How To Apply Lipstick Perfectly

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How To Apply Lipstick Like a Pro : Liquid lipsticks are a comparatively new thing in the market to the traditional form of stick lip colors. Not all of us have been able to master the art of applying liquid lipsticks flawlessly till now. Although liquid lipsticks give a lasting finish, super matte texture, and great coverage, they can be quite unforgiving to someone who is not accustomed to it. Seeing the doe-foot built-in applicator in liquid lipstick tubes, we often think their application process might be similar to lip glosses. But, in reality, the situation is the exact opposite of what we have considered. Applying liquid lipstick can certainly be super easy to someone if she knows the correct steps of application. Even the pros tend to make mistakes when it comes to liquid lip colors. Here we will be focusing on 9 common liquid lipstick mistakes that a majority of liquid lippy users make. We will also tell you some secret tips on How To Apply Lipstick!

# You are not Priming Up Your Lips

Liquid lipstick has a different texture than regular lipstick. They are more densely pigmented quick-drying formulations. Liquid lipsticks can exaggerate the fine lines of the lips or settle into creases. To prevent these and to get even finished lip priming is an absolute necessity. It is a good practice to apply a thick coat of any nourishing lip moisturizer few hours before applying the liquid lipstick. Then just before application, you need to blot off the excess. This intensive lip treatment would plump up the lips and you will get the best finish with your liquid lipstick.

How To Apply Lipstick

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# You are Applying Liquid Lipstick on Rough Lips

Our lips have a different texture than our skin. Lips do get dry and flaky quite easily. If you are putting your liquid lippy on that dead cell filled roughened lips then the even finish is not likely to be achieved. The smooth surface of lips help the liquid lipstick to distribute properly and the result will be stunning lips!

# You are not Considering Your Natural Lip Colour Before Buying a Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipstick formulas are made to provide full color in a single coat. But, very few of us have been able to come out of the regular lipstick trick of putting multiple coats to get opacity and increased coverage. We Indians have naturally pigmented lips. It is best to choose liquid lip shades considering the natural tint of our lips. Lip shades lighter than 1-2 tones of our natural lip color have a tendency to look streaky and ashy. So, think well before buying a new liquid lippy ext time!

# You are Making Your Lip Base Greasy

The long-staying composition of liquid matte lip colors can be drying on our lips. It is a good habit to apply liquid lippy on a moisturized base. But, never forget to remove the excess moisture from your lips before putting your lipstick otherwise your lipstick would not set properly and give you an uncomfortable greasy and streaky finish.

How To Apply Lipstick 2

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# You are Retouching Too Much

Liquid lipsticks often get removed from the center parts of your lips after 4-5 hours or heavy meals. But unlike regular lip colors, they are not meant to be applied in multiple coats. Naturally, it becomes quite likely for your liquid lippy to get all crumbly and messy if you try to retouch it. It is okay to do 1-2 careful retouches. If you want a full reapplication you must start fresh by removing the previous coat and starting afresh.

How To Apply Lipstick 4

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# You are not Getting Used to with Lip Liners

The quick dry formula of liquid lipsticks makes the product set on the lips in seconds. It is almost impossible to trace the boundaries of the lips in so short an interval. It is best to take the help of a similarly toned lip liner to single out the area within which your liquid lipstick must stay.

How To Apply Lipstick 3

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# You are Trying to Give Shiny Finish to Your Matte Liquid Lipstick

One thing you need to understand; liquid lipsticks are the times you want absolute matte lips and the creamy lipsticks and lip glosses are of a shiny finish. The formula of stick form lippies have oil base so it permits the use of glosses on top but liquid lipsticks have a completely different formulation. They would get melted and messy if you try to glorify their finish by putting some gloss of lip balm on top. So, stop doing that from this moment on!

# You can’t Overcome the Urge to Purse Your Lips

Pursing of lips to spread the lip color is a trick that works for regular cream or oil base lipsticks and glosses but this is certainly a strict no-no for liquid lippies. Pursing of lips with half-settled on completely dry liquid lipstick might give you an uneven finish. To avoid this streakiness apply your lippy to both your upper and lower lip individually.

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# You are Trying to Mix Different Liquid Lipsticks on Your Lips

Sometimes we buy lip colors that do not look that flattering on our lips. We make the best of it by mixing it with some other color to change its tone. For a regular lippy you have the option to mix as many colors as you wish directly on your lips but in case of liquid lip colors color mixing on lips is not even an option. Whenever you put a new layer of some other color, you are thickening up the lipstick. More than one coat of liquid lippy gives dry and crumbly color on the lips and certainly uneven finish. So, stop right now!

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