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7 DIY Skin Lightening Face Masks 6

These Masks Will LIGHTEN Skin Tone

by Tanu Shree

These Masks Will LIGHTEN Skin Tone: Summers are upon us. And all us hard working ladies tend to get tanned despite our best efforts to protect ourselves from the sun. Got the best, highest SPF sunscreen on, covered ourselves well, didn’t overstay in the sun too – and still returned home with dull, burned skin.

7 DIY Skin Lightening Face Masks 6

Now, don’t get me wrong, the tanned look is one to rock. But if you happen to not like your skin like that and wish to lighten it, here are some easy DIY  Skin Lightening Face Masks with minimal ingredients which are sure to get you there.

Lemon Sandalwood Mask

1 tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp tomato juice, 1 tsp sandalwood powder. Apply and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off.

Lemon is the absolute magic ingredient and works for literally everything. I’m yet to find the body problem which can’t be solved with lemon. And the best part is – it gives instant results.

So in this mixture, lemon is the active ingredient. Tomato juice, while is amazing for our skin, takes a lot longer to make a difference when used alone. So here it acts as a cooling agent to the acidic lemon along with its own goodness. And sandalwood obviously is a known skin wonder. Make sure to get 100% pure sandalwood.

Honey Yogurt Mask

1 and 1/2 tsp honey, 1 tsp yogurt. Mix well, form a paste. Apply and let it rest for 15 minutes and wash.

Honey is such a rich ingredient and is already used in a ton of other beauty recipes. It will lighten the skin as its antibacterial properties clear the skin of all impurities while healing it and retaining its moisture. Also, it cures acne amazingly well. So that’s an added advantage right there.

Yogurt balances out the hot efficacy of honey. But be careful as it is a pretty sticky mixture and is sure to stain clothes.

Turmeric Milk Mask

1/2 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp milk. Mix, apply and leave it overnight.

Turmeric has been our skin lightening secret since the ancient times. Even today, it is our grandmas first choice in such prospects.

So just mix some turmeric with milk and let it work its way to enhancing your skin. Make sure to put an old towel/cloth underneath you while sleeping, otherwise it will stain your clothes. And it stains pretty bad.

Very important to not use soap the morning after. Because the chemicals present in the soaps react with the turmeric and darken the skin there. Use besan to wash off excess turmeric.

Mint Mask

10 – 15 mint leaves, rose water. Beat/Mash mint leaves and forms a paste by adding a few drops of rose water. You can use normal water in lieu of rose water. Apply and wash after it dries off.

Herbs can only do good to our skin. Mint leaves not only heal your skin and rid it of the tan, it also leaves you feeling the most refreshed. Do this routine in the mornings to feel energized for the rest of the day.

Potato Mask

1 potato, 1/2 tsp honey. Mash the potato and add honey. Apply and wash off after 15 minutes. (Great for dry skin)

Potato is known for its bleaching properties, akin to lemon. It works efficiently to lighten dark spots and making the skin fairer.

Even though a full-fledged mask with the goodness of other ingredients works best. But if you are running short on time, you can just rub a slice of potato on your face and let its juice dry and wash it. This method may be a bit slower, but it still works.

Banana Mask

1/2 banana, 1 tsp honey, 2 tsp milk cream. Mash the banana, add honey and milk cream. Apply and clean it with a cloth after 15 minutes then wash with water.

Banana and milk cream both are very beneficial for lightening skin. And honey will bind the mixture together. Be careful about the heaviness of this particular face mask and make sure you don’t stain your clothes.

Fuller's Earth Mask

1 tsp fuller’s earth, 1/2 tsp olive oil, rose water. Make a paste and apply. Leave for 20 minutes and wash. Use nonmetal bowl and spoon and avoid the eye area completely.

Fuller’s Earth, also called Multani Mitti, has always been a staple in our beauty recipes. It is natural and organic and has genuine bleaching properties. Not just fair skin, it will give you glowing skin. Olive oil helps in both skin lightening as well as removing dark spots.

All these recipes can be applied to all your body – whichever your affected area is, even underarms.Use them 3-4 times a week for best results.

