LA Colors Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown Review

by Prachi Singh
3 minutes read

Who is it for? LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown is for beginners who are looking for a pallete which has a mix shimmer, matte, dark, and light shades.



Sensitivity Alert?


How To Use?
  1. Apply the lighter shade with the help of a brush on all over the eyelids;
  2. Use a slightly dark shade to the added depth;
  3. Use a bright popping shade to highlight brow bone;
  4. Use a darker shade as a liner, for lower and upper eyelids.

LA Colors Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown

My experience with LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown


It comes in black colored pallete with transparent cover and has the day to night printed in large fonts. You can easily see the shades from the top. It’s neither too sturdy or flimsy. You can travel with it. It’s of a compact size.


It’s very powdery in texture and falls a lot while application. Pigmentation is not very impressive its averagely pigmented. Some shades are matte while others are glittery.


Has no fragrance at all.

Ease of Application

You need to buy a good pair of brushes. Because the dabbing brush is only show and no work. It’s extremely stiff and not fluffy or bendable at all. Plus is too small, so the grip is a concern.


Darker shades of this range deliver better pigments than lighter shades. And are less powdery as well. Whereas, lighter shades are too powdery and chalky.

My Experience

Now, this pallete is sort of a complete mini pallete. It has major nude and dark shades, I see it as a smokey eye creator pallete mainly.

Dark brown, Black, Grey shades on the sides have good pigments whereas, shades in the middle have average pigmentation. There’s one shade on the extreme right of the middle pallete. It’s a glittery shade which is a huge disappointment. It’s not even finely milled. A lot of shades like browns and greys are buildable. While applying it fell insanely. Stay of this eye shadow is very low. If you have oily eyelids then it might fade away in an hour or two. It’s not water resistant at all. Washes away easily, So don’t you dare to cry after wearing this eye shadow.

Overall performance of LA Colors  Day To Night 12 Color Eyeshadow Sundown

  1. Has 12 shades
  2. Dark shades have good pigmentation while some shades are buildable
  3. Compact packaging
  1. Falls off a lot while the application
  2. Not waterproof
  3. Accentuates dry patches
  4. Budges easily
  5. Fades away quick
Would I repurchase/recommend?

I got this on a discount, So it didn’t pinch much. But not really repurchasing or recommending it. In the local market, you get better non-branded products. I owe one such pallete. So not even recommending it to beginners.

Rating 3/5


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