging is not allowed, ladies.

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What are the Under Eye Wrinkles Home Remedies ?

What are the Under Eye Wrinkles Home Remedies? Under-eye has the thinnest skin. It shows signs of aging 6-10 earlier than the rest of the face. And the worst part is, there is no specific age limit for it. You might be in your mid-20s and still have fine lines and wrinkles.

So it’s better to take care of our skin and habits on an everyday basis than dread them later. Don’t worry we have got you covered, here are some easy home remedies that will help you get rid of under-eye dark circles and wrinkles.

 Under Eye Wrinkles Home Remedies

Cucumbers for the rescue!

Cucumbers have lightning and astringent properties. So they help in lightening the dark circles and de-puff the under-eye area.

How to apply?
  1. Apply cold juice of cucumber or cucumber slices on your under-eye, keep it for 20 mins, and wash off with cold water.
  2. Repeat this process every day.

Lemon, Rosewater solution

Lemon has vitamin C and bleaching properties. Rosewater is a natural toner with skin-lightening and Soothing properties.

How to apply?
  1. In a tablespoon of rose water, mix 5-6 drops of lemon and apply all over your eyelids and under the eye.
  2. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Wash it off with cold water.

Rosewater pads

Rosewater relaxes eyes and makes it look refreshing, it also de-puffs the under-eye area and mildly moisturizes it.

How to apply?

Soak two cotton pads in Rosewater and place them on your eyes, making sure you cover the entire area. And now relax for 20 minutes.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. It makes the under-eye area firm, supple and soft.

Apply a generous amount of aloe vera gel on the under eye area AM, PM (don’t rub your skin, gently dab, and apply).

Vitamin E tablets

Vitamin E helps fight against free radicals which cause wrinkles and fine lines. It seeps deep into the skin and nourishes it. It has skin-repairing properties and so it heals dry damaged skin.

How to apply?
  1. Take 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil. Warm it in between your index fingers.
  2. Now dab and gently apply on the under-eye area (do not rub, pull the under-eye area ladies).
  3. Follow this every night.

Castor oil

This is one beauty oil that I personally hail. It has emollient properties which make it soften the driest skin patches. In winter when absolutely everybody’s lotion gives up then this oil comes to the rescue. It quickly seeps into the skin and restores the moisture. If you are done with under-eye creams which make no change. Then start using castor oil. It surely won’t disappoint you.

How to apply?

Take 2-3 drops of vitamin E oil. Warm it in between your index fingers.

Now dab and gently apply on the under-eye area (make sure you don’t overdo the quantity otherwise it will be heavy and icky).

Here I am listing some do’s and don’ts for you:-

  1. Get proper sleep
  2. Keep yourself hydrated
  3. Indulge in a healthy diet
  4. Keep caffeine in taking on check
  5. Cold press and tea eye bags for de-puffing
  1. Don’t rub your undereye
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How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle?

How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle? There is a lot of misconception about the intake of protein. The most common one would be – gym freaks only need protein. That’s the lamest one I have heard yet.

  1. Your body needs protein even if you are not doing any physical activity. An average body burns 1300 cal every day.
  2. Even if you spend all day doing just the needful movement, still you would need – (.8-1) gms of protein/kg of your body weight.

How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle?

How much protein is needed to build muscle?

Now you can’t build muscles solely by consuming a certain amount of protein. You really need to get involved in physical activities and weight training to gain muscle. Proteins just repair your broken muscles and heal your body that gets broken in rigorous activity.

Here is a simple calculation of how much protein you should consume:-

If you are a beginner in weight training

Step 1 – You must first find out your ideal weight as per BMI, Let’s suppose your ideal weight is 50kgs.

Step 2 – Now convert your ideal body weight in lbs that is, POUNDS (1kg = 2.205 pounds).

Step 3 – 50 kgs is 110 lbs, Now you should ideally consume 110 grams of protein to gain muscles. 1lbs = 1 gram of protein

If you have trained for 4-6 months

then you can increase the ratio to 1lbs = 1.3 grams. Given, your level of training should also increase with time.