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Add These 2 Things to Your Coffee and Literally Watch Stomach Fat Disappear 3

Use This and Your Stomach Fat Can Disappear !

by Tanu Shree

Add These 2 Things to Your Coffee and Literally Watch Stomach Fat Disappear

Use This and Your Stomach Fat Can Disappear :Most of us are in the routine of starting the day with a cup of hot brewed coffee. It kicks starts our system, waking us up by infusing energy into us. Which is all great and nice. But if you add two little things into it, the same coffee becomes a fat burner which will make that stomach fat disappear. Just like that.

Adding Coconut Oil and Cinnamon to your coffee makes it a magic potion that burns belly fat. Both are natural and very easily available ingredients that must be lying around in your kitchen unused. Get them to work!


If we talk about coffee alone, there is a reason people start their day with it. Not only does it energize you, it has a myriad of other health benefits – helping in the prevention of cancer and heart diseases – to name a few big ones. So coffee alone is doing you wonders as it is if you are in the habit of it. And if you are not, now is as good a time as any to start.

But what makes a difference are these two ingredients we are going to add.

Coconut Oil

I’ve been using Coconut oil solely on my hair way too much that I forgot it is edible too. And its benefits are no secrets. It purifies our skin and body inside out – in the true sense of the word. It just helps that it can also work as a fat burner.

Now, it’s oil, it’s fat – no two way around it. But it’s the good kind of fat, the kind that the body needs. It reduces the fat in our body without reducing the calories – if that makes sense! So as a result, we have more kinetic energy and it directly affects the metabolism.

And if there is one thing you need to know about weight loss, it’s that it starts with good metabolism.


Cinnamon functions in this much like how Green Tea does in general. It is loaded with antioxidants which provide coolness, reducing the inflammation in our body inside and out. This brings a much-needed relaxation to our muscles and organs which help them function smoothly. Besides, it helps us feel full for longer periods of time – aiding greatly in weight loss.

This again has a positive effect on metabolism. This way, both the ingredients work from two separate directions on improving the metabolism while providing other benefits as well. This is how you burn fat.

How To

Add 1 tsp of Coconut Oil and a pinch of Cinnamon Powder to your daily coffee and you are done. While working on the stubborn belly fat, it also enhances the taste of the coffee, lending it a unique flavor.

Many people like adding honey and/or gelatin to their coffees in addition to these two ingredients. But they are completely optional and depend on your taste and preferences.

Like I said, you can always start with this routine now if you haven’t been doing it already. And the fact that you can lose weight with coffee should only prove to be motivation enough to get you to start with it.

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Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You

Why Cold Pressed Juice is Great For You !

by Tanu Shree

Cold Pressed Juice: We all love fruit juices, right? Juices that give us the goodness of the wonderful fruits without the hard work of peeling and extracting. Yeah, who doesn’t love that!But what we don’t really look into is the fact that when we purchase a normal juice from the store, it is infused with added ingredients, and the process of creating it is not all that ‘pure’, so to speak. And that pretty much diminishes the point of spending money to get the goodness of fruits without the hassle.

Enter Cold Pressed Juice – Same Fruit Juice, but pure juice, no pulp, extracted uncontaminated, without losing nutrients and no added ingredients. If this sounds fake to you, no it’s not. There are juices like that available. It’s just that we are a bit ignorant to look out for such details while purchasing them.

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 4

Cold Pressed Juices are the ones that are extracted from the fruits and vegetables by exposing them to an extreme pressure between two blades, called the hydraulic press process. This process retains all the nutrients, which are otherwise lost in other techniques like the centrifugal. Granted, it’s pricey in comparison. But we are spending money on not so good juices anyway, why not spend a little more and treat ourselves with unaltered goodness.

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 5

Image Credit : Whalebone Magazine

Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

If you need an extra push, you should know that cold pressed juices offer some amazing health benefits, better than what a normal juice would.

For starters, it helps our digestive system recuperate better since it is pulpless. This means better metabolism, which means a step towards weight loss. If incorporated into daily life, these juices not only cleanse but also repair us from the inside. Many people adhere to juice detox regularly to cleanse themselves.

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 3

Image Credit : Food Matters

This leads to long-term skin nourishment from the inside. Rejuvenated, fresh and glowing skin which feels hydrated – are some of the beauty benefits cold pressed juices offer. You can say that is what you drink the normal juices for, but the process of creation and a number of nutrients you eventually get to consume make a world of difference.

