Dr.Batra’s Natural Skin Lightening Cream Review

by Elakkiyaa Sre
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Who is it recommended for? Dr.Batra’s Natural Skin Lightening Cream is recommended for anyone who longs for a Fairness cream.

Dr.Batra’s Natural Skin Lightening Cream

Price and quantity:-

Rs.375 for 100g

How to use?

Take an optimum level of cream in your palm. Spread it all over the clean face and neck and gently massage in a circular motion. The product must be applied  2-3 times in a day for visible results. This product must be used along with Dr. Batra’s fairness face wash for best results.

My Experience with Dr.Batra’s Natural Skin Lightening Cream


This product is neatly packed in an opaque and travel- friendly package. It is also user-friendly with tamper-proof features.T he color of the package is white with a violet label.The quantity of the product inside is also considerable.


The product has a very mild and pleasant fragrance.


The color of the product is partially white.


The consistency of the product is semi-solid with a greasy texture.

My experience:-

My experience with this product is very satisfying. I didn’t experience any side effects after using this product. It is an all in one fairness cream for a lighter skin.

What did I like about this product?
  1. It fades away blemishes due to acne, aging or other factors.
  2. Changes the skin into a soft and supple texture.
  3. Lightens the skin by one or two shades within two months of usage.
  4. It doesn’t cause any side-effects.
  5. It doesn’t leave any residues on the skin.
  6. Best for sensitive and acne -prone skin too.
  7. Easy application.
  8. Prevents skin darkening.
  9. This product contains Mulberry which has natural skin lightening properties.
  10. It also contains Olive leaf extracts which are an antioxidant that helps to detoxify skin .

What I disliked about this product?

  1. Frequent application are required for visible results.
  2. Takes a longer period to show results.
  3. Sometimes, the appearance of the product tends to change over time making us believe that it is expired. However, the efficiency of the product remains the same.
  4. Slightly expensive for the quantity.
  5. Opaque packaging. So don’t know how much is left inside.
Would you recommend or repurchase this product?

Definitely, yes. It serves the purpose.I would recommend this product.



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