Blue Heaven Nail Polish Remover – Cheapest and Effective !!

by Meghna Yadav
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Hello, Beauties! Today I am here to bring my views about Blue Heaven Nail  Polish Remover to you by reviewing and giving my take on the product. Nail enamel removers are usually hard on nails because they consist of a substance called acetone. Acetone is that substance in which nail polish dissolves easily. Therefore in some manner, it is impossible to get a nail paint remover without this content in it. However, with the development of more skin-friendly products, the manufacturers have found some alternative and have reduced the quantity of acetone in nail paint removers to a considerable extent. This is the main reason I have chosen ‘Blue Heaven Nail Enamel Remover’ for my review today, as it does not contain a huge amount of acetone.

I like to apply nail paint but I keep my nails free of nail colors for three days in a week. This is why nail paint remover is a product I use frequently. Just for the sake of trying, I bought ‘Blue Heaven Nail Enamel Remover’ but after using it, I am quite impressed by the product. Normally, we girls buy nail removers without paying much attention and think that all of them are one and the same. Well, this self-made concept is wrong. As I have used many nail paint removers, I have spotted the difference between this one and others starkly. To know more about this product, read my experience below.

Blue Heaven Nail Polish Remover

Basic Info About Blue Heaven Nail  Polish Remover

What does the brand claim?

The product has Vitamin F and nails conditioner to nourish nails. It completely removes the nail color without making your nails harsh.


Rs.65 for 100ml bottle

Blue Heaven Nail Polish Remover 1

My Experience With Blue Heaven Nail  Polish Remover


The packaging of the product is nice. It comes in a transparent colored round bottle over which the labelings of the product is shown through a polythene sticker. It has a spinning cap to open and then is sealed with a white plastic cover. One has to put a hole with a pin or any sharp instrument to use it. This method is impressive as it prevents wastage of the product.


It has a running consistency like other nail removers and I didn’t feel any difficulty to pour it out on a cotton swab.


The fragrance is pretty strong and I must say one should not go close to the mouth of the opening and smell it. It can even get a little headache if you sniff it from too close. It somewhat smells like spirit.

Working Power

The working power of the product is just awesome. You just need 2-3 drops and it will remove nail pains from five fingernails, such strong the product is. Also, my nails felt more shiny and pink once I used it to remove the nail color. This means that the claim of the brand that ‘Blue Heaven Nail Enamel Remover’ contains nail conditioner is true. Your nails will feel refreshed after you put this product to use. Also, if it touches your skin, you will not get any irritation or feeling of harshness by the product. That means it causes no harm to the sensitive skin as I have sensitive skin.

Blue Heaven Nail Polish Remover 2

Overall Performance Of Blue Heaven Nail  Polish Remover

As I have used this product for two months, I have a view that the product is worth buying

  1. Very effective in removing nail color.
  2. Cleans the nail paint in 2-3 swipes.
  3. Does not need large quantities for cleaning.
  4. No sensitive alert.
  5. Does not make the skin or nail harsh or rough.
  6. Nourishes the nails.
  7. The bottle is made of plastic, therefore, it makes it very convenient to carry.
  8. Affordable cost.
  1. Extremely strong odor.
  2. One has to ensure that the bottle cap is extremely tightly closed after every use.

Would I Recommend And Repurchase?

Yes! The product is on a budget and is effective for removing nail paint. I would repurchase it without any doubt. It is worth my money.

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Images are ♥️ and blue heaven is one loved brand by all fashion enthu.. Sasta and tikauu in short ?