And it’s not that the only way to treat yourself to some cold pressed juice is by buying it from the market. You can definitely make some at home. There are cold pressed juicers available to purchase, which are different from the centrifugal ones.

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 6

Image Credit : Huffington Post

Yes, cold press juicers cost more than a regular one. But while a centrifugal juicer makes juice with a sped up, heated and oxidized process, which not only kills a good amount of nutrients that you should be consuming, it also contaminates the original content by oxidizing it. Cold pressed juice, on the other hand, works slowly, silently and extracts more juice without the pulp, without contaminating or losing anything the original fruit offers. So I say that is actually a profitable bargain.

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 2

Image Credit : 3 Benefits of

Why Cold Pressed Juices are Great For You 7

Image Credit : Ksenia Pro Photography

This technique of juicing has been around for a long time but has only gained prominence recently. I see this as nothing but positive, that people are getting health conscious, and are looking into what they are consuming, and not just taking in everything with blind trust or ignorance. If you feel motivated to look around for cold pressed juice the next time you are out shopping, you are already a step closer to a healthier you!

In the NEXT article I will be sharing some good, home delivery Cold Pressed Juice options, stay tuned ;)

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How to Get Long Hair Naturally

How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally ?

by Tanu Shree

I feel lucky to have had long wavy hair ever since I was little. I love them, I care for them. But I never had to struggle to grow them as I see so many other girls do.Since they always have been long, I thought this was something pretty easy. You want longer hair, don’t cut them – simple. As I saw people having difficulties in growing hair more often than not, I realized it wasn’t all that simple.You need to take extensive care of regular routines to see a real difference. But it doesn’t have to be tedious if you chose the right things for you. And leave it our grannies to come up with the best home remedies for stuff like this- How to Get Thicker Hair Naturally? Umm, actually this might also be the answer to how to grow long hair!

  1. Flip hair upside down

No seriously, it works. It does sound made up and too crazy to work. But this is one hassle-free remedy that the people not interested in making potions day in day out can give a go. Nothing to lose.

How to Get Long Hair Naturally 1


Just flip your hair upside down for 3-4 minutes every day. Now, it won’t be as quick. But it works as the gravity pulls your hair down and you shall see a difference.

I personally suggest don’t just rely on this one trick and better pair it with some other remedies you decide for yourself. So that you are satisfied that you are working on something concrete.

  1. Aloe Vera
How to Get Long Hair Naturally

IC: OLwomen

Apart from the wonders, it does your skin, it also offers amazing benefits to your hair.One way is to apply Aloe Vera gel in its pure/basic form to your scalp like you would oil, before hair wash and let it sit for 15 minutes and then wash with your regular shampoo.You can do it for overnight if your hair is really damaged or such. And you can even make your own Aloe Vera shampoos, conditioners if you will.

  1. Egg
How to Get Long Hair Naturally 3

IC: OLWomen

Use this egg mask once a week to grow longer hair.

2 eggs, 1 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp castor oil, 1 tsp honey. Put all ingredients in a bowl, whip them all together. Apply to scalp, hair, tips generously. Tie your hair up in a bun. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash with a sulfate free shampoo.Use only egg yolk if your hair is dry. This quantity is enough for shoulder length hair. Increase the amount in the same ratio if needed.

The egg has always been popular in hair recipes and rightfully so. Many people even use it as a shampoo on regular basis. Castor oil is known for its hair care benefits. And so is olive oil. Honey is used mostly for its moisture. So you can decide for yourself if you want to add it or no.

  1. Amla
How to Get Long Hair Naturally 5

IC: OLwomen

Amla has some serious health benefits and consuming it in any way is going to do good to you. From weight loss to clear skin to healthy long? Hair – you name it.For longer hair, just mix lemon juice with amla juice (both 1 tsp), massage into scalp and rinse after 15 minutes. Do this once a week and you are sorted.

