Gujarati Ginger Mint Chai Recipe – You Will Always want to Drink This!

by Neha V
4 minutes read

Ginger Mint Chai Recipe: We Indians take our tea or chai very seriously. Now there is no single way of preparing this delicious beverage. Some like it super spiced masala tea, while others prefer the light version without any added condiments. Be what may the case, tea is quite universal in our country.

I know it is only spring-summer but here in Pune last week, we received a  few rain showers, thank  God! Recently a lovely Gujarati friend of mine offered me some mint infused ginger tea. That was my first time with a minty green leaf tea. We all have had ginger tea a dozen times no doubt,.But this mint and ginger combination was new to me. Initially, I was worried that the mint would be too overpowering but once you sip it, you sniff the mint and you get the punch of ginger in your throat, the feeling is amazing especially on a cloudy day.

Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 2

Here is my step by step guide to making this tea:

Step one:

Take equal part of milk and water for one cup of tea,  in your tea-brewing pan. My friend used more milk or full cream milk for richer tea, I was quite impressed.

Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 4

Step two:
Add 5-6 mint leaves for a single cup of tea. Let it come to a boil.
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 5Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 9
Step three:
Add your favorite tea leaves or powder, I am loving the new Tata tea fusion these days, use a single teaspoon for one person’s cup of tea. Let it get a nice orange color to the tea.
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 10
Step four:
Boil it for 2-3 minutes so the mint is nicely infused. Add one teaspoon sugar here, or adjust to taste.
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 11
Step five:
Add an inch of ginger by grating it on top of your boiling tea. Let it boil for another minute.
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 12
Step six:
Use your strainer and strain out the tea in a cup or mug,
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe
Enjoy!Psst..this tea is a great digestive and helps fight nausea too !!
Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 1
If you love your Indian chai and brew it in another special way, do let me know!

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Sone March 10, 2016 - 12:00 PM

Neha this sounds quite refreshing! 🙂