Which are the Best Green Tea Brands in India ?

by Sharayu K
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Best Green Tea Brands in India: Almost all of us, Indians are guilty of waking up to the traditional milky ‘Chai’ of ours. Many of us cannot function properly unless we get our piping hot ‘Chai’, but now with the fitness streak entering into the Indian market, a new variant of tea has stepped into our lives and that is the ‘Green Tea’. Well, green tea has many health benefits and therefore people are happily choosing it over the traditional ‘Chai’. It fights the signs of aging and wrinkles. It aids in weight loss, fights cancer, heart diseases, high bad cholesterol and keep many other health problems at a bay.

To introduce you to the world of ‘Green Teas’, here’s a list of the best green tea brands available in India.

Best Green Tea Brands in India

1) Organic India  

Price- 230 INR for 100 grams

This green tea brand has recently risen to great popularity in the Indian market. This company offers green tea bags as well as loose tea. It is available in multiple flavors like pomegranate, lemon-ginger, earl grey etc online as well as in stores. Also, all the flavors of this green tea come infused with Tulsi adding to its already existing delicious flavor.

2) Twinings Green Tea

Price- 800 INR for 200 grams

Twinings green tea brand has a rich history of over 300 years. This UK brand sells green tea bags as well as loose leaves in exotic flavors like jasmine, cranberry, pomegranate, mint, and ginger etc. This brand is easily available in India but the rates are on the steeper side.

3) Tetley Green Tea  

Price- 136 INR for 100 grams

It is the best affordable green tea brand available in India which can be easily procured from any retail shop. It comes in great combinations like Mint and Lemon, Citrus and Spice, Cinnamon and Honey and the Aloe Vera variant is considered to be extremely good for washing out the toxins of your body. Do give this brand a try.

4) Lipton Green Tea 

Price- 210 INR for 50 grams

Lipton, till now only used to produce traditional tea but they have recently ventured into the green tea market with their quite interesting flavors like Matcha Green Tea, Purple Acai Blueberry, Red Goji Raspberry etc. These flavors are so exotic that you need a special taste to enjoy Lipton Green Tea.

5) Himalaya Green Tea  

Price- 180 INR for 20 grams

Himalaya is a very well known brand in the Indian market for its beauty products and as a wellness brand. It also has a green tea product in its kitty. It comes in a pack containing ten green tea bags, and looking at the price tag, it does seem to be little expensive. It is a very strong tea and just one or two dips in hot water can get you a perfect cup of green tea. The only downside of this particular product is that it doesn’t come in a lot of flavors.

6) Taj Mahal Green Tea  

Price- 150 INR for 80 grams

Taj Mahal tea brand is very famous for its traditional teas. However, it has recently stepped up its green tea game by launching interesting flavors like Honey Lemon, Earl Grey, and Darjeeling. But the flavor range is restricted to these three flavors only. These two are little bland in taste and therefore the price tag doesn’t justify the product being offered by the company. However, it is great for people who do not like strong green tea.

7) The Good Life Company’s Green Tea

Price- 599 INR for 50 grams

The TGL Co. is a world-renowned company famous for its luxurious teas including the green tea which is a perfect blend of great flavors of high-quality tea leaves and other ingredients. The green tea of this brand comes in 12 variants; few of them are- Indian Detox, Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Tea, Chili Romance, sparkling strawberry etc. Though these green teas are of the greatest quality available in India, but still, these teas are very expensive- almost 600 Rs for just 50 grams of product. Until and unless you fancy an ultra luxurious tea, the rates are pretty exorbitant for a green tea.

These were few of the best green tea brands available in India providing the Indians with the healthy variant of tea. Find your favorite green tea flavor and jump onto the bandwagon instantly!

Happy Brewing! 🙂

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Green tea is bae.I have had organic india and tetly. I really love organic india.
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