Chambor White UV Protector SPF 29 Pa++ Review

by Sahiba Singh
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What is it and who is it for? Chambor White UV Protector is a tinted moisturizer which is infused with SPF 29 PA++ and provides benefits of a sunscreen along with brightening and whitening properties and enhances complexion and skin tone. It also fights ageing

Chambor White UV Protector SPF 29 Pa++ Review


Rs.680 for 30 g

How to use:

The product comes in a tube container and is east i use. You just need to squeeze out the desired quantity of the product and apply it evenly onto your face with the help of your fingers or a beauty blender.

My experience with Chambor White UV Protector SPF 29 Pa++

This product didn’t really impress me. It is a very average product with no long lasting or long term benefits. The claims made by the brand are good but the product doesn’t live up to most of them.

The cream is a multipurpose product and is both a tinted moisturizer as well as a sunscreen. The cream when applied does give you an instant glow and provides  you with the  required sun protection but it begins to fade off in humid or sweaty weather. So it would not be my ideal pick for that season or weather.

Chambor White UV Protector SPF 29 Pa++ Review 3

Also one can never be sure of the quantity; if you overuse it then it can make your face look cakey or oily and might clog your pores.

I don’t use this everyday as this is heavy and might clog your pores. So people with oily skin must look for a better product before opting for this one.

Also the product begins to settle at the mouth of the tube which makes it look unappealing and the quantity offered in terms of the price is very less. I can definitely find a better product than this at the same price which is high in terms of quantity and is also efficient.

Chambor White UV Protector SPF 29 Pa++ Review 4

  1. A multipurpose product
  2. Whitens , brightens and moisturizes skin
  3. Provides sunprotection
  4. Easily available
  1. Not suitable for oily skin type
  2. If overused can make your face look oily or cakey
  3. Not an ideal product for humid weather
  4. Quantity in terms of price is less
  5. The product fades off and doesn’t provide long term benefits.
  6. The product settles at the mouth of tube which doesn’t look very appealing.
Overall would I recommend or repurchase?

I would suggest you to look for different options before investing in this one.

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