Now extremely active individuals

can go for 1lbs = (1.5-2)grams of proteins in a day.

Please Keep in Mind :

  1. Consuming 2 grams of proteins per lb is advisable only for individuals who have trained for 5-6 years.
  2. Also, do keep in mind that you do not consume more than 40 grams of protein in one sitting.
  3. Ideally, you should consume protein in the morning for breakfast, post works out, and before you sleep.
  4. When you consume protein in the morning breakfast it gives your muscles the fuel to pull for the day.
  5. Post-work consuming protein repairs broken muscles because of which you don’t lose muscle weight.
  6. During sleep, your body heals, and that is why you must consume protein before sleep.
  • The key to taking protein in a healthy way is to keep your body hydrated. Keep sipping water all day, your urine should be clear, and a little tinge of yellow is still fine. But not more than that, at least consume 4-5 litres of water;
  • Remember more protein doesn’t mean more muscles. You need to calculate the right amount as per the ratio advised;
  • If you don’t consume protein as per your training level and body weight then you will end up losing muscles which in the end will make you gain weight quickly or result in kidney stones;
  • On days when you are not training consume only a maintenance amount of protein;

Listen to your body, your body speaks to you in a lot many ways before it actually collapses. Even after consuming the right amount of protein you feel a bit uneasy, then you must see a doctor.

What are Simple Home Remedies for Anxiety ?

What are some Easy Homemade Scrubs for Face ?

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Nykaa Mischievous Plum Lipstick

Who is it for? Nykaa Mischievous Plum Lipstick is for those who are looking for a rich Plum shade which gives a creamy matte finish.



Sensitivity Alert?


How To Use?
  1. Swipe from one end of the lips to others,
  2. Repeat the same step on the lower lips.
  3. Blot with a tissue paper.

Nykaa Mischievous Plum Lipstick

My experience with Nykaa Mischievous Plum Lipstick


Comes in black sturdy packaging. It has a magnetic shut mechanism, which makes it more travel-friendly and tad bit classy. The bullet gets completely in, so there’s no chance of product damage.


It’s a creamy matte finish lipstick which glides on smoothly. Its finish is light and velvety. It’s not sticky at all, unlike the Maybelline color sensational ones.


Has faint sweet fragrance. But it is artificial.

Ease of Application

Doesn’t take much effort. Just glide on. And line your lips with a brush.


Now if you are looking for creamy matte lipstick then this one is a good pick. Moreover, the shade Mischievous Plum is apt for all Indian skin tones. As a bonus, it is also enriched with vitamin E and gives a moist, nourished, plump effect on lips.

My Experience

So at first, I was a bit dicey about this shade if I will carry such bold shade well or not. But now I am glad I tried this out. This shade is not a day or daily wear shade. It’s extremely bold and attracts attention towards your lips. Also gives a luscious sexy finish. Even warm-toned beauties will love this shade for sure.

Vitamin E ensures your lips are soft and supple. It does add moisture to your lips. If you have a flaky lip then this won’t worsen your lip condition or enhance it. Even on bad days wear it without a second thought. But it budges and transfers a lot.

Overall Performance of Nykaa Mischievous Plum Lipstick

  1. Creamy formula
  2. Lightweight
  3. Glides smoothly
  4. Gives luscious looking lips
  5. Will go with all Indian skin tones
  6. Doesn’t accentuates fine lines
  7. Gives full pigments in one stroke
  1. Transfers and budges
Would I repurchase/recommend?

Yes to both. Now one shade which you must try from this range is Mischievous Plum. It’s worth ditching better formulas in the same price tag! If you get it on a discount then grab it.

Rating 4/5

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Everyuth Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal Scrub

Who is it for? Everyuth Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal Scrub is for those who are looking for a cream based, mild granulated scrub.

Price and quantity

INR 115/- for 50 gms

Everyuth Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal Scrub

My Experience with Everyuth Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal Scrub


It Comes in a glass tub with a metallic chocolate brown cap. The whole packaging has a chocolatey vibe. On opening its screw cap, there is a plastic lid. This jar will last you a month. I didn’t find any other variant of it. It’s quite travel-friendly. But I mostly prefer tube containers.


