Faces Magneteyes Kajal Review

by Sahiba Singh
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Kajal/Kohl has been a part of Indian women’s beauty from a long time. And a good Kajal is an essential part of your vanity. It gives a shape to your eyes and highlights them and thus buying a good quality Kajal is a must. Kajal is something that most of us use it on daily basis and don’t step out for any occasion without wearing one.
I heard a lot about faces magneteyes kajal and it’s smudge proof properties which made me buy this product. So today’s post is about this particular product.

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What is it and who is it for?

It a Kajal from faces, faces is an international and reputed brand.
This product is for girls looking for a good quality and intense black finish Kajal.


Rs.175/- for 0.35g

Sensitive Skin Alert?




Faces Magneteyes Kajal Review

What does the Brand Claim about Faces Magneteyes Kajal?

The brand claims the Kajal to be of dual use, it can be used as Kajal as well as eye liner. The brand claims the product to be of superior quality and a smudge proof for 10 hours and long lasting. The brand claims the product to be of a smooth and creamy texture that glides over your eyes easily. The brand claims the product to be loaded with minerals and antioxidants, nourishing your eyes and free from parabens and preservatives.

How to Use:

The packaging of the product is simple and bold. The Kajal comes in pencil stick form which is red in color. You just have to rotate the pencil from the bottom to get the Kajal out, and apply it smoothly over your eyelids, lining your eyes and along with a lower lash line for achieving the bold and defined look.

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My Experience with Faces Magneteyes Kajal

Just like most of the girls, I too love Kajal; it is an essential part of our makeup routine. It is something that most of us use daily. It is a basic product that all of us use. This particular product from faces is a good product and does stand true to the brands claim. The intense black color of the Kajal is something that makes it stand out from the rest of the Kajal. Also, it is preservative and parabens free which make it even better.

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The texture of the Kajal is very smooth and creamy and it absolutely glides over your eyes in one stroke.
The only thing which I didn’t like about the product is that it is not totally smudge proof as the product does begin to smudge from the sides within a few hours. So I wouldn’t suggest it to be used as eyeliner. And also the price in comparison to the quantity is high.
But overall this product is a good one and worth trying once.

Positives of Faces Magneteyes Kajal

• Parabens and preservative free
• Full of mineral and antioxidants
• Gives you an intense black finish
• Easy to carry
• Creamy and smooth texture
• Simple and bold packaging

Negatives of Faces Magneteyes Kajal

• Not fully smudge proof
• Doesn’t last all day long as claimed by the brand
• Cannot be used as an eyeliner, as it begins to smudge within a few hours, so not a dual purpose product
• Price is high in comparison to the quantity

Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

Yes! If you want a rich and intense finish black Kajal, you can try this product.

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