Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour Review

by Bhavya Kant
4 minutes read

Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour   :Hi, gorgeous ladies! So, this time I’m reviewing a blush contour. Ever since Maybelline V-Face contour blushes have come in the market, I always wanted to buy one of them! So, I finally did buy it last week from Amazon (Yayyyy!!). It looks so pretty because of its packaging and the colors is too attractive that I’m sure you girls must have also thought of buying it! Haven’t you?

So, just read on to know how this pretty and lovely contour worked for me!!

Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour Review

What it does- Contour, highlight and blush your cheeks for that rosy dimensional finish.
Price- Rs 550


Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour Review 2


My experience with the Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour


Well, that’s the whole reason of me buying this particular blush :p I just love the packaging. It is a very pretty rectangle-shaped, compact and a sleek blush and contour palette. It has an arrangement of three colors in a very neat way. It is pocket-friendly, travel-friendly and takes a little space in the bag. It is very much comfortable!

Also, it comes with a brush which is needed for the touch-ups. The brush is cute and very much comfortable!

On the back of the palette, you can see the ‘steps to use’ and ingredients of the blush too. (SO comfortable!!!)


This Blush Contour has three shades- Coral, Pink and brown. (How pretty are these shades?!!)  These are perfect shades for a skin color, which is- not too far, not too dark (like mine). That’s why I purchased this combination. These colors work well for me. The pink color is – highlighter, Coral is- blush and Brown are- the contour.

Coral, which is used as a blush is a perfect color for Indian skin! Also, it is not that highly pigmented, therefore, it is perfect for using every day. It blends very smoothly with the pink color and gives my cheeks a perfect finish. It goes with every kind of look. I’m totally in love with my this purchase! Both the other colors give my face a very pretty shimmery look, though not highly pigmented, but this still is the best blush contour, I have bought so far!



It’s stays for minimum three hours. (But in these summers when the temperature is crossing 40 degrees, and u are outside, then its lasting power reduces), otherwise, it has a pretty decent stay of 3+ hours.


The texture of all the three colors is super smooth. It does not feel powdery or chalky. It goes on the skin very smoothly.


As I told you, it is not highly pigmented.
(It works so well for me for so many other reasons that I kind of avoid this negative point. :p) Anyways, in two takes, you do get a perfect color pay-off.

Maybelline V-Face Peach Blush Contour Review 5

  1. Travel-friendly
  2. Sleek and pretty
  3. Smooth texture
  4. Contains a brush
  5. Pretty colors that go with every kind of skin tone
  6. Color pay off after applying twice
  7. Good stay
  8. Decently priced
  9. Do what brand claims
  10. Easily Available

And it has juuust this 1  negative i.e.  A little less pigmented. (It was so tough to get the color on hand swatch, I wish this only negative wasn’t there).

Otherwise, this product is a big thumbs-up!!

Overall would I recommend?

DEFINITELY. You will love it for sure. It has everything you need in a blush, contour and a highlighter. And, you’re getting all of it in a single palette! How cool is that?!!

Go for it!

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Paneeni April 11, 2017 - 1:15 PM

The packaging is also so much attractive in itself :love :good:

Bhavya Kant April 12, 2017 - 10:45 AM

Exaactlyyy :haanji