Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Lip Merlot Kiss Review

by Sreetama Deb
3 minutes read

Who is this for? The Flower Beauty  Miracle Matte Lip Merlot Kiss is for all the beauties out there who are looking for a beautifully pigmented matte liquid lip color, without any drying or chapping of the lips.


These liquid lipsticks retail for Rs. 965 for 5gm of product and has a shelf life of 36 months. It is currently available in India with Nykaa.com only.

Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Lip Merlot Kiss

My Experience with Flower Beauty  Miracle Matte Lip Merlot Kiss


The lipstick comes in a sturdy plastic see-through bottle with a white cap. The logo of Flower Beauty and the range name is written on its side along with a beautiful flower motif. Since the bottle is see through one can see the shade of the lipstick without opening the bottle which is a plus point. But for convenience, the shade name can be found in the bottom of the bottle too.


The shade’s name is ‘Merlot Kiss’ and it is a gorgeous dark berry color that will look good on all Indian skin tones. This is the kind of shade that will brighten up any complexion and can be worn in both during morning and evening.

Texture & Pigmentation:

This lipstick although described as a liquid lipstick has a suede creamy texture to it that when applied dries down to a complete matte within two to three minutes. These lipsticks are highly pigmented and one stroke of it on the lips brings out the actual color. The fun part about this lipstick is that when applied freshly it has a slight cooling effect on the lips which only stays on for a few seconds but is one of the reasons why I love to apply this lipstick often.

Staying Power:

The lipstick stays on for about 5hrs and even after it starts to wear off after meals from the inner parts of the lips, it stains the lips beautifully which I really like.

  1. Very comfortable on lips and doesn’t dry down or cling to the natural lines of the lips.
  2. The lipstick gives a velvety finish to the lips.
  3. It has a cooling effect on the lips when freshly applied.
  4. Highly pigmented. The color shows up on the lips at one swipe.
  5. Cruelty-Free.
  6. Although an international brand, the price range of this lipstick is within reach.
  1. The packaging although very sturdy is quite bulky due to which it can not be carried in slim wallets.
  2. The applicator wand of the lipstick is quite large due to which careful application of the product is required.
  3. It is not completely transferred proof.
  4. If you eat or drink the product starts to come off from the inner parts of the lips.



Useful Tips:

For a comfortable application, it is recommended to apply some lip balm underneath for a smooth finish.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, Yes, Yes. This lipstick is a must have for all the beauties out there who love a comfortable matte liquid lip colour with a punch of strong pigmentation and bold berry colored lips. Plus it is always fun to try out a new brand.

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