Aroma Magic Castor Oil Review

by Rashi Gupta
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Aroma Magic Castor Oil is for those looking for drugstore castor oil that is cosmetic grade.It is for the people suffering from hair fall, and dry skin problems.

Aroma Magic Castor Oil Review


Rs 100

Sensitive skin alert?

People with nut allergies should not apply or use.

How to use?

Mix the castor oil with your regular hair oil and massage gently on your scalp. Can also be used on the face by mixing it with facial oil, apply on lips over a lip balm to retain moisture for a long time, apply on eyelashes and eyebrows to make them thicker.

My Experience With Aroma Magic Castor Oil

I was suffering from dull looking hair and hair fall and also my hair is very thin, so I needed an oil to make my hair look more voluminous, plus the beautician removed a lot of hair from my left eyebrow which was bothering me a lot.

Aroma Magic Castor Oil Review 4

So I started applying my it on my hair by mixing it with my nihar naturals coconut oil as the castor oil is very thick. I applied it twice a week for about two months. It has really controlled my hair fall and my hair looks voluminous. I apply it on my eyebrows and eyelashes before going to sleep with the help of an earbud, it has helped my eyebrows grow faster and my eyelashes look healthier than before.

  1. Reduces hair fall
  2. Makes hair look voluminous
  3. Helps in the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows
  4. Heals dry skin and chapped skin
  5. Does not have a bad smell
  6. Not expensive
  1. I could not find anything negative about it 🙂
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes. In fact, I have already repurchased it. And I highly recommend it. It’s a blessing in the form of oil.

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