Who was Anne Frank ?

by Sone
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Who was Anne Frank? At the age of 13, Anne Frank -a Jewish girl; went into hiding from the Nazi Forces. She was staying in Holland at that time, and during World War II; when German Forces occupied Holland. Jews were in danger of being exterminated. She had an elder sister too. So when the sister got orders to report to a German Work camp-the entire family went into hiding with their friends. The place they hid was, as a small secret apartment or the ” Rear Annexe” behind her Father’s warehouse. During this time, some of their non-Jewish friends, like her father’s secretary, risked their lives to smuggle them food! It is during this period that she started writing her journal/diary. Here, she writes to her imaginary friend”Kitty”.

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She has shared her feelings, the fear, the thoughts, the philosophy…and even the teenage fights with her mother and arguments with her sister, crushes on boys etc. There is always hope and optimism in her writing. She wanted to become a journalist or an author one day. She even edited her diary, in course of time, so that it could be published. What is more hopeful as that! Her cherished dream did come true. Anne died of Typhus fever in the German concentration camp of-Bergen Belsen. She was only 15 . Her father, who was the lone survivor; made sure his daughter’s writings were published.

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Why is Anne Frank Famous ?

Heard of a book called – Diary of a Young Girl? Yes…Anne Frank’s diary, that’s what it is! Since it was published in 1947,2 years after her death; this book has been published in over 60 languages and has sold tens of millions of copies. This book has been turned over into Oscar-winning movies, and numerous plays. A young girls’ diary has gone on to become the most read holocaust literature. So much so, it is a course book in several schools.

So what is it that makes Anne so special?

It is her undeniable innocence, living the life she had…and her unending optimism. Despite being a victim to people’s cruelty and persecution…she hopes and hopes still.

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The times were different, those days were different ..events were not at all in their control. Still she – and many like her persevered. Yes, she died. She was a young girl who was a prisoner. Many of us, under much lesser circumstances just give up. 

Just as I am writing this article today, there may be many such Anne Franks, in difficult circumstances. Many people might be prisoners to their minds, thoughts, situations.

What is it, that a person should do at these times? Become cynical or fatalistic? Ignore the situation and accept “fate”? Lament over the past mistakes, the chances lost? Or take a call, decide your own fate.. and achieve your goal. Naturally, start first, with fixing yourself   🙂

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SP March 10, 2016 - 12:43 AM

Beautiful article Sone. Your words ring true at so many levels.
I had a chance to visit Anne Frank’s house and had goosebumps during the entire tour. It was a deeply humbling experience and made me thankful for all the little things in life we take for granted.

Sone March 10, 2016 - 1:49 PM

Thankuu SP 😀
You are so right !

Sonam Bhandari Thapar March 10, 2016 - 11:15 AM

Well written and full of positive vibes