Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany Review

by Aakriti Chauhan Gandhi
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I am a girl who believes that brows are one of the essential features in a girl’s face. Neater the brows look better the face looks. Also, brows define the features of a girl’s face. Nowadays people have started the realizing the importance of fuller brows or filled brows. Properly filled brows can entirely change your look. Instagram and YouTube are flooded with brow tutorials and the companies are launching new products every day which helps achieve perfect brows. Amongst so many products one gets confused as to which one is the best for me. Generally, I use brow kit by makeup revolution and I am quite satisfied with it also but when you are traveling you can’t carry palettes and prefer compact products which are travel-friendly. So, my mom was using this Bobbi brown brow pencil which I tried on myself and rest you must read the review to know how was it.

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Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany Review 3

Basic Info about Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany

What makes Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany unique?

As we all know that Bobbi Brown is a well-known brand and is known for its good quality products. Though not all products from a brand are good but this one is different and unique for its natural look on the face.


Rs.2100 for 1.15gms

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Organic/ Natural/ Vegan?


What does the brand claim about Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany?

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Taking its cue from Bobbi’s long-time technique of using pressed powder on brows for the most natural look, this formula gives you the blend ability of eyebrow powder with the precision—and convenience—of a pencil.

Powder-based and wax-free formula ensures a soft, natural-looking application.

Begin at the inner corner of the brow and follow its natural shape using light, feathery strokes.

Winner of “Beauty All-Stars Awards” in Good Housekeeping Magazine (2014)

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My experience with Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany

The best brow pencil I have ever tried. As the brand claims that it is powder based and wax free. The claim is cent percent right. The pencil is not at all creamy still it is very easy and smooth to apply. Since it is not creamy you need not apply any powder on top of it and it does not smudge at all. It stays at its place for quite long. Since it is powder based it is really good for hot and humid weather.

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This pencil is the most natural looking pencil on the face, so it is best for those people who do not like and cannot carry a very over the top look. It fills the brows still one can’t say that you have applied anything.

It comes with a sharpener which is good and does minimum wastage of the product while sharpening.

The pencil is very long but still, this product is expensive. Spending 2100 on a pencil is like splurging money but once you start using this one I am sure you will never like any other pencil.

It comes in five shades and according to me, this shade is the best for Indian skin tones as it is a medium brown color not very dark which helps balance the black color of the brows we Indians have.

Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany Review

Overall Performance of Bobbi Brown Brow Pencil Mahogany


  • Packaging good
  • Powder based
  • Smooth in application
  • Easy to apply
  • Wax free
  • Does not smudge
  • Most natural product on the face
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Stay is good
  • Best for hot and humid weather
  • Comes in 5 shades


  • Very Expensive…but still for me its value for money.

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Would I recommend and repurchase it?

Yes, I will recommend and repurchase the product.


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Surili April 11, 2017 - 7:32 PM

Will soon try this one

Surili April 11, 2017 - 8:13 PM

Love your reviews ❤️ :love

Pinky April 11, 2017 - 8:16 PM

I have used this one…and i love it…looks very natural

Surili April 11, 2017 - 8:19 PM

Love ❤️ your reviews…will try this one definitely