Faces GlamON Volume Perfect Mascara Review

by Komal Sinha
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Faces GlamON Volume Perfect Mascara is a drugstore volumizing mascara.


INR 449

How to Use?

Take the mascara wand to dip it in the mascara holder. Now start applying the mascara with the mascara wand from root to tip of the lashes. You can apply two to three coats for buildable volume.

My Experience with Faces GlamON Volume Perfect Mascara

Faces GlamON Volume Perfect Mascara Review 1

Firstly, I love the packaging and the simple look it has got. If it’s placed on a shelf full of makeup goodies, it can without problems stand out for its bright and catchy hues. The packing appears pretty sturdy and simple thereby giving the impression that the mascara has an ease of application. Once I opened the packaging the product became truly my favorite. It is black from tip to toe and is very sleek & easy to use.

The tube is long and not-at-all cumbersome. I have used tubes that have been cumbersome and did not fit into my hand and I struggled with the brush to hold it properly. But this one comfortably fits into my hand, offering a proper application of the mascara. It’s a flat tube with intense black luminosity. My lashes are very small but after using this mascara my eyelashes appear to be ghastly long. The best thing about this mascara is that it’s waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your lashes becoming clumsy.

The first time I applied this mascara it didn’t fade even after an entire day. I had splashed water onto my face a few times too, still, it didn’t smudge. But that also came as a downside at the end of the day once I desired to get rid of my mascara. I had raccoon eyes by the time I tried to take it off. You need a strong waterproof eye makeup remover to get rid of this mascara. Apart from this, there is no other problem that I had to face with this mascara.

Faces GlamON Volume Perfect Mascara Review 4

  1. Simple convenient packaging.
  2. Affordable price.
  3. Ease of application.
  4. Gives good volume to your lashes.
  5. Free from parabens and mineral oil.
  6. Doesn’t smudge the whole day.
  1. The waterproof formulation makes it very hard to get rid off.
  2. It dries up very fast if you do not use it for a small time.
Would I Repurchase Or Recommend Using This Product?

Honestly, you should not use it on an everyday basis because rinsing off the mascara is very hard & your lashes might be damaged by the excessive pressure you will put on them every day but it would be a very good choice for special occasions and summers. I would definitely recommend it during special functions.

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