Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner – is a Good Buy ?

by Neha M
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner is for those women who are always on the go and cannot afford to worry about smudges and reapplication.

Chambor Smooth On Eyeliner

How to use?

Just open the Eyeliner and apply it on the lids of your eyes, just above the lashes. You can start by outlining and then filling in. For removing the liner, you can use a normal makeup remover or Vaseline, it is a little difficult to remove and hence would require at least 2-3 swaps.


INR 645

My Experience with Chambor Smooth-On Eyeliner

My experience with this eyeliner has been amazing. This silky soft eyeliner glides like a dream and gives a very precise finish. Liquid and gel liners had been a nightmare for me but this liner definitely changed my opinion.


The Eye Liner comes in a very User- friendly packaging. It has an outer cover, which is pretty durable and inside it the eyeliner itself. The eyeliner comes in a beautiful black body with the Chambor logo on it.


The Eyeliner has a gel consistency, which enables it to smoothly glide on your eye lids without any hassle.


In my experience, the eyeliner stays on for as long as 24 hours, it doesn’t smudge and even after you’d had a long day it stays on. It requires only one application and it is highly pigmented which makes sure that the first application itself does the job for you. Each stroke uses very little product and hence the entire bottle last for a long time.

What did I like about it?
  • Consistency
  • Durability
  • Texture
  • Finish
  • Waterproof
To buy or not to buy?

I would highly recommend buying this product. It is a little expensive than normal drugstore eyeliners but the price is totally worth it. The eyeliner lasted me a year which I think is pretty amazing.

Rating 5/5

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