Colorbar Special Mauve Velvet Matte Lipstick Review

by Bhumika Gupta
5 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? Colorbar Special Mauve is a vampy very bold mauve, with a plum touch. It comes with a normal twist – up packaging. The body is a little wide; the cap is transparent which makes you see the color from outside.  It is a matte lip shade, holds a stay of 4.5 to 5 hours. The cap adjusts tightly so you don’t need to worry on that part.

 It might make your lips look dry after a while. The swipe of the shade is hard but gives a creamy texture to your lips. It basically does not fade naturally, also it might leave stains. The pigmentation is fine. I love the taste it gives to your lips.Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Special Mauve Review 1


Rs299 for 4.2gm

How to Use:

As I have mentioned earlier that it is in a normal twist- up packaging so the usage is pretty simple… As it is a matte one you need 2 applications of it… I would say that I personally love the taste of the lipstick and I like the staying capacity.

My Experience with Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Special Mauve

Well, my experience with this one has been fine. I wouldn’t say this is bad. But it is a risky game, it’s not an all safe lip shades, you need to have the right place to wear it, you need to have the appropriate makeup, and only then it can enhance out your features.

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Special Mauve Review 4


The staying power in almost 4.5 to 5hours…the pigmentation is good; it gives a nice texture to your lips. The good part is the taste of the lipstick. The problem is that it may dry your lips, being a matte one. It might leave stains. It does not get transferred. I like the color, it’s a good bold and a different mauve will definitely add the oomph!

  1. Pigmented
  2. Stay capacity
  3. Fine matte
  4. Smells nice
  5. Easy to carry
  1. Dries lips
  2. May leave stains
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes, I would recommend this shade because it’s just a perfect kind of .mauve if you can carry dark and bold shades. It is worth experimenting!

GlossyPolish Verdict


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