  1. Green tea
How to Get Long Hair Naturally 4

IC: Sei Mee Tea

Apart from reducing weight, it also helps in achieving longer hair, while curing other problems like dandruff. It stimulates the hair follicles and reduces hair fall, promoting hair growth in the process.All you have to do is use it like conditioner. Brew some Green tea, wash your hair like you would normally, and apply the green tea like conditioner. Let it stay for at least 10 minutes. Wash off. Do this 2-3 times a week.

These are all remedies which help in growing hair. But you should find out which suits you the best. Continue with it for at least 2 months and you are sure to see a difference.

And just because you are doing these remedies, does not mean you should neglect everything else. Cover your hair with a scarf when going out. Shampoo, condition, and oil them regularly. Avoid fancy stuff like coloring, highlights etc. And love your beautiful hair.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 5

Top Exercises to Tone Arms

by Tanu Shree

Top Exercises to Tone Arms: We’d be lying if we say we don’t want beautiful, slim and toned arms. Arms are such a neglected part of our body, yet out of shape or bulky arms make us feel uncomfortable about ourselves. Arms like Katrina Kaif are goals! And you’ll be surprised to know that guns like her totally achievable – with the help of some easy exercises. Arm workout can either be a part of your overall routine or if you need to work on them specifically, you can do them entirely as a standalone workout.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 2

Image Credit : Fronteye.blogspot

  1. Push ups

It’s a hard exercise only if you set unrealistic goals like 100 pushups in one go. And is the best workout in the world if you set easy and achievable goals like 20 pushups a day. Yes, this is all it takes. 20 pushups a day will give you amazing results.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 4

Image Credit: Bodyism

How to: Get in high plank position, palms on the ground and in line with shoulders, toes comfortably apart, back flat. Make sure your hips are not outwards – this is important. Now, slowly lower your body as much as you can. The idea is to touch your nose on the ground, but don’t worry – do as much as is comfortable, and strive to go deeper every time. Push back up. This completes one push up.

The main focus of this exercise is your abdomen and arms. If you place your hands wide apart, the better it is for the torso; and the closer to each other your palms are – it benefits the arms more. But both the extremes are pretty hard to do. So this is just an option. Standard pushups work fine and will give you killer arms nonetheless.


And no, you will not get bulky wrestler like arms with this – that is a misconception. Pushups result in toned, feminine arms.

  1. Triangular push ups

To make the hard closed palm pushups easy, you can do the triangular pushups, which are nothing but a watered down version of the former.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 3

Image Credit: Youtube Y

How to: Lay on the ground, legs apart for support. Now hold only your upper body up on your arms and bring your hand’s closer (join them). Lower your body – slowly or intensely however you like. Try to bring your chest close to your hands. Push back up.

To make this a complete arm focused exercise, the idea is to rest the lower body, so that it doesn’t unnecessarily use up the energy that it does in a standard push up. So now you can do work solely and freely with your arms while your legs rest. This works mostly on the triceps. Aim for at least 40 pushups a day.

  1. Lift weight

Now, this is if you have weights/dumbles lying around or you are willing to purchase a pair. You can completely skip this if you do not have and/or are not interested in buying them.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 6

Image Credit: Dailyexpress

How to: There are many ways to lift weights to tone your arms. One of the easy and simple ones is to simply hold the weights over your head and bring them down to your head in the way that your elbows align with your shoulders.

This amazing workout tones not only the biceps and triceps but also the shoulders. But be careful with the weights, do not try to hold weights that too heavy for you. 20 reps a day is good enough.

  1. Up down

Okay, this may look too easy and you might worry if it’ll do any good at all. But don’t, because it is a great workout to achieve those toned levers.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms

Image Credit: Stylecraze

How to: Simply hold yourself in the plank position, and bring one of your arms down by placing your elbow to the ground, while outstretching your hand forward. Then bring the other down the same way. Bring the first arm up to the starting position by pushing up. Do the same for the other arm.


Do this for at least a minute every day. You will feel the effect in your arms and also in the stomach if you’re doing it right. This is actually a pretty fun exercise and great for beginners.

These are some easy, yet effective exercises that are sure to kill all the flab and give you beautiful arms. You can either choose one and go with it or do a mix of all these. I personally suggest tweaking the time/reps on each and mixing it up, so that you are always surprising your body.

