Do You Know these 14 Types of Heels ?

by Vidhi Bassi
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Types of Heels  :Hey, girls! Today I am going to tell you about the different type of heels that are available in the market. While we all love to wear heels, I remember always being confused when people around me threw names like stilettos or pumps. I would never understand which heel was called what. I am sure I am not the only one, right girls? So, to clear all your doubts here are the 14 different types of heels which are commonly found in the market or commonly wore by the people:

I would never understand which heel was called what. I am sure I am not the only one, right girls? So, to clear all your doubts here are the 14 different types of heels which are commonly found in the market or commonly wore by the people:

  1. Kitten heels
Types of Heels 7

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 The name should give away the type of heels that kitten heels are. Just like the kitten is the smaller version of cat, kitten heels are the small version of heels. It is comfortable to wear and still, t gives a slightly better height and posture to your body. It is smaller than 2 inches in height. These heels are perfect for wearing it to offices or other professional places.

  1. Wedges
Types of Heels 3

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The wedge heel is the heel which is basically everywhere.It is classified as high heels with no separation from the heels to the sole. Wedges are of two kinds: Wedge heels and wedge sandals. It is like a combination of platform and heels making it comfortable to wear as it provides support for less foot and ankle problems.

  1. Pumps
Types of Heels 8

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Pumps are simply called the high heels but they are lower than stilettos. They are low cut around the front and wider at the back. They are 2-3 inches long.

  1. Stilettos
Types of Heels 2

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PERSONAL FAVOURITE!!! The highest of all heels. These heels can be as long as 8 inches. Ever seen the models wearing those typical thin heels?  Stilletos are the one. It can be a little difficult to walk in stilettos at first but once you learn how to do so, I promise you, there is no turning back. You will fall in love with them.

  1. Platform heels
Types of Heels 14

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Platform heels can be tall or short. The only thing that makes a heel platform is that they are thicker under the sole of the foot. What makes them comfortable is that there is less difference in height between the front and the back of the heels.

  1. Slingbacks
Types of Heels

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Any heels which have a strap going back until the end for extra support and stabilization is called slingback heels. These are perfect for an elegant look if you want to wear high heels but find difficult to walk in them.

  1. Peep toes
Types of Heels 4

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As the name would suggest, Heels which show your toe-nails at the front are called peep toes.

  1. Ankle strap heels
types of heels

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Again, as the name would suggest any heels regardless of its height which has a strap around the ankle for extra support is known as ankle strap heels.They have made a come back in the fashion industry lately and are very popular among people these days.

  1. Corset Heels
Types of Heels 10

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The strappy sandals that are so pretty to see with threads everywhere but too much of a hassle if you are a lazy person like me. These are the attractive heels I always buy because of how it looks but I am too lazy to wear it anywhere. 😛

  1. Heeled boots
Types of Heels 5

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The long boots that go way up to the knees or short boots that cover up your ankles and have heels are known as heeled boots. If you want some classy heels that add danger to your look, go for heeled boots especially during the winters.

  1. Cone heels
Types of Heels 9

Image Credit: DH Gate

Those heels which look like ice-cream cones are called the cone heels. Heels which is wider at the sole of the foot and narrower at the base are called cone heels.

  1. Ankle boots
Types of Heels 6

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Ankle boots recently started trending again. High boots can be a bummer in summers so ankle boots are the perfect shoes to wear and look classy in the summers.

  1. Block heels
Types of Heels 12

Image Credit: Ali Express

With a height of an inch or two, block heels provide comfort, practicality, and height at the same time. You will love the way it looks and your feel will love the way it feels.

  1. Mules
Types of Heels 11

Image Credit: Jimmy Choo

Mules are the heels that have a top. They can be open or close at the front and they look really classy. They are perfect for formal dressing.

So, I hope now it is easy for all of you to know the difference between the heels and it is easier to choose the perfect fit for you.

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