Bath and Body Works Love and Sunshine Body Mist Review

by Shagun Sehgal
6 minutes read

Who is it for? The Bath and Body Works Love and Sunshine  Body Mist does absolute justice to its name. It is for anyone who prefers a light fragrance which is a perfect mix of sweet and citrusy notes.

Bath and Body Works Love and Sunshine Body Mist


595 Rupees for 88 ml

How to use

Spray liberally or over the pulse points

Any sensitivity alert?


My experience with The Bath and Body Works Love and Sunshine Body Mist


The packaging of the mist is the statement of Bath and Body Works packaging. The body mist comes in a sturdy round bottle with a plastic cap which secures the spray which gives a perfect spray of the mist. The small size makes the mist easy to travel even though it is available in a larger size.


The mist smells very fresh and summer- like. It is bound to make the wearer feel fresh and energized.


Keynotes: Sun-kissed Daisies, Sweet Lemon, Mara Strawberry, Golden Honeysuckle, Sunshine Musk

The fragrance is a blend of fresh and florally-sweet notes. The spray starts off like a slightly citrusy fragrance and transcends into a lighter with the sweeter notes coming up to form a perfect light and fresh fragrance.

Staying power

The staying power of the mist is 4 to 5 hours post which it starts fading away. A fresh spray is required after 6-7 hours.

What do I like about this?

1. The mist is light and ideal for people who do not like strong fragrances
2. A perfect mix of citrusy and sweet notes
3. The spray disperses the mist nicely
4. The packaging is travel-friendly
5. Nicely priced for the quality
6. Staying power is good for a body mist
7. Is available in two sizes- 88ml and 236ml
8. A good fit for daily usage

What don’t I like?

1. Only available in Bath and Bodyworks stores

Would I repurchase or recommend?

This body mist has become my go-to and I already have a back-up. This is a must-have for anyone who loves light citrusy yet florally scent.
Rating- 4/5

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