Top Exercises to Easily Tone Arms 1

The goal is to work out at least 5 continuous minutes a day solely on arms and do it 3 or 5 times a week, depending on the intensity of the workout and how much your body can take. Do not overdo it. Keep working out and enjoying yourself while doing it and you’ll get to flaunt those beautiful arms in no time at all.

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review

by Tanu Shree

What is it? Patanjali Body Ubtan is A beauty paste for the whole body (including face) that enhances the skin and can be used by everyone, men too.

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review


Rs. 60 (100 gm)



How to Use?

There are so many ways to use it. And you can use it any way you feel is right for you.

The packet says, make a paste with regular water and you are good to go. Because the magic ingredients are all already in it, and it really doesn’t need any external help. But if you have access to them, you should definitely mix with these things mentioned below then just water. It will be even more beneficial then!

– Mix with curd/yogurt in the composition of – 3:2. Means, if you take 3 tsp curd, then add 2 tsp ubtan. You can use the tangy curd too, which usually is of no use for eating purposes. Milk can also be used in lieu of curd.


– Olive/Coconut/any other oil

– Lemon

– Rose Water

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review 6

Apply this mixture to body/face. Either let it dry (10 mints) or rub it as a scrub. Wash off with water. Use this ubtan once/twice per week regularly to see the best results.

My Experience with Patanjali Body Ubtan

I too at first thought this thing would be totally useless. I purchased it only because of all the rave reviews it had been getting. And I ended up loving it. We all have our own wonderful recipes for ubtans, but they still need to be prepared. But this one has a ton more ingredients in it and is hassle-free to make. On top of that, it is completely natural. What is not to like in it?

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review 7


Although you need to give it at least 2-3 weeks to work its magic, you will see a noticeable difference right after the first use. And that is no easy feat.

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review 4


I felt my skin so unbelievably soft after the first use itself, I couldn’t stop touching my face. And I noticed that it has not stripped my skin off its moisture. Despite getting so thoroughly cleaned, it had retained its moisture. You might not even need to apply a moisturizer afterward.

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review 5


I admit, I didn’t feel the “instant glow or fairness” but I saw that my skin was very clean and clear and the beauty came from that. That is a glow in itself and I would prefer that over any temporary one any day. Regular use will result in a beautiful shine on your skin.

Patanjali Body Ubtan Review 3


This Body Ubtan is great for all skin types and I highly recommend it to all. Even if you’re personal recipe is a foolproof one and works wonders for you, just try this one out for once, maybe it will be a new/different experience that you end up liking.

  1. Thoroughly cleans skin
  2. Gentle Cleansing
  3. Instant results
  4. Glowing, shining, clear skin
  5. Hassle free
  6. Cheap
  1. Literally none
Glossy Polish Verdict


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Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash Review

Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash Review

by Tanu Shree

What is it and who is it for? Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash are a  great Herbal Face Wash for all ages and skin types.

Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash Review


Rs. 45 (60g)

How to Use?

Wet face. Take pea-sized amount in your hands and work up a lather. Apply on face, massage gently for about a minute. Wash off and feel awesome.

The lather, no matter how much you work on it, would not become foamy. So don’t bother like I did. It stays pretty “slimy”. But it cleans well, so we’re good.

My Experience with Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash

I was pretty skeptical about its performance because neither did it form foam nor did it feel like it was doing anything to my face. But after washing off, I felt this amazing freshness and coolness there. I touched my face and my fingers slid right off. I realized that that was the point of having a chemical free face wash – you don’t feel the harshness but do get the deep cleansing.

Its leaves the skin feeling soft and cool for a long time. But it does have a drawback – which isn’t even a fault on its part. It’s just that I’m a Lakme Strawberry Facewash fanatic and it has spoiled me for wanting a mild scrub in the Facewash itself. So while this Neem-Tulsi is great and cleanses really well, you will feel the need to scrub your face after 2-3 days.

I feel like that is just me wanting more out of it when it already is self-sufficient. But this is just how I feel. Most of us have our own scrubs completely different from the face washes and would not face such an issue at all.

