Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen Waterproof Extremely Slim Review

by Bhavya Kant
3 minutes read

Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen: “COLORESSENCE” is a lesser known brand but recently, it has come up with such a great product!! I bought this eyeliner for myself (only because that shop has this Kajal/eyeliner only) but I definitely do not regret my decision!! You may be interested in its review –

Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen Waterproof Extremely Slim 4

It costs- Rs 370

The actual liner is in a body of a pen with a cap. It doesn’t leak at all and the cap remains tight. It is very easy to carry and has an extremely thin pointed brush, which glides very smoothly and perfectly. I can keep good control over the applicator brush and it lets me draw any kind of line I want. In addition, sharp winged eyeliner, too, can be created very easily with it!


It has an extremely thin texture, which is the best part. I can draw any thing that I want. Because of it being so much thin, I can have good control over the brush. It takes few seconds to get dry. Once dried, it gives a non-glossy, a non-matte and a very fine smooth finish.

It does not smudge. It stays in its place for a long time, and also, doesn’t make the eyes look messy.

As claimed by the brand itself, it is waterproof too!



It has just this shade, which is black-Really dark black. It is intensely pigmented and gives a brilliant precision.

For just a simple line, one stroke is enough and it gives you a very dark color.

Stay: It stays for around 5-6 hours very perfectly. It does not fade automatically (fades only if you rub your eyes) .It remains neat and non-messy for all this time. It has a great longevity and still, remains easy to remove.

How to use? :     
  • Draw a single stroke if you want a simple line above the eyes
  • If you want a dramatic winged –eye look, you may need to have 2-3 strokes

You will love its finish, it is perfect.

Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen Waterproof Extremely Slim 2

My experience with Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen Waterproof Extremely Slim

I am totally in love with this eyeliner!! It is a perfect liner. It solves all my “liner issues”. As my hands shiver a bit while applying anything over eyes, applying this eye liner is not tough at all.

The highly pigmented color gives even line in a single stroke. My skin does not feel uncomfortable.

It lasts around 5-6 hours and still, looks fresh. It does not make the eyes look messy at all.

At this price, I think I have really made a very decent buy!!

Coloressence InkStylo Eye Liner Pen Waterproof Extremely Slim 3

There are so many pros:-
  1. Intensely pigmented
  2. Smudge free
  3. Extremely Thin
  4. Waterproof
  5. Very smooth texture that glides easily
  6. Even color pay-off
  7. Quick dry
  8. Perfect at this price
  9. Doesn’t look messy
  10. No creasing and Flaking

I cannot really think of any kind of negatives right now. It is the best product at a good price.

Would I recommend?

Yes, definitely!!

I think by reading this review, you must have already made your mind to buy this.

Yes, you are right babe! Go and get it if you are in search of a perfect eye liner!!

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G Devi March 10, 2017 - 11:59 AM

I am a great fan of Maybelline Colossal Liner, however it is not waterproof 🙁
Hands downs this is a better pick becuz its both smudge and waterproof :good: Thanks for this review Bhavya :good: