Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai Review

by Sone
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Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai: Dear Forest Essentials, I have a bone to pick with you.Why, oh why why did you discontinue a perfectly awesome range of shampoos. Ok, at least, I can vouch for the Rose shampoo and my mom used to swear by the Mashobhra Honey Variant.

Sigh! 😥  😥 So a whole new hair care range has been launched. The only product remaining from the old range is their Bhringraj Oil (I think).So out went the tried and tested shampoos and in came the definitely higher priced hair care range. To be honest, I had one look at it and dismissed it immediately. Quite frankly from a price standpoint. The older range had shampoos worth Rs 875 and now 1175…I mean…luxurious Ayurveda; you are hell-bent on remaining a luxury or what? :unsure:  :unsure:

So I have been ranting about this new range of hair care products, then why on earth did I have to spend on a product-and hence am reviewing it?

Majboori the bhai!

In first week of Jan, I got keratin treatment done at a very famous Delhi Salon.


That is one rant, which deserves another article

Khair, here I was with Keratin treated hair, increasing Hairfall and horribly sensitive scalp.

I used the recommended shampoo, but to no avail.

Keratin treatment requires using only non sulphate shampoos.

The rose shampoo had been discontinued, so after reading glowing reviews online- I went and purchased a famous shampoo by Bodyshop, that’s sulphate free. Maybe, that could help.


Out of the frying pan into the fire. : no

Trust me; I was beginning to get depressed.

Finally, I marched over to the Forest Essentials store, gave them a piece of my mind and demanded a replacement, or substitute if you may call for the Rose Shampoo.

The store manager, bless his soul, suggested this Bhringraj and Shikakai Hair Cleanser.

Annnnnnd here we are!

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai

Basic Product Info: Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai 2

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai 3


1,175 INR for 200ml

My Experience with Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai

  • PACKAGING: The standard forest essentials packaging. It’s beautiful and perfectly efficient
  • LATHER: Lathers well, does not contain sulfates-they use Reetha for lather.

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai 6

  • SMELL: It has very leafy and different kind of smell. Nothing great but does bother as well. The smell does not linger on for long.
  • EXPERIENCE: From the first wash itself my scalp irritation and itching was gone. After keratin treatment my hair used to get oily the next day itself, this thing stopped it. I generally don’t like using conditioners. I don’t use a conditioner with this as well. This has not dried my hair out. But I suggest you use a conditioner for best results. After a week of using every alternate day, my hair fall problem has reduced-greatly. I can safely say my hair is well on its way to recovery. This stopped further damage. :good:

Forest Essentials Hair Cleanser Bhringraj and Shikakai 5

Overall Performance 

It is an all natural product that is excellent if you have damaged hair, sensitive scalp and are facing Hairfall issues. It will put an end to hair woes. Then you take it from there with home remedies to improve and nourish the hair.

Would I recommend it or repurchase? 

It is definitely pricey and I resent that, but still, I will be repurchasing it. Buy a bottle; even a small journey sized one. Try it and you will notice most of the hair issues getting resolved. Then proceed to further nourish and care for your hair.

This shampoo has the potential to put your Bad Hair on the ROAD for Good Hair Days! :haanji  :haanji  :good:

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Confused March 11, 2017 - 12:41 PM

:bye: well…. okay.

Yojna April 6, 2019 - 9:11 PM

Hi, I have tried all of their shampoo ranges from BHRINGRAJ & SHIKAKAI, JAPAPATTI & BRAHMI and AMLA, HONEY & MULETHI but have noticed one thing.
Whenever I oil my hair and wash using the above shampoos, the oil remains in the hair even after using the shampoo twice. In this bargain I landed up using more shampoo and in turn my hair became rough and unmanageable.
Has anyone faced this issue because I am not finding any similar comments related to this issue of oil not coming out from the hair?

Sone April 8, 2019 - 11:09 AM

Don’t use this shampoo or any hebal shampoo after oiling your hair. If you have oiled your hair, massage it well with plain water severeal times to loosen the oil. The more you use any shampoo the drier your hair becomes, so oiling too much will need more shampoo and will actually damage your hair. Plus lots of ayurvedic shampoos use reetha as a soap agent…reetha naturally drioes your hair. Such shmapoos are best used dilued on unoiled hair. hope this helps:)