Once you open the plastic lid, you get a wooing aroma of chocolate. Even by keeping the product at distant, you can sniff the product. It’s neither too mild nor too strong. Doesn’t lingers for long, yet makes your scrubbing experience soothing.

Texture and color

Light Chocolate brow colored creamy scrub, is definitely worth the try. It’s thick and spreads easily on wet skin.

How to apply
  1. Apply this scrub on a wet  cleansed skin;
  2. Take a generous amount of scrub and spread it evenly all over the face;
  3. Let it stay for 10-15 minutes;
  4. Scrub in small circular motions for 2-3 minutes;
  5. Wash off and pat dry your skin.

Now I have recommended you to keep the product for 10-15 minutes specifically because anti-tan scrubs works better if you let it absorb in the skin for a while. Whole creamy paste does its work and finally, you scrub off the tan and dead cells. Well, that’s just a personal suggestion for my end. You can skip it too.

My experience

If you prefer densely packed and finely granulated scrub, then you might end up loving this product. It removes all the dead cells and you end up with fresh, soft and supple skin. This won’t remove tan in one go. But definitely will make a huge difference. I recommend you to use it twice or thrice a week in order to get better results. I won’t recommend you to use this product on your body. Go for a more stronger and gritty formula. And don’t step out in the sun without applying a sunscreen. Using anti tan products doesn’t give you the license to not use sunscreens. It doesn’t work those ways. This is an added stuff to your skincare regime.

Overall Performance of Everyuth Naturals Chocolate And Cherry Tan Removal Scrub

What did I like about the product?
  1. Effective in removing tan
  2. Removes dead cells
  3. Leaves skin soft, supple and moisturized
  4. Densely packed
  5. Mild granules
  6. The fragrance will make you crave chocolates
  7. Travel-friendly packaging
  8. Great value for money
  9. Doesn’t breaks out skin
  10. Goes for all skin types
  11. Has goodness of Almond, Mulberry, Cherry, Cocoa, Jojoba.
What I didn't like about the product?
  1. Tub packaging;
  2. Contains paraben.
Will I repurchase/recommend?

Yes, to both. Unless you are completely looking for a 100% natural product.

Rating: 5/5

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Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPFs 25

Who is it for? Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPF 25 is for all skin types who need sunscreen for body.

Price 245 for 250 ml

Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPFs 25

My Experience with Lotus Safe Sun Anti Tan Body Lotion SPF 25


It comes in an orange, sturdy plastic pump bottle, which is quite travel-friendly, as the pump locks perfectly, leaving no scope for any sort of leakage. All the necessary information regarding the product is mentioned in the bottle.


It has mild fresh aloe Vera sort of fragrance. This lingers around for 30 minutes after applying. I really love the smell; even if you are allergic to fragrances this won’t bug you.


It has got just the right sort of consistency, neither too thick nor too runny; a coin size amount is good enough for your hands.

My experience

So I am a huge digger for anti tan products, that’s how I got my hands on this product. This one comes with Aloe Vera extracts and is enriched with vitamin E which keeps the body hydrated for good 8 hours, without any greasy or oily finish, and seeps into skin super quickly, leaving even super dried, flaky hands soft and smooth. After application it leaves a whitish cast, so you really need to massage the product well so that it blends well. As a bonus, this has Spf 25 and pa +++ which is good enough for indoors, But when heading out to make sure you also have some physical barriers and reapply every 2-3 hours. Or else you definitely will get sunburns.

What did I like?
  1. Nongreasy texture
  2. Absorbs quickly
  3. Moisturises skin for 8 hours
  4. Makes skin soft and smooth
  5. Protects skin from UVA /UVB rays
  6. Travel-friendly packaging
  7. Great value for money
What didn't I like?
  1. Absolutely nothing.
Will I recommend this product?

I love this product, you won’t feel uneasy even in humid weather, most of the products having SPF content tend to make us sweat a lot, but that’s not the case with this one. By far it is the best body lotion for summers.

