Tocca Stella Perfume Review

by Sakshi Pandey
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Tocca Stella perfume is for the women who in need of a branded and best fragrance in the world which lasts almost for 48 hours. Women who are fond of international luxury perfumes and want to smell fresh like a garden 24×7.


This Cologne retails for INR 5263.51 for 50 ml / 1.7 oz

How to apply?

Just open the cap of the Cologne bottle, put your index finger on top of it shake and apply the Cologne on your pulse, back of your ear, neck and desired area. Then delve deep into it’s lingering fragrance.

Tocca Stella Review

My experience with Tocca Stella


The packaging of this product is extremely classy and luxurious. It comes in a spherical, sturdy glass bottle with horizontal ridges and on the center the brand tag and fragrance name is present. It has a screw on cap which is of golden/bronze colour which exaggerates the luxurious appeal.

Fragrance :

Stella by TOCCA is a fresh woody musk fragrance for women.

Top notes: blood orange, bitter orange, watery notes.

Middle notes freesia, lily and wild orchid.

Base note: sandalwood and musk.

 Staying power:

 This Cologne can be ranked best because of it’s staying power, it can last almost for more than a day, you can even smell it next morning after you wake up from the bed. “Tocca” in Italian means “touch” the brand quality does justice to it’s name as the fragrance touches your skin and stays there for a prolonged time.


I purchased this product from Amazon a few months back and since then it has been a staple for me in my daily hygiene routine. The fresh scent makes me feel fresh all day long and doesn’t even fade away after heavy perspiration. This Cologne is a tad bit on the expensive side yet it is worth a purchase. Ever since the use of this Cologne, about a dozen of people have complimented me for my fragrance and asked about it.

  1. Elegant and luxurious packaging.
  2. High end, international brand perfume.
  3. Long lasting fragrance.
  4. Absolutely worth the price.
  5. Can be easily carried in small purses.
  6. Doesn’t irritates sensitive skin.
  1. Might spill if not fastened the cap properly.
  2. Availability issues.

Would I recommend /repurchase?

This is highly recommended to all the ladies out there who are looking for a premium branded long lasting pleasant fragrance. I would absolutely purchase this Cologne you all must give it a  try.


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