Try This Orange Peel Scrub To Remove Tan

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Hey guys. As I promised, I am back with the homemade scrub series but this one is really different from the other scrubs. The ORANGE PEEL scrub is something which you can make once and store away for years!!! Yes you got it right… Years!Doesn’t matter how long you store it for its going to be like it was made yesterday. This particular scrub is really easy to make and is a dry scrub. Orange peel is great for your skin and is seen as an active ingredient in many scrubs available in the market which are too pricey. And here is the all natural alternative to it which is not only cheap but also super good as it’s made at home! You don’t even have to spend a rupee on this. All you got to do is eat those juicy oranges and keep the peels! Save ’em up guys!

DIY Orange Peel Scrub 1

Image Credit :closetcooking

Once you have a nice quantity, let it dry in the sun daily until the peels become hard as rocks and crack if pressed. The color should be an all dark brown color. Remember your peels should not be soft or easily squeezableThey should be dried till they are hard and there is no moisture left in the peels. Let them shrivel up and dry in the sun.

DIY Orange Peel Scrub

Image Credit :wildturmeric

Once they are ready to dump them in the mixer and pulse till u get a nice powder. Pulse it according to the texture you would like your scrub to have. Just don’t make the product super fine. We need to create friction hence a rough texture would be great. Once done store it in an airtight container!

And you are done.

DIY Orange Peel Scrub 2

Image Credit: 123beautysolution

Whenever you want to use it just dump some into a small bowl (approx half a spoon) and soak it in a spoonful of milk. Apply this and scrub away all the impurities. Use it like you would use any of your regular scrubs. I absolutely love mine. It’s really inexpensive so you can always use it as a full body scrub too. Just mix it in your body wash or face wash and you are good to go. Use it for your elbows, knees, hands, or the whole body if you like. Just indulge in some inexpensive products and go all natural 🙂

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