Product Purchased by Glossypolish
Follow us on Instagram: GLOSSYPOLISH1
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Aroma Magic Face Wash – Grapefruit : Best Face Wash for Oily Skin ? 1

I would be lying if I said, I get easily wooed by any face wash. And that makes me try variant products. And up till now, I have n’t found the go-to face wash that I can use on a daily basis. The one which works well in all the seasons. (no jokes ladies! It’s such a pain right?). It has been quite a while now using the aroma magic grapefruit face wash, and I am almost done with the product and that brings me to review it. Read on to if this Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash is the Best Face Wash for Oily Skin?

Aroma Magic Face Wash – Grapefruit : Best Face Wash for Oily Skin ?

Price 155 when I got it was 145

Quantity 100 ml

My experience with Aroma Magic Grapefruit Face Wash

Product packaging

It comes in a thick transparent plastic tube packaging with a flip cap, which shuts well. It contains every bit of essential information. From description to caution. Also, this is quite travel-friendly and secured, you can carry this easily in your handbags with fear of the product spilling out.


This has a mild citrus fragrance. More like of the vim soap liquid ?? ya that ’s the best way I can describe it. Jokes apart I quite like the fragrance it’s so refreshing. It stays on for few minutes after application and even if you are allergic to strong fragrances this wo n’t bug you.


Its a yellow gel based face wash with semi-thick consistency, this lathers up well. You need a tiny bit of amount to get all the dirt and makeup out. Yes, it takes away everything off your face.

My experience

I have been using this face wash for past 1 year but honestly not on a regular basis as I have combination skin and my skin doesn’t need such strong formula. But on days when I am out for the entire day and I have tons of Dirt build up on my face, I swear by this one, I got this face wash in summers and this definitely helps in getting off the tan and lightens skin tone, it feels extremely fresh and light on application, moreover this removes mascara like magic! Yes, I can definitely vouch for it. I see this face wash as bliss for those with oily skin. it stands by each of its claims, in lightening, tightening and brightening skin with matt squeaky clean finish. For those with combination skin like me use this face wash once or twice a week and deep cleanse your skin, this helps in unclogging pores and treats an active pimple.

There are certain do’s and don’t s that I personally follow when working with this Face wash.


Tone your skin instantly after its use and finish with lightweight nourishing moisturizer. I personally use Nivea soft cream moisturizer.

Swear by this one when in need of deep cleansing


Do not use it every day as it can flake your skin

Don’t skip moisturizer even in summers, wash your face and apply moisturizer on the wet face (DON’T  PAT DRY). This ensures locking the moisture and water which keeps skin hydrated for longer duration also you wo n’t over moisturize.

Do n’t go over the board with the quantity or else you might end up having stretchy skin. You just need to double the pea size amount for entire face ( neck and ears included).

Aroma Magic Face Wash – Grapefruit : Best Face Wash for Oily Skin ? 1


  1. Deep cleanses skin
  2. Tightens pores
  3. Brightens and lightens skin tone
  4. Removes blemishes on constant use
  5. Removes makeup and dirt
  6. Little goes a long way
  7. Paraben-free
  8. Removes excess oil without stripping of skins natural oil
  9. Enriched with the goodness of orange peel, lemon, Aloe Vera, essential oil, glycerine, and grapefruit.
  10. Travel-friendly tube packaging, also 50 ml trail pack is available
  11. Great value for money
  12. Boon for Oily skin


  1. Well none for oily skin

Will I recommend or repurchase??

Definitely yes! Go get this one all those oily skin beauties this is the best thing for you. Those with dry skin no worries you can use the lavender variant. I use it in winters.

Rating 5/5

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Who is it for? LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown is for beginners who are looking for a pallete which has a mix shimmer, matte, dark, and light shades.



Sensitivity Alert?


How To Use?
  1. Apply the lighter shade with the help of a brush on all over the eyelids;
  2. Use a slightly dark shade to the added depth;
  3. Use a bright popping shade to highlight brow bone;
  4. Use a darker shade as a liner, for lower and upper eyelids.

LA Colors Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown

My experience with LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown


It comes in black colored pallete with transparent cover and has the day to night printed in large fonts. You can easily see the shades from the top. It’s neither too sturdy or flimsy. You can travel with it. It’s of a compact size.


It’s very powdery in texture and falls a lot while application. Pigmentation is not very impressive its averagely pigmented. Some shades are matte while others are glittery.


Has no fragrance at all.

Ease of Application

You need to buy a good pair of brushes. Because the dabbing brush is only show and no work. It’s extremely stiff and not fluffy or bendable at all. Plus is too small, so the grip is a concern.


Darker shades of this range deliver better pigments than lighter shades. And are less powdery as well. Whereas, lighter shades are too powdery and chalky.

My Experience

Now, this pallete is sort of a complete mini pallete. It has major nude and dark shades, I see it as a smokey eye creator pallete mainly.

Dark brown, Black, Grey shades on the sides have good pigments whereas, shades in the middle have average pigmentation. There’s one shade on the extreme right of the middle pallete. It’s a glittery shade which is a huge disappointment. It’s not even finely milled. A lot of shades like browns and greys are buildable. While applying it fell insanely. Stay of this eye shadow is very low. If you have oily eyelids then it might fade away in an hour or two. It’s not water resistant at all. Washes away easily, So don’t you dare to cry after wearing this eye shadow.

Overall performance of LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown

  1. Has 12 shades
  2. Dark shades have good pigmentation while some shades are buildable
  3. Compact packaging
  1. Falls off a lot while the application
  2. Not waterproof
  3. Accentuates dry patches
  4. Budges easily
  5. Fades away quick
Would I repurchase/recommend?

I got this on a discount, So it didn’t pinch much. But not really repurchasing or recommending it. In the local market, you get better non-branded products. I owe one such pallete. So not even recommending it to beginners.

Rating 3/5


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Nykaa Orange Vice So Matte Lipstick

Nykaa Orange Vice Review

by Prachi Singh

Who is it for? Nykaa Orange Vice So Matte Lipstick is for those who are looking for an Orange shade which is more on the red side. And is not bight popping Orange?



Sensitivity Alert?


How To Use?
  1. Glide on lips from one corner of lips to the other;
  2. Repeat the same on lower lips;
  3. Blot extra lipstick on a tissue paper to remove extra lipstick.

Nykaa Orange Vice So Matte Lipstick

My experience with Nykaa Orange Vice  So Matte Lipstick


It comes in Black bullet packaging with a magnetic shut cap. Its quite sturdy and looks classy, though you cannot locate the shade unless you store it in an upside-down manner.


Creamy matte lipstick with a slightly glossy finish. And glides on without tugging or pulling lips and delivers full pigments in just one swipe.


Has mild fruity fragrance.

Ease of Application

And there’s nothing better than bullet lipsticks. It’s so much easy to apply you can do it in seconds. Messy ones like me will love it.


Creamy matte lipsticks which deliver full pigments in just single stroke. It also moisturizes lips and has the goodness of vitamin E. Also, it delivers a soft matte finish and doesn’t look like you have painted your lips. Shade orange vice is more on the red side and will look stunning on both warm and cool skin tones. It’s not those orange which gives an effect as you have just sucked a candy.

My Experience

I love wearing such shades in summers. It just adds a freshness to your look. Just do little base, brows, glide on this shade and you are done! It didn’t accentuate my fine lines, and the pigments didn’t settle in it. It gave a natural looking creamy finish which I rave for. And as the law is, “you don’t get it all”. So smudging follows creamy formulas unless you spend an insane amount on lipsticks. So it does budge and transfers. But sustains meals and stays for approx 3 hours. And fades away leaving no pigments. Even while cleaning it with a makeup remover it gets off in single swipe.

Overall performance of Nykaa Orange Vice  So Matte Lipstick

  1. Vitamin E nourishes lips
  2. Gives a satin smooth finish
  3. Feels light on lips
  4. Doesn’t dries out lips
  5. Leaves no pigments after removing it
  6. Shade Orange vice will look good on wheatish skin tone as well
  1. Budges
  2. Stay is average
Would I repurchase/recommend?

You can give this range a skip unless you really love a shade. It is not a bad choice but you have better picks in other brands at this price tag.

Rating 4/5

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