Patanjali Neem and Tulsi Face Wash Review 4

  1. Very gentle on skin
  2. Cleans up deep and well
  3. Lovely fragrance
  4. Leaves skin soft and supple
  5. Cheap!
  1. No scrubbing ingredients
  2. Gets used up more than regular Facewash
Glossy Polish Verdict


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Nivea Essential Lip Care 1

Nivea Essential Lip Care Review

by Tanu Shree

Nivea Essential Lip Care  :I am not really a fan of Nivea as a brand. And Baby Lips is my absolute go to for lip care. I never think of any other product over it. But my mother got this lip balm for free as a sample and so it just came into my house. And now that it was here, I had to try it, with a view to make it an alternate when wanting colorless care for my lips.


Rs 100 (4.8gm)

Nivea Essential Lip Care 1

My Experience with Nivea Essential Lip Care

First of all, those are a lot of claims! And this lip balm does not stand on many of them.

Granted, it is super soft and makes the lips so much better in every way – softness, shine, and hydration and holds up well too. And I really liked it in the beginning.

I loved it all winters! But as soon as the first week of March hit, the lip balm actually literally melted. So I don’t know what else is left to talk abt. It’s not even summers yet, and the balm is useless. [You can see in the pic the crumbled, melted form the lip balm is in these days.]

Nivea Essential Lip Care 2

And then I realized that even in the winters, it got used up more than it should. Leaving a lot of excess on my lips. Which honestly doesn’t feel very good, because it feels heavy on lips.

I agree with the hydration and healing claim. It does work. I can’t really say for SPF 10, which frankly is a bit low SPF to begin with. And it will melt away as soon it is hot and humid anyway.

But the two claims it is completely wrong on are the “touch of color” and “mild fragrance”. There is no color at all. It is colorless, transparent! And there is absolutely no fragrance, let alone anything “mild”. And if there is, which you will have to bury your nose into the balm to feel, isn’t that good either.

Nivea Essential Lip Care 3

Overall performance 

It makes/keeps your lips soft and hydrated. But gets used up a lot. And crumbles to pieces as soon as it is not winters.

Yay or Nay?

Hell no. But, but I am still willing to give this a go in the tube form. It can’t get all melty there, I hope.

DIY Floral Waters 2

DIY Floral Waters

by Tanu Shree

Floral Waters are such a natural and a must have beauty regimen, yet most of us are not really into it. That’s because we all want to use those fragranced oils for our skin but they are mighty expensive. And also, they are heavily chemicalized.

You can debate all you want about those chemicals rendering longevity to them, but it feels odd that something called “floral waters” is not all natural, as it should be. More so, because making all natural floral water is actually really simple.

You can make floral waters with few easily available ingredients in a completely chemical free way and store them. Use them daily as a face toner, face spray and body spray to smell good and tone and heal your skin at the same time. Seems like a pretty fair deal.

  1. Rose water
DIY Floral Waters 3

Image Credit ; NDTV Food

1 cup Rose petals, 1/3 cup (approx.) distilled water.

Put the petal in a pan. Add distilled water, so much so that it just about covers the petals. Place the pan on low flame for 15 – 30 minutes, till the petals start losing their color. Once they do, turn off the flame and strain the water. Store in a container of choice.Distilled water is easily available in the market and you can also make some yourself with the condensation method if you don’t wish to purchase. Make sure the rose petals are fresh and clean (goes without saying) and wash them before use.We are pretty familiar with the skin benefits of rosewater. It is a wonderful toner and can be used as a perfume. There are plenty available in the market. Give this DIY a try and see the difference for yourself.

Oh, by the way, your entire house is going to smell like roses after the completion of this process. So there is yet another reason to go DIY!

  1. Lavender Water
DIY Floral Waters

Image Credit ; Care 2

1 cup dried Lavender. 4 cups boiled water. A bowl/container. Lavender Oil (optional)

Dry the lavender beforehand. Take a cup of dried lavender, put in the container. Add boiled water and fully drench/mix the lavender in the water. Add a few drops of Lavender oil. Let it cool for 4-5 hours. Then refrigerate it overnight. Strain it the next morning. Store in container.You do not need to be distilled water for this one. The lavender floats to the top when the water is added, that is fine, do not worry about it. Just make sure to mix it well. If your bowl is transparent, you will notice the change in the color, just how quickly it changes.Lavender’s has a very pleasant smell and not just face and body, you can use it as a hair spray if you wish.

