Azafran Organics Aqua Milk Body Butter Review

by Navya Singh
3 minutes read

Who is this body butter for? Azafran Aqua Milk Body Butter is for those people who are looking for a very light body cream that keeps them hydrated and moisturized and yet does not make them sweaty.


Rs 400 for 100g

Rs 700 for 200g

Sensitive Skin Alert

This Body Butter has 80% organic ingredients which are sourced from organic farming and thus it is not harmful for any kind of skin. However, it is always recommended to not use it before consultation if you have any kind of skin allergy.

Azafran Organics Aqua Milk Body Butter

My Experience with Azafran Organics Aqua Milk Body Butter


The cream comes in a huge tube which is pale yellow in color without any secondary packaging. It has a brown flip cap. On the front is its name written along with its claim of being 80% organic and the USP. Whereas, on the back of it is all the information given about how it helps, its ingredients, how to store it along with other specifications of price, net content etc.


The consistency is not at all thick making it perfectly suitable for the summer season too. It is milk like white color liquid cream however when compared, the consistency is a bit thicker than milk. It is good enough to be applied to the skin and gets absorbed. It is not sticky and feels light on the skin.


It has a fragrance of Aloe Vera with a mild fragrance of milk.


This is not pigmented at all. It is meant for providing nourishment, moisture, and hydration to the skin.

Ease of Application

Gave good results when I applied it after bathing but otherwise, it can be applied any time.


The skin feels fresh and hydrated all day. Neither does it make the skin feel sticky or greasy yet moisturized. No cracks of dryness are visible. It is suitable for oily skin also. Once applied, it works throughout the day.

My Experience

I naturally have excessively dry skin and this body butter has done wonders to me. It has worked like magic or instant savior from embarrassment due to dry cracks on my skin. I have been using it from almost a year each day after I take a bath; I just damp dry my body with a towel and massage my body with the Skin Balancing Aloe Vera Body Butter for a minute. I am sorted for the whole day.

Another thing which I have noticed in my case is that it has provided my skin the nourishment it needs and now it is no more excessively dry. It has become soft and relatively lesser dry.

Overall Performance of Azafran Organics Aqua Milk Body Butter

  1. Travel-friendly packaging
  2. Good quantity
  3. Does provide moisture and hydration to the skin
  4. Feels light on the skin
  5. Organic ingredients provide nourishment
  6. Heals skin damage from heat
  7. Makes the skin feel soft
  8. Beautiful Fragrance
  1. Not very affordable for all.
  2. Does contain 20% chemicals and is not purely organic.


I would really like to recommend this body butter to all those who are looking for some light and organic body butter.

Rating: 4/5

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