Blue Heaven Foundation Xpression Pancake – Is it Worth Your Money ?

by Prachi Singh
6 minutes read

Hey, chicas! Today I will be reviewing Blue Heaven  Foundation Xpression Pancake it comes in 12 shades and I got fair glow 62 for me , This is the first ever pancake that I have owned and let me tell you, I am not much of a base makeup person, Little CC cream and powder is maxed that I can bear. I saw this product in a local store and mistook it for a compact. (ya silly me) ? So, read on to know if I regret getting this or not.

Price – 95

If you don’t know how pancakes work then let me make it easy for you.

1 soak the sponge in water

2 Gently rubs the sponge in a circular motion for a while to get the maximum product.

3 Now in sweeping motion blend in the product on the entire face (neck ears included) obviously you don’t want to end up looking like a zebra.

4 let it sit for a while, and remove any extras with a soft linen cloth or just brush it off.

Blue Heaven Foundation Xpression Pancake 2

My Experience with Blue Heaven  Foundation Xpression Pan cake


It comes in a shiny purple flat plastic case, Also it has around transparent lid which separates the cake and sponge.  To cover it all, they have a carton packaging in purple. Honestly, it’s not one of those purples which, I personally like. Overall there’s nothing fancy about the packaging, it’s quite basic neither too sturdy nor too flimsy. I won’t recommend you to use the sponge provided, it’s not of good quality and feels rough on the skin.


This has strong old perfume fragrance. Which sort of bugs me. I don’t like my compact or pancake to have a strong fragrance. If you are sensitive to fragrances this can be a concern.

My experience

Even though I mistook it for a compact, I was quite excited about using it. As this is my first ever pancake. Now Before starting off with its performance, let me just tell you that even if I put a medium coverage powder after 2 hours it oxidizes, ya even a basic compact powder oxidizes and that’s insane. Obviously, none of us prefers doing the whole primer and base makeup thing on daily basis. So I prefer heading out with moisturizer and sunscreen. That’s all.

This pancake is boon for those who have oily skin as its waterproof moreover it gives super matt finish and feels light on the skin, this gives minimum coverage and hides light spots and dark circles effortlessly (No kidding). Well, you will have to blend in the product fast as it sets quickly. In a humid climate, this kept my skin shine free for 3-4 hours which is commendable in my case. And in winters 5-6 hours is good without a touch-up. If you want maximum coverage I would suggest blend runny layers of products 3-4 times. But please be quick so that it doesn’t get cakey. If you have dry to combination skin please moisturize your skin well, or else this will accentuate your fine lines.

For those with extremely dry skin, prep up your skin beforehand with a heavy moisturizer, and for dilution use a light liquid moisturizer instead of water.

Overall this product outperformed my expectations. I do n’t use it on a daily basis. so can’t really say if it breaks out skin or not. Also, I don’t have a sensitive skin. So, I might not be the right person to judge.

Blue Heaven Foundation Xpression Pancake 3

Blue Heaven Foundation Xpression Pancake 4

  1. Gives Powder matt finish and even look.
  2. Enriched with vitamin E
  3. Travel-friendly petit body
  4. Gives Weightless natural feel on the skin
  5. Doesn’t Accentuates fine lines if blended well.
  6.  Value for money.
  7. Readily available online and offline
  8. Gives medium coverage and hides minor imperfections.
  9. Lives up to waterproof tag
  10. It comes in 12 shades specially meant for Indian skin tone.
  1. Contains talc
  2. NO SPF

Applicator sponge is below average and feels rough on the skin.

Will I recommend or repurchase this product?

I will recommend this product to those with oily and combination skin, dry skin beauties, you will have to do the work if you buy this, I would suggest you go for oil based foundations instead of this one. If you like dewy finishes then refrain from purchasing it. (Although what are hacks meant for).

Ratings 4.5 (Considering the price tag as well)

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Sreeparna Ganguly March 21, 2018 - 1:01 PM

Wow!! That’s super affordable. :good:
I thought it won’t work but it actually worked 🙂
Nice review Prachi :good:

Prachi singh March 31, 2018 - 12:34 PM

Thanks sreeparna… Well blue heaven makes some great stuff

Deepsikha March 21, 2018 - 1:04 PM

I’ve also never been a fan of pancakes.
But this looks like an effective product!
Will give it a try!
Great Review Prachi! :haanji

Prachi singh March 31, 2018 - 12:35 PM

Thanks deepshii ? its worth every single penny do give it a try ??

Smriti March 21, 2018 - 2:16 PM

super affordable and does its job well. loved your review Prachi.. :rose: :love

Prachi singh March 31, 2018 - 12:35 PM

Thanks ton love ? ? ?

Apoorwa verma March 31, 2018 - 11:50 PM

I love blue heavens eyeliner a lot and after reading your review ,now I know another effective product from blue heaven .
Great review ?? lovely snaps ?? :rose:

PRACHI SINGH April 6, 2018 - 12:39 PM

Blue heaven is great value for money… Sreeparna had reviewed its mascara as well which is again a great product.. You can read its review. And try it on ??