  1. Orange Blossom Water
DIY Floral Waters 1

Image Credit ; Pinterest

5-10 orange blossoms. 1/4 Orange rind. 1 bowl warm (not hot) water.

Take some warm water in a bowl, add clean orange blossoms. Add some fresh orange rind. Cover the bowl. Let it rest. Refrigerate it for the night. Strain it the next morning. Transfer it to a container and store in the refrigerator. You can also freeze it in the form of ice cubes and use it.This one is the easiest to make. You really don’t have to do anything here. We don’t take hot water because we just want to extract the essence of the soft blossoms. And the acidic properties of the orange rind go well with its blossoms. The ice cube idea seems just about perfect for summers.

You will surely notice a difference on your skin in about 2 weeks of using these all natural Floral Waters. Make sure you prepare it in small quantities so that there is no issue of it going stale. And if the water seems pale/stagnant/different at any point, discard it and prepare fresh, as it is really easy to make – now you know.

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Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 9

Top 10 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India

by Tanu Shree

Cold Pressed Juice Brands: I recently wrote an article on why cold-pressed juices are beneficial to you. You can read the article HERE. If you are looking to get yourself some Cold Pressed juice but are lost on where to look for it, what brands are there and just what all they offer, this article is for you. Remember, this list is in no particular order :D

  1.  AntiDote

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India

One of the most popular providers of Cold Pressed Juice. You can find the shop if you live in Gurgaon or Delhi. But you can also order online or on phone and get a home delivery. They not only provide a wide range of fruit and vegetable juices but also specific programs of cleanses like focused on weight loss or strength providing, amongst others.

You can start by just a 1-day trial if you are a skeptic, and extend your subscription as much as you want – and get fresh, healthy juices of your choice at your doorstep every day.

  1.  Juicifix

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 5

Mumbai’s top selling Juice providers, whom you can order on Swiggy (food delivery app) too, apart from their own website. It’s that simple. And the range is pretty impressive too.

The Trial Pack consists of only two bottles of your choice, while the actual subscription can go up to 90 days. Their cleanse package may not be too varied, but it does include a special bridal cleanse – which is an amazing addition.

  1.  Pulp Pressery

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 7

With interesting superhero themed packages on offer, this Hyderabad joint offers food packages as well. Such packages include healthy food along with smoothies and cold-pressed juices.

They also have their Cleanses differentiated according to the use of fiber, which is great, alternative wise. But there aren’t subscriptions per se, only packages that you can order.

  1.  RAW Pressery

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 2

Immensely popular and with an impressive range of products, RAW Pressery comes with the option of a light cleanse too – for people like me. Though it costs the same as a deep cleanse. It also gives you complete freedom to choose the juices in your subscription. But it does not offer a trial.

It is currently present in 8 cities and also available on major online sellers.

  1. TBH To Be Healthy

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 10

True to their name, they provide unique options to cleanse your body apart from the regular 1-3 day packs. Lungs cleanse is an intriguing option for sure, but the most interesting one is the cleanse with friends – which not only includes your friends in your health pledge but also reduces the cost – economies of scale!

  1. JustPressed

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 6

This Delhi-based joint offers a fairly decent range of juices, while also offering other healthy substitutes such as tea and coffee. It offers the 1 and 3 days cleanse and also a hassle-free subscription delivered at your doorstep to keep you going.

  1. Juice Up

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 4

Juice Up provides free home delivery and is considerably low priced compared to others, and is primarily based in Delhi and NCR. They also offer the option to make your order as late as the day before while you are in the subscription.

  1. Salad Days

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 3

Known for their fabulous array of salads, they have a good selection of juices to choose from. However, they don’t offer a cleanse or detox as such.

  1. Zoe

Top 9 Cold Pressed Juice Brands in India 8

It is a world-famous brand and a very popular one too. But it is not entirely a juice seller – cold-pressed juices are a part of their large network. Though it offers great cleanses and juices, their subscription does not have a separate section for them.

10.  Raw Leaf

They have a goliath of a beauty cleanse and for routine cleanses their basic cleanse. This is generally recommended for a one day cleanse after partying, to get down the increased weight instantly. Can be done as a routine on Mondays after the weekend binge. This is probably one of the